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My Favorite Villains Meme

Figured I'd give this a whirl.

Roland Daggett (Ed Asner) - Batman: The Animated Series - I like businessman type villains, and Daggett here is the finest the DC animated universe had to offer who never ended up becoming a supervillain, although he created his fair share of them. Daggett is a man utterly without scruples, sort of the anti-Bruce Wayne, and I also like that he's a blue-eyed redhead.

The Evil Genius (David Warner) - Time Bandits - Definitely my favorite fantasy movie villain ever. He never received a proper name. He's just called "Evil" in dialogue and "Evil Genius" in the end credits. David Warner calls him that, too, on the Criterion Collection DVD commentary. Out of all the villains on this list, he probably has the biggest ego; he insists, against all evidence to the contrary, that "I made myself!" when told he owes his existence to the Supreme Being (i.e. God). He hates everything organic and goody-goody and wants to remake the world in his image as a twisted technological-industrial nightmare that makes sense only to him.

Jabba the Hutt - Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi - Disgusting, cruel, sadistic and overconfident, Jabba is definitely one loathsome slug monster! So big and bloated he can barely even move, he nonetheless is quite a force to be reckoned with, and, his overconfidence aside, is actually a lot smarter than he seems to be at first. A very shrewd and keen-minded guy... slug... thing. As far as his cruelty goes, he likes using up and then disposing of pretty things for his own sick amusement.

Harrison Chase (Tony Beckley) - Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom - Poison Ivy's dream date. A wealthy plant collector who embodies the "Screw the rules I have money!" mentality, Chase cares more about plants than people; although he has human servants and guards, he considers them all disposable - to the point he has a giant grinding machine for crushing up human corpses to turn them into compost for his giant indoor garden. The great kingdom of Mother Earth's plants are all that he truly loves. He even wears gloves so he doesn't have to touch human flesh; he will touch only plants barehanded, a trait I "borrowed" for my Darren Sessler character. His goal is to help the alien plant monster called the Krynoid turn Earth into a utopia for plants and wipe out all humans except himself. Another interesting element of Chase's character is unlike many villains, he honors deals he makes, out of simple pragmatism if nothing else. He actually pays his spy in the World Ecology Bureau rather than killing him after he's outlived his usefulness, and when an artist he never paid for a painting of a flower turns up at his mansion demanding her money, rather than brushing her off or having her killed, he actually pays her double what he owes her, all to get rid of her as quickly as possible.

Dr. Viper (Frank Welker) - SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron - Another sicko villain, who takes a sadistic glee in painfully mutating victims into his mindless monster henchmen. He's half cat, half snake and a mad biochemist who lives alone in a giant hollow tree out in the swamp and has a funky hairdo. He's another villain who wants to change things, in this case the metropolis of Megakat City into a festering, mutation-filled swamp, with him as supreme ruler. To this end he is constantly trying to steal rare chemicals and employs an army of grotesque mutants from half animal, half plant "plantimals" to his half cat, half mushroom monster assistant, as well as bacteria blob monsters, giant insects and frogs and other things that defy description.

Taurus Bulba (Tim Curry) - Darkwing Duck - Large and in charge, self-proclaimed criminal genius Taurus Bulba is a big Russian bull in a suit who pretends to languish in prison so he can direct the actions of his henchmen on the outside without arousing suspicion. He can escape any time he wants, too; during his time on the inside he's essentially converted the entire building into a giant airship right under the warden's nose. For all his intelligence, his one drawback is that he tends to be short-sighted in his goals; he wants to steal a big anti-gravity weapon called the Ram Rod, but the only thing he can think of to do with it is rob banks across the country. Practical, certainly, but a bit boring. After seeming to get killed in an explosion, he was brought back to life as a clunky-looking cyborg by the organization known as F.O.W.L. to be their new top agent. He reacted to this by telling them to go screw themselves, declaring that no one tells HIM what to do, and promptly annihilating their base and escaping to go and find and kill Darkwing Duck - the impudent superhero who caused his death in the first place. You don't mess with Taurus Bulba.

