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My Favorite Villains Meme 3.0

I have so many villains I like not even two of these could contain them all!

ManAnt (Art Mitchell, Mr. Lawrence) - The Aquabats! Super Show! - However you pronounce his name (the M.C. Bat Commander seems to think it's "MahnAhnt"), this stylin' half man, half ant evil genius is definitely a fun bad guy in a show bursting at the seams with fun bad guys. He wants to take over the world as a result of being wished into existence and then promptly abandoned by Crash McLarson when Crash was a child. Seems like he has a legit grievance to an extent, but considering Crash was, y'know, a child at the time, it seems like ManAnt carried this grudge a bit too far. His odd backstory aside, though, he's definitely a hoot. When he first appears he's, well, ant-sized, and I love the little teeny stage that's set down for him so he can address Crash (who is buried up to his neck in the dirt), and his lines are pure gold. When Crash observes "You're tiny!", eliciting a gasp of shock from ManAnt's henchmen, ManAnt responds with "You're tiny!" I also love his line later when, after ManAnt has grown to human size, the Commander needs to eat a mint to regain his strength in battle; "What is this? A kindergarten snack break?"

Magua (Wes Studi) - The Last of the Mohicans - A Huron Indian, Magua here is definitely a case of an ordinary guy who just plain got pushed too far and passed the point of no return. As a younger man, his village got massacred by the British, and his children were killed and he was sold into slavery. After he escaped, he found out that his wife, believing he'd been killed, had remarried. He snapped and swore revenge on Munro, the British officer in command of the raid. So, another villain who a legit grievance (and unlike the forgetful but ultimately kindhearted Crash, Munro is a severe arrogant cunt). But once again, he takes it too far. Not only does he want to kill Munro, he also wants to murder Munro's daughters Cora and Alice. Dude! Magua, man, you're just becoming the same as Munro. Alas, this is the point; Magua passes the moral event horizon by not only wanting to kill his children's murderer... but Munro's innocent daughters as well. And how does he fare as an antagonist for our Mohican heroes? .... Well, Magua says little, and prefers to let his tomahawk and knife do the talkin'; he's a fierce and merciless warrior and considered unbeatable in hand-to-combat. Unfortunately for him, as awesome a fighter as you are, there's always someone better... as he learns to his fatal misfortune when he kills Chingachgook's son Uncas.

Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) - True Blood - This guy was quite possibly the single best thing about this show. He utterly dominated every episode he was in with his offbeat, charismatic Southern gentleman rhetoric which concealed a vicious and insane nature. Simply put, he was both scary, lovable and hilarious, all at the same time. I think I actually squee'd when he was brought back and played a major role in the most recent season, and I loved his interactions with Steve Newlin. Unfortunately, what ultimately happened to Russell was a bit of a letdown. I mean, I knew it had to happen, and nobody else had more of a right to be the one to do it to him, but, at the same time, it could've been done better. My favorite scene with him? The karoake bar. XD

Captain Friedrich von Hecht (Sergio Fantoni) - Hornets' Nest - It's a little unfair to call this guy a villain. However, since he fills the role of an antagonist anyway, he made my list. Captain von Hecht is an interesting character. A World War II German officer stationed in Italy, he is both a fierce and tenacious opponent, but he had his own code, which makes him detest the SS as muderous, cowardly bullies. He is utterly without mercy towards armed enemies, but considers civilians off-limits. This is at least part of what drives him to shoot and kill SS officer Major Taussig, who'd ordered an entire village of men, women and children massacred. That and Taussig was just a douchebag. Considering himself a skilled tracker and hunter, von Hecht sees the problem of the lone American saboteur Captain Turner on the loose and plotting to blow up a dam as a challenge he must accept, because, as he tells his superior General von Kleber, he loves the thrill of the hunt. However, he isn't one of those ego-mad hunters; when bested by his foes, he admits it and accepts defeat with dignity.

Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) - Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Let's hear it for the guy who (like many villains in 80's childrens' films) gave an entire generation of kids nightmares. Even before the unveiling of just who and what he really is, the softly spoken, elegant Judge Doom is a menacing character who gives off a creepy vibe and seems to be followed by a gently blowing wind everywhere he goes, so that his inverness cape can be billowing about him at all times. And he seems to have raided the wardrobe of Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark, too. By now, everyone should know that not only is Doom the "who" in the title, but that he isn't a human, but a toon disguised as one. But besides being confirmed (by his own admission) to be the toon who murdered Eddie Valiant's brother, we know almost nothing else about Doom in the film. The sequel comic The Resurrection of Doom, though, gives us some insight into the character, in particular what his real name was and what he looked like as a full toon; his actual name is Baron von Rotten and he was a human-based toon (like Jessica) who more or less resembled a cartoon version of the mask he wore; or, rather, his human mask was a realistic rendition of his toon visage. Whether this is canon or not is questionable, but the comic was an official publication and does exist so, eh.

Professor Padraic Ratigan (Vincent Price) - The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective - A Disney villain who I honestly think doesn't get enough attention, from a film of Disney's that itself tends to get unjustly ignored (where's the big special edition with the writer and animator audio commentary and deleted scenes and stuff, Disney?!), Professor Ratigan is one of those villains who is bizarrely likable. To a certain point. Thanks to Vincent Price's excellent voice acting, the good Professor puts in an almost playful, impish performance where it's obvious he just has so much gosh-darn fun being so evil ("I love it when I'm nasty!"). Only towards the end does he truly become a terrifying, almost literally monstrous villain, after his arch-enemy Basil winning again finally pushes him over the edge and he snaps. If I have one issue with him, it's that we never get a proper explanation for the whole "self-hating rat" thing. He hates being called a rat so much he'll fly off the handle anytime someone does it, even accidentally, and he insists on thinking of himself as just a "big mouse." But we're never told why.

Chairface Chippendale (Tony Jay) - The Tick - The Tick is one of those superhero shows where you just have to wonder what in God's name the creators were smoking, and where we can get some of it! There was a lot in the show and the comic it was based on that registered about a nine on the What-The-Fuck-O-Meter, but surely Chairface here takes the cake. Literally, he's a guy with a chair for a head. A chair that can somehow talk, see, breathe, eat and drink. How, we're wisely never told (although in an episode involving body-swapping, the issue was brought up for a joke, at least). The weirdness doesn't end with Chairface himself, though. His huge bodyguard, Dean, was a big dude with a wingnut for a head (!). Fortunately, in a testament to the genius of Ben Edlund and co., Chairface was odd in ways besides his unusual head and equally bizarre henchmen, considering his grandest evil scheme ever (in his first episode) was to use a huge-ass laser to write his name on the moon. What a fiend! He only got as far as "CHA," though. Curse you, Tick!

The "Brain" Gremlin (Tony Randall) - Gremlins 2: The New Batch - Oh, wow. This guy. What a hoot he was. So polite, so intelligent, urbane and witty. And then he'd shoot one of his numbnuts fellow Gremlins in the face because it was fun! But, he must emphasize, quite uncivilized. At first it seems as if the Gremlin named Mohawk will be the movie's principal villain due to being so similar to Stripe from the first movie, but the filmmakers pull a fast one on us. A random Gremlin drinks a brain hormone potion in the Splice O' Life genetics lab, finds a spare pair of glasses lying on the floor (apparently) and voila! Instant evil mastermind! He immediately seizes the reins of leadership. Not that the Uzi-wielding Mohawk seems to care; he steals a flask of spider juice, goes off and mutates himself into a Gremlin-spider thing, leaving the heavy lifting of running the Clamp Center's vast Gremlin infestation to this fellow here. And our friend (dubbed "The 'Brain' Gremlin" in the credits) is up to the task. And in fact, he enjoys his work so much, he's perfectly happy to grant interviews and stage huge song and dance numbers!

Hyp (Whitby Hertford) - The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving - Most people seem to agree that the vast array of Land Before Time sequels sucked, but whatever. I found a few of them watchable, particularly the third, although that was mostly due to Hyp here (who also appeared in one episode of the TV series). He's your standard bully character; thinking because he's bigger than Littlefoot and his friends he can shove them around. Apparently, he never noticed that of the three bullies who menace our cuddly hug-a-bunchables throughout the film, despite being the leader, he's the smallest. And not only that, but, yeah, sure, he's bigger than Littlefoot can co. now, but when they grow up, except for Petrie, they'll all either be as big or bigger than him. Villains in kids' movies tend to end up one of two ways; either they just get thwarted and humiliated, or they learn a lesson and turn their ways around. Hyp winds up in the latter category. He gets stuck in a tar pit, and the other bully dinosaurs, Mutt and Nod, prove utterly incapable of even attempting to help him; fortunately, Littlefoot and the gang take pity on their tormentor and save his life. But Hyp's biggest change comes when raptors attack the group, and Hyp's father is the only adult there to protect the kids, and Hyp's "friends" mock Hyp's dad for risking his life. This finally makes Hyp realize what a severe douchebag he is, and so he forces Mutt and Nod to help Littlefoot and co. in pushing a big boulder onto the raptors, saving his dad.

