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Vietnamese Dragon by Kooskia Vietnamese Dragon by Kooskia
(c)Kooskia (art)
(c) :icongoogynoober: (commission)
(c) Naomi Novik (original world setting)

Fourth commission for :icongoogynoober:
Another '900 years setting for dragons warfare in Temeraire world.

Other arts include:
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The end of the Korean War changed little of the Western military thinking about using dragons in warfare:
Long-range automatic weapons, even medium-size machine guns could easily kills a dragon and the sky were now dominated by aircrafts.

However something of surprising happened while the US Military was involved more and more into the Vietnam War: the NLF (Vietcong) groups suddenly started to move with an inexplicable rapidity and the NLF Politburo evaded all the attempt to capture between the South Vietnamese / Cambodian border.

The surprise turned out to be even more terrible when advanced bases and observation posts started to be systematically destroyed.
None will never know if the North Vietnam started to deploy units of a native local fire-breathing dragons breed in South Vietnam as claimed or (as supposed by Western sources) they were fruits of frantic years of crossbreeding with Chinese dragons.

The result was, however, that the NLF gained an incredible firepower and increased its elusive movements: fire-breathing dragons could strike by the cover of the jungle and heavy-weight dragons could carry groups of guerrilla units to evade the South Vietnamese and American offensives.

US Military attempted to use their own fire-breathing dragons but the only tactics that could be used was ignite massive forest fire, in collaboration with defoliants and Orange Agent used by aircrafts.

This had the fundamental effect to increase the inner opposition to war: not only among the humans, even into the American Breeding Grounds, dragons started to show opposition for a warfare that lost the old flavor of challenge and direct clash with an enemy and turned into a immense carnage.

American Green Berets and other special groups attempted to fill the gap, recruiting feral south Vietnamese dragons (and the human counterparts, the "Montagnards" groups) to counterbalance the movements and knowledge of the territory of their enemies.
Such "allied" were of course not properly reliable and could not change the course of the conflict.


This art describe a common event in Temeraire setting: a Vietnamese captain that tries to hold his dragon to prevent a rush and unplanned attack on the enemy.

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GoogyNoober Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
I love the dragon's face expression. He wants to fight but his captain don't let him. =) And the social part of your description is nice too, though the idea of keeping dragons in the Breeding Grounds is hard for any economics. They needs to eat, so they should to work for payment. :)
Kooskia Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
yeah but ... i'm not sure about the level of emancipation of dragons and mixing with human culture in America in 60' years..
Reminding that neither other humans (black ones) had the same freedoms at the time in america, i don't think that dragons may have seen better treatment.
However... hopefully N.Novik will write about something...
If i remember well she said that after finishing the Temeraire series she could have wrote again about other historical periods in Temeraire world.

GoogyNoober Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
"other historical periods"
I hope so, though she was speaking about ancient Roman Empire and America of 19 century. 
" better treatment."
I suppose the dragon citizens of any country will be limited in their rights, mostly in the right of reproduction and the right to fly over the city. Yeah it's pretty anti-Utopian. =)
Kooskia Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
Yep exactly (ps i'm at 50% reading crucible of gold, now i'm going in holiday for a week or more, so no drawing but i will can finish reading the book and sometimes i will be online).
GoogyNoober Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
Oh I hope you'll find the ideas for the new fan-comics. :)
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August 11, 2013
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