Skeletor (Frank Langella) - Masters of the Universe - The movie he's in is of questionable quality; definitely cheesy and falling squarely into the so bad it's good category. But Skeletor himself is a force of nature and towers over the movie like a colossus. Skeletor in the cartoon was kind of a cackling imbecile who couldn't get anything done; this Skeletor, though, has already won before the movie even begins; it starts with him firmly in control of Castle Grayskull with the Sorceress as his prisoner. He's one evil mofo, too; he slowly drains the Sorceress' life to increase his own magic power, his constantly-failing henchmen get killed by him rather than just berated by him and sent out to fail all over again, and having captured his lifelong arch-enemy He-Man, has him flogged with an electrified whip while he watches in sadistic glee. His downfall is he wants things done a certain way or not at all; when He-Man escapes after the whipping, you'd think Skeletor would want him deader than disco, but no, he yells at his robot soldiers, "No, don't kill him! I want him alive!" 'Cause, you see, despite the whipping, He-Man didn't kneel like Skeletor wanted! Poor Skeletor and his lack of practical thinking soon thereafter get knocked down a giant chasm to his death. Or did he...? Stay tuned after the movie's credits!

Sokurah (Torin Thatcher) - The 7th Voyage of Sinbad - This guy is unusual. Firstly, most people remember this movie for Ray Harryhaysen's awesome stop-motion animation, and rightly so; but it does have, like, a plot, and this bald bastard is at the center of it. He's only evil insofar as he has this one driving goal and doesn't care what he has to do to obtain it. Other than this, he seems content to just be left alone and not bother anyone. Anyway, he lives on Colossa Island, in a castle inside of a cave (!) guarded by his pet dragon. Although he's a skilled magician, Sokurah has his sights set on a magic lamp which is part of a cyclops' treasure trove and which he's been trying to steal for a while. When he finally does, the cyclops chases him ("The cyclopes have no speech, it is useless to them," Sokurah later explains; to the cyclops, the lamp is just a trinket and he's just mad Sokurah took it). He runs into legendary hero Sinbad who rescues him but the cyclops recovers the lamp. Here is where Sokurah's villainy is entirely Sinbad's dunderheaded fault: rather than just let Sokurah have a ship and well-armed crew to return to Colossa and retrieve the magic lamp, he keeps turning him down, and even sabotages Sokurah's efforts to persuade the caliph of Bagdad to give him the ship and crew. His hand forced, the desperate Sokurah uses his magic to shrink Sinbad's love interest, Parissa, and then explains the only way to restore her to ordinary size is... yep, to go back to Colossa. How neither Sinbad or the caliph ever suspect Sokurah is beyond me. Admittedly, Sokurah could just give up the lamp altogether and enjoy living in Bagdad, which he even calls a "jewel of comfort and hospitality," but, eh, I guess he just couldn't give up his obsession. That or he remembered he has a pet dragon chained up in his cave he probably needs to feed...

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin (Peter Cushing) - Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - The old guy in charge of the first Death Star. He got top billing over Darth Vader, but tends to be forgotten or lost in the shuffle, despite being the driving force of the Empire in this movie's plot. It is Tarkin who orders the destruction of Alderaan, Princess Leia's homeworld, when she refuses to tell him where the Rebel base is, and he who orders her to be executed when she finally caves but it turns out she lied. Despite being a frail old man, Tarkin has a very forceful personality, and Vader is essentially his bitch in this film. Tarkin treats him with respect, and Vader repays the favor, and they do seem like they've known one another for several years, but there's never any question that Tarkin is the one in charge. Whether this is because he has overall command of the Death Star and Vader is just being polite in deferring to him, or because Tarkin is a personal friend of Emperor Palpatine, and Vader merely Palpatine's apprentice, putting Tarkin slightly above Vader in the Emperor's eyes, is up for debate. As with so many villains, Tarkin's downfall is his overconfidence and stubbornness. "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances!" Famous last words...

Lord Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander) - Pirates of the Caribbean - This guy was just a boss. What was interesting about him is he was actually in way over his head with all the supernatural stuff he was trying to control, but neither seemed to notice or care, seeing it all as just a means to an end. Him being in over his head with Davy Jones even more interestingly never comes back to bite him in the ass; rather it's his assistant Mercer who suffers an ironic comeuppance at Jones' ha--uh, face-tentacle-beard, whilst Beckett himself has a more conventional villain death by being blown to bits with his ship.