Nicola (Ron Perlman) Bunraku Following a devastating war which saw all firearms outlawed, this decidedly Nordic-looking fellow took power over a small EurAsian city which he rules with an iron fist. Before the war, he was just a humble woodcutter. But in the post-apocalyptic world which has seen ranged weapons (except bows and arrows) outlawed, he has found that his years of chopping down trees has made him strong and quite handy with axes. So he clawed his way to the top of organized crime and became the undisputed ruler of his part of the world. What's interesting about Nicola is that when we're introduced to him, he has money, power, women, and vast political influence, and it absolutely bores him to tears. He'd rather be out doing things and having fun, but he can't, because his notoriety makes him a frequent target. So he remains isolated in his clifftop temple. So at the time we meet him, we meet a Nicola past his prime - still strong and deadly, but dulled by tedium and wondering if all his wealth and power is worth it when he can't enjoy it.

Frieza (Ryūsei Nakao) Dragon Ball Z What can I say about Frieza? He is an exercise in playing around with expectations. We hear about him before we actually see him. And none of it is good. Everyone shakes in their boots at the mere mention of his name, and anyone acting on his behalf has impunity to do whatever they want, by and large. And then he appears, and he's this scrawny little feminine-looking alien of indeterminate gender (to the point where if it weren't for his underlings calling him "sir" and using male pronouns to describe him, he could easily be mistaken for a middle-aged woman). Was Frieza's reputation only that? Reputation? Not by a long shot. Long before we discover that he can transform into increasingly more and more powerful bodies, a few of which have much more physically impressive builds, we get various subtle glimpses suggesting that even in this, his least powerful form, Frieza is far and away the single most powerful warrior of his time (as far as anyone knows). It also helps that for all his power, his sadism and evilness, he is so gosh-darn polite. He'll kill you and your entire family, but while daintily sipping wine and simultaneously apologizing (albeit sarcastically) for doing so and and chastising you for wasting his time not dying quickly enough.

Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) Iron Man 2 There are villains who are pure evil, nasty and clever. Justin Hammer here is none of those things. He wants to be. Oh yes, he wants to be, so badly he can taste it. Unfortunately, he can never quite succeed. He takes himself so seriously, but nobody else does. Not his friends or his enemies. He's a secondary villain who is deep down aware of his lowly status and striving - to the point of overcompensation - to claw his way to the top. He does have one gift though, his mouth. Hammer is the kind of man who could sell your own house to you and leave you wondering what the heck just happened. Unfortunately, his mouth is also a curse; he doesn't quite know when to shut up. And I think it's only the fact all his enemies know he is harmless that has prevented them from just killing him already.
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“I wanna talk a little bit about what's going on in this room, because I see some fascinating ramifications here for the future. ” - Brain Gremlin
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OH MY GOD I DIDN'T EVEN RECOGNIZE RON PERLMAN!!! o' course i'm used to seeing him as
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What you said about Justin Hammer is spot on. I love love love him for those exact reasons. :XD: 
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Ratigan first name is Padriac? Huh 
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Padraic. And yes, in the book series the movie was based on.
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oh, okay. it's just that I've seen the movie but not the books! Sweating a little...  
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I love Russel Edington but that episode is where "True Blood" lost me.
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Why didn't you credit Mr. Lawrence for voicing Man-Ant? He did most of the heavy lifting with that character.
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I'd argue the exact opposite actually. Even though it is his voice performance that gives the character his personality, he didn't wear the costume and mask and physically perform. That's what I consider "the heavy lifting," especially when animatronics and costumes are involved. They tend to be quite hot and uncomfortable, so I tend to give more kudos to the physical performers.

Plus, at the time I was working on this, I had no idea of Lawrence's involvement. I just glanced through the end credits after watching the episode and saw Art Mitchell as ManAnt. *Shrugs*
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