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Yoshis Different Personality Thought

I had this thought sometimes before with Yoshi's Story. It's the first game Kazumi Totaka voices, BUT it's also the only Yoshi game where each Yoshi feels more distinct from each other than just color. They had different favs in fruit, I think some jumped bit higher, but one thing I noticed stood out was each Yoshi had different pitches in their voices. Like the pink Yoshi for example actually sounded higher. Probably best notable between black & white Yoshis. Black has a very deep voice while white Yoshi is very high. They both enjoy all fruit and are stronger.

This is something that has been absent from Yoshis ever since. Only time they were different is Paper Mario, mainly the Fearless 5 having noticeable differences in personality. Thing is this is a Mario game and they aren't playable. That goes for other notable Yoshi members.

Basically I think it would be cool if Nin
:icongameking427:GameKing427 2 3
Thanks for Everything Reggie (Render) by Nintega-Dario Thanks for Everything Reggie (Render) :iconnintega-dario:Nintega-Dario 63 8 Big Yoshi Laying Down Render by Nintega-Dario Big Yoshi Laying Down Render :iconnintega-dario:Nintega-Dario 34 3 Peachette by PrinceCheap Peachette :iconprincecheap:PrinceCheap 30 2 Super Smash Bros. Skull Kid by P-Fritz Super Smash Bros. Skull Kid :iconp-fritz:P-Fritz 9 0 Cat Toadette by ninpeachlover Cat Toadette :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 75 33 Big Yoshi Doing Split Render by Nintega-Dario Big Yoshi Doing Split Render :iconnintega-dario:Nintega-Dario 35 1 Big Yoshi Render by Nintega-Dario Big Yoshi Render :iconnintega-dario:Nintega-Dario 69 11 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door by MuzYoshi Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door :iconmuzyoshi:MuzYoshi 47 7 Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch (Idea) by Varimarthas5 Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch (Idea) :iconvarimarthas5:Varimarthas5 5 0 Mario by MuzYoshi Mario :iconmuzyoshi:MuzYoshi 25 1 Cat princesses! by ellenent Cat princesses! :iconellenent:ellenent 199 33
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Hello everyone! My name is Geoshi. I'm a Sprite artist, who also loves video games, I do sometimes have a interest of baking as well. I am a very friendly person as well I am more talkable on the internet then in real life due to my shy nature. I do love helping my friends the best I can with pleasure ;)

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Donkey Kong Series: Donkey Kong 64*, Donkey Kong Country 1 & 3, Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Country 3, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Wario Series: Wario Land 4*, Wario Land*, Wario Land Shake It, Wario World, Wario Woods (SNES), Wario: Master of Disguise, WarioWare: D.I.Y. and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

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Favorite Super Smash Bros Game: Brawl*