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Korean Dragon by Kooskia Korean Dragon by Kooskia
(c)Kooskia (art)
(c) :icongoogynoober: (commission)
(c) Naomi Novik (original world setting)

Third commission for :icongoogynoober:
Another '900 years setting for dragons warfare in Temeraire world.

Other arts include:
Soviet Dragon in WW2…
British Dragon in WW2…

Despite the fact that a number of nations were forced to use dragons again during the WW2, western military powers were convinced that the golden years for dragons in warfare were ended and that modern technology prevailed on the battlefield.
During the Korean War, has having done by multiple nations in the previous world conflict, dragons were still used for second-frontline operations including transport and carrying of personals.

It was a great surprise for the UN Military Command to start watching in the second phase of the war a number of unexpected dragons offensive actions: under direct development of Kim Il Sung, North Korean forces adapted light-weight dragons for an unique frontline use.

Small light-weight dragons and their captains were hardly trained in guerrilla warfare tactics during the cold months during the counter-offensive lead by the Chinese Volunteer Army, and as the seasons grown warmer a number of violent raids were carried into the UN and American airfields in South Korea.

Light-Weight dragons and their crew were trained to remain deeply inside enemy territory, carrying on nightly fast raids into enemy airfields in cooperations with old but effective Polikarpov Po-2 aircrafts.

American defenses went mad trying to track back the Polikarpovs because such slow aircrafts could not be targeted by faster and modern aircrafts and radar had low tracks of them.

Likewise, Korean light-weight dragons were trained to infiltrate: damage a single aircraft (aiming at the technical equipment and the nose of the plane) and quickly retreat in the nearby hills, alternating their attacks with the Polikarpovs raids.

Reactions of the defenses were frustrated by the speed of the attacks and only when the American forces realized that the only way to counter dragons in such operations, was deploying other dragons for night patrols, that the losses of planes and the stress suffered by pilots and ground staff, began to decrease.

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ZarthialDragon Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
Bel disegno :3
Urbyjermy Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
Cool! ^^ That stripes look like bumblebee's. Awesome.
I'm from Korea,and love temeraire series and it's impressive.
Kooskia Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
Oh... it's not so great ^^ and you've to thanks also GoogyNoober that commissioned it x3
And yep, the Temeraire series is really cool x3
GoogyNoober Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
He looks so menacing in that armor and with branches for masking. I like his color which reminds to me the Parnassian breed. It's interesting scene, a dragon is infiltrating to enemy territory and attacking the enemy aircrafts, for the ground personal is a terrible act.
Kooskia Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
thanks ^^ i'm glad you liked it x3 it was the best solution for the korean war and an interesting use i think. Of course as the others design it's not born from nothing... because the north korean used for real old biplanes Po-2 to make hit-and-run raids on US airfields during the War.
Radar could not catch them well and jet-fighter were to fast for aim well at them.

It was reasonable to think an use for light-weight dragons in a similar "guerrilla" tactic ^^

Also the branches-camouflage it's inspired by real north korean (both of the War and both modern) use of this kind of camouflage.

Tomorrow i upload the Vietnamese dragon ^^
GoogyNoober Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Temeraire universe has some perspectives for computer games. It would be nice to play to Napoleon Total War but with the dragons. All hopes to Peter Jackson. =)
"Tomorrow i upload the Vietnamese dragon"
It will be interesting to see.
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