Louis Strack Jr. (Colin Friels) - Darkman - Another corrupt businessman villain, Strack is a real estate developer who wants to demolish slum sections of the city's waterfront and rebuild them into (get this) an entire city (!). Not a conventional villain goal, admittedly, but what makes Strack evil is the lengths he's willing to go to to achieve it. He'll bribe and kill anyone he has to to get it done. And when evidence of said criminal activity ends up in the unwitting hands of scientist Peyton Westlake, Strack doesn't hesitate to send his crime boss ally Durant to pay Dr. Westlake a visit to get the paperwork back and also for some good old-fashioned torture fun, resulting in the creation of extra-crispy vigilante Darkman, who seeks vengeance first against the mobsters and then against Strack himself. Initially it seems as if Strack is a wussy villain, content to remain in his office and send Durant and his gang out to do the dirty work; but when Darkman makes short work of them, Strack fully embraces the old saying, "If you want something done right... do it yourself." a suit who spends most of his time in his office, Strack proves he is worthy as the main villain by being capable of beating the tar out of Darkman despite our hero’s enhanced physical strength, his viciousness catching Darkman off guard entirely. Darkman does eventually turn the fight around, though, ’cause he’s the good guy.

The Joker (Jack Nicholson) - Batman - If I need to explain him or his awesomeness, then something is very, very wrong. Suffice to say that he's the Joker played by Jack Nicholson. Don't get me wrong, I loved Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, and he's equal with Nicholson in my opinion, but this one is the one I grew up with, so he slightly edges the other one out in terms of who is my favorite.
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IncredibleFulk1's avatar
Very nice list. I remember you told me you had an other villains meme with Joker. LOL. I'm glad you picked Jack's Joker cause he doesn't get as much credit as he used to. Again, I loved how you picked more obscure villains. It's cool to see Louis Strack Jr. He was a great villain. To me, his highlight was when he "revealed" his role in all of the events. He was basically caught, but his reaction was like "Yep, I did it and it was easy. You can go because you can't do anything." I also loved how you put Sokurah here too. Rarely do we talk about the human characters in Ray Harryhausen movies. Nice work. You should see my Favorite Movie Dads meme on my profile.
JefimusPrime's avatar
Not bad, But I would choose 200x Skeletor instead of the movie Skeletor because he's my favorite version of Skeletor.
Kooshmeister's avatar
MarkDraconis's avatar
Nice, I would've chosen The Master instead of Chase but that's just my feelings :), great meme regardless ^^
Kooshmeister's avatar
The Master is unfortunately a bit too much of a whatever-the-script-needs-him-to-be type of villain; and there's so many different versions and flavors of him that just "The Master" is being ridiculously vague. Also, he's too obvious a choice. I'm honestly indifferent to him anyway.
MarkDraconis's avatar
Hmmm maybe I should've specified, the Jon Simm version of The Master. Though I don't think he's an obvious choice, just as much as the Daleks would be an "obvious" choice, or the Weeping Angles, or the Sontonrans, or the Silence.
Kooshmeister's avatar
I guess, although a problem with the others you mentioned, is they're groups of villains, as opposed to any one individual villain. So they don't quite fit in with the idea of going for specific characters I had when making this list.
MarkDraconis's avatar
I was just saying :), I'm not trying to push my views on you or anything.
TMNTFAN85's avatar
how do u feel about skeletor in the 2002 series? i'm curious cause he's a lil more bad ass than the 80s
Kooshmeister's avatar
He's okay, I suppose. I'm just a Frank Langella I guess. :)
TMNTFAN85's avatar
heard he had a son who watch the 80s show during the fimling of the show, heard he studied skeletor when he played him
lostsoldierS636's avatar
Amen to The Joker.
ShadeOvWarlock's avatar
Lord Cutler Beckett is the worst!!!
Kooshmeister's avatar
Surely there's worse villains than him. XD
ShadeOvWarlock's avatar
no no he is me favourite villain ever!!!
Shadow-DJ's avatar
Where did you get this from?
Kooshmeister's avatar
Gah, I forget... someone supplied me with the template but I forget who! X_X
thomwim's avatar
I vote for Bulba.
ignigeno's avatar
Hehe, lots of familiar faces here. One in particular of course. *wink wink* I'm totally with you with Roland Daggett. I just finished watching all the 90's Batman animated series episodes since they FINALLY got a DVD release.
Kooshmeister's avatar
Of course Dr. V would be on here! :)

And, really? The Batman cartoon has been out on DVD here for years. I've had my set of seasons 1-2 since before I even met you. Or do you mean that they only just now got a DVD release in the UK?
ignigeno's avatar
They've only JUST been released here in the UK. I snapped up both series and the movie collection recently.
Kooshmeister's avatar
Awesome. A shame it took so long to get released there, though!
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