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I am aware that my level of English is not good enough to make a good proper review...

But this is more some kind of VENT toward this series of books wrote by Dorothy Hearst: Promise of the Wolves, Secret of the Wolves and the third one, Spirit of Wolves.

(Also spoilers from The Sight of Clement Davies David).

For the ones who follow my activity started YEARS ago, I can remember that I started my love for books, animals, drawing and arts, focusing at first mostly on wolves.

And these two authors: Clement Davies David and Dorothy Hearst, for sure affected and increased my love and passion for these animals (I could also remind that some years ago, I some trekking in mountains, with an Italian group of semi-amateur study group of Wolves: we found lots of tracks, and one time we heard them howling very close to us, during night... an incredible memory and experience for me).
Winter wolf's tracking by Kooskia Wolf's track by Kooskia Wolf's Lair by Kooskia

The book "The Sight" of Clement Davies David has been a true masterpiece of good writing style, and also affecting lots me as reader: the final sacrifice of the protagonist Larka was one of the two moment of my life as reader that I truly cried and shed tears after having read it. Not something easy for me (I've to admit) because I usually manage to keep composure in front of feeling surfacing from literature.
Yet it was a truly amazing story, even if the sequel (Fell) that I read more recently, was not really great... with boring parts and lame characters, but at least provided some additional future for some characters of the first novel (especially for Fell who managed to get a mate).

Now... the Wolf Chronicles trilogy was another series that, with published books that required an amount of years from each of them, truly remained one of the series that I "followed" from much time.
The quest of Kaala to secure the life of her pack, her friends, the ones she loved, while attempting to fulfill the "Promise" and find a way to allow humans and wolves (and the nature) to live together, has been a thrilling one.

However, differently from Larka in the Sight, Kaala was a protagonist that had a larger amount of fears and managed step by step to overcome them, growing many links of friendship and love with MANY characters that kept supporting and helping her, and were helped by her own actions.

I was honestly amazed, but also angered, and frustrated to read the very end of the third book, that (in my opinion) has been an INSULT to all the readers.

Kaala DIED at the very end of the book, without a real reason, in a very stupid way.
Differently from Larka, Kaala had already solved the quest: she had already seen the downfall of their first enemies. And for half the book we have expected the promised future that Kaala was already dreaming about.
Instead she saw such reward for her life of pain and challenges, turned into a cold, sad, and sudden end.

Most terrible of everything, her own survival was the primary reason for the actions of a number of supporting characters (Azzuan (first love interest) Neela (her mother), Pell (secondary love interest), TaLi (human girl who became some kind of soul's sister)).
Her own death it's not just a deprival of the true reward she should have enjoyed, but also spoiling of the very reason of the action of these other characters!

The element of sacrifice it's weird and misplaced, because Kaala (differently from Larka) wasn't a character prone to sacrifice, instead she was one committed to her friend, but also to LIVE, to enjoy a future with the ones she loves.

The very kind of death it's actually a bit stupid, and it's clear how the author actually WANTED to kill her: there was no reason for Kaala to allow also other 2 Greatwolves of the Sentinel Pack to travel with her (especially the third unnamed one! why not trusting the word of the packleaders??)
But also there was NO REASON for the final one! I mean... also in the previous accidents, the humans TRUSTED the wolves when they showed distress (incoming enemies), why not making this also now?
Simple... the author wanted to KILL the protagonist

And there are few reasons for this:

1) The pace and the quality of the book wasn't good as the first two: it was REPETITIVE; and it's possible that the author realized it for lack of ideas.

2) for this reasons, she decided to adds the "bad dramatic ending", to adds some shock element.

But this did not make a GOOD result in the end: just spoiled and ruined the whole series!

I am perfectly fine with tragic and dramatic ending, for books that are MEANT to have it! I cried for the death of Larka, but her sacrifice wasn't absurd...

The last Night I cried for Kaala too... (second time in my life I cried for a book), but also because THIS sacrifice wasn't fair, wasn't required and wasn't logic.


Despite my bitter feeling, I still suggest you to check the following groups:

Also thanks to :iconphoenixmystery: who made awesome fanarts and suffered like me and every other reader v.v
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PhoenixMystery Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the mention.I look forward to seeing comics of yours concerning the ending of this series.Well,I hope you might make some at least:XD:

Btw,I forgot to tell you,Dorothy Hearst has an account on wattpad and apparently she has published some short stories related to the Wolf Chronicles there:…
Kooskia Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
No problem  xD But we should really talk more often considering our love for common stories (and how easily I forget the status of all the ones I know, reguarding which series they read and which not xD)

Actually it's not a comic, but a single fan-art.

