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Here it be, folks! i didn't think it'd happen, and yet, here it be! droids, people... droids.

description from old version (which has been deleted):
GPC stands for Glowing Phosphorescent Chromosome.
Today in genetics our professor brought up those rabbits that had been genetically engineered with jellyfish DNA. it makes the interior of their ears glow faintly green.
Well, one thing led to another, and naturally i thought a rabbit jedi would be pretty awesome.

(ballpoint pen, photoshop, cheap background courtesy of Corbis. i'd like to think that one day i'll put in a cool background, with a whole army of droids for this dude to be slicing up... but in the highly likely event that i'm too lazy to do that, you might as well chew on this for a while.) (EDIT: boy, did i one-up myself!)
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The way you got the idea is great :D
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Love it. But the poor droids are getting their butts handed to them by a rabbit.
Roger Roger.-shot'd-
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ohhhhhh how niceee :D
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Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What on earth could be cooler than that!!!! Yeah!!! A Jedi Bunny Master!!!!
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maestro-efectivoProfessional General Artist
OOOh, my.... you´re sooo good!!!!
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wowsers! i love the action shot. you have such a great way with colour.
not that bad colouring would make bunny wan kenobi rock any less
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FWACATAProfessional Traditional Artist
It's like you caught him mid air! Beautiful man!
Jedi Rabbit would kick ass... then again, Jedi ANYTHING would kick ass!
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"Well, one thing led to another, and naturally i thought a rabbit jedi would be pretty awesome."
I like how you think! Great original thought process and it lead to a great pic!
plus i like bunnies, and I saw this and was like, "is that a bunny? Is that a bunny with a lightsaber?"
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In a very strange way this pic reminds me of The Secret of Nimh. :love:
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PlatypusZ Photographer
Actually, pardon my geekiness, but there is a race that resembles a sentient rabbit in the star wars galaxy, this race is known as Kushiban. The only real difference is that Kushiban have a long squirl-like tail.
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koosh-llama Filmographer
if they're the ones i'm thinking of, i always thought they were more otter-like.

geekiness clearly more than pardoned 8-)
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PlatypusZ Photographer
Well, its my avatar so you whatever you think that looks like ^_^.
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rabbit + jedi = rabbi?

great job, I like it ;)
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CBXStudent Digital Artist
100% dynamic! fluffy action á la bing bing!
you should make a comic about this one
i would love to do
totally great
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a jedi rabbit would be all kinds of cool. :nod: I really like how you did his light sbaery thing there. die, droids, die.

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cheeks-74 General Artist
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olymbos01Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a great idea...a jedi wabbit lol. Great compsistion and movement in this image...simple yet amazing. :)
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y2jennProfessional General Artist
Wonderful work!!! :aww:
I hate it when I have nothing to say other than how brilliant your work is, hon. I feel like there's a million different things I could say about it and yet my mind is a complete blank when i'm impressed like this. I love the motion. The action in his pose is superb! And the blur of the foreground characters is a nice touch. Well done... as freakin always! :+fav:
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Whoa, so cute and badass at the same time. Unbelievable blend, heh. Great work.
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Jackster3000Hobbyist Digital Artist
A great rabbit Jedi, he makes. A strong force, he has.
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CabycabProfessional General Artist
This is one bad ass rabbit. I wish mine could do such stunts...wonderful pose and nice action!
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mainashaProfessional Traditional Artist
Awsome, I this is way cooler than the other back ground you had. I love the action. That rabbit KICKS ASS!
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now i must re-add it to my favorites! ^_^
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