But... I've just want to say that in the other post I've talked a bit too much of the Sight, and if you're smart I may guess you could have already spoilered the first book at this point v.v

Btw: Clement Davies David, I think he's a better author for writing style.
I don't quite love how he put some political/social metaphors into his stories (more religious stuff, especially in "Firebringer" that as deers as protagonists, and whose story is slightly mentioned in "The Sight").

The Sight itself has an higher pace compared to the Dorothy Hearst' style, and strikes for some similar elements.
However be careful that is much more bloody and there is much more death.

There is also a sequel "Fell" that i enjoyed less: it has mostly human point-of-view, and all the human parts are boring and useless: I remember that I read it just because gave also a follow-up story for most of the wolves survived in the first book. And that part at least is very good, especially for the wolf co-protagonist.
PhoenixMystery Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't really mind the spoilers concerning the Sight.Asides from the things you mentioned,I have some guesses myself.But even if I hear spoilers,I can still really enjoy a book(especially if it's a book I've never read before.I mean,if it was a series I already knew,it would be different.)I'm really curious for the books by Clement Davies.

Anyway,I have a goodreads account,where you can see most of my recently read books(and also the ones I want to read) :…
Kooskia Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015
Hey, just to say. I re-checked the link and.... there are two other short stories?!
PhoenixMystery Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey thanks for letting me know..but...It seems like just one to me?The wolf pit...the rest were already there,weren't they?
Kooskia Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015
Oh... I guess to have forgot about one so xD I've read none of them yet Xd

I am currently reading that awesome series with Gryphons, the Summer King Chronicles
PhoenixMystery Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Gryphons?That sounds pretty cool,what's it about exactly?
Kooskia Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015
Oooh you did not know it? Xp
Well, basically it's a fantasy world (without human) with fantasy races (two:  gryphons (or gryfons as they are called in the books) and dragons) but also a number of animal races (wolves, later also eagles, lions etc..) all organized in tribal-like or kingdom-like societies (with titles of King or Emperor etc..).
The story focus on the struggle of a young male gray gryfon named Rashard (usually just called Shard).
He's the last born of a breed of conquered gryfons living into a group of Isles, the "Vanir": they were defeated years ago by a group of larger gryfons coming from a continent and named the "Aesir", and by the time of the beginning of the story the Pride (yep, lion-like term) is ruled by a Sverin, a red gryfon (called the Red King or later the War King) that despise the pure-born Vanir or the half-bloods.
Most of the plot focus on Shard having to find a way not just to fight against this situation (and the threat of the  extinction of the Vanir as group, both by blood and by culture) and prevent the warring Aesir to ignite new conflicts.
A key factor of the plot it's a number of twists and revelations, or a good portrayal of "gray" characters (no villain is flat, and all have explains, plus a pair of good supporting characters are clearly not 100% wise in their actions).

The first book is a bit a standard fantasy (chosen-one protagonist, the mentor, etc...), however I think the following book n°2 and n°3 made it really a good series that you could surely enjoy.
Starting from the second book the plot it's expanded and the point-of-view follow also other characters (including Kjorn, the pureblood Aesir son and heir of the King, that's also "wingbrother" of Shard (a very strong link of brotherhood between two gryfons, with a ritual of swearing loyalty etc..) but also other extremely interesting ones).
Additionally the second book introduces dragons (and the third book develop them) that are actually split into two kinds (one "western-like" and one "oriental-like"). I can't make spoiler to you, but Shard develop an unique and beautiful relationship with a young dragon, of a level I've not seen before in other books.

Also, you could check the fangroup:…   and the author page (she is also a great artist) :iconelementaljess:
But be careful with spoilers! Xp  I suggest you only to give look at arts without reading much of the details.
Kooskia Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Ooh hehe ok.
Well... in the end I've to say that the BEST could also be Firebringer.
If you keep apart the metaphors, and some "i am the good hero" behavior of the protagonist and super FLAT villains.

The Sight and Fell have some less metaphors, and the villains in the ends reveals different sides of their personality.
Still main warning it's from the Sight: the number of deaths among all the characters goes high at 60-70%
You may better be ready to guess who survive, rather than who is killed.

Once you're ready for this, I can you can enjoy it xD

Moreover all these books (Firebringer, Sight, Fell), differently from the Dorothy Hearst books have a good degree of true battles: big ones, involving dozen or hundreds of deers/wolves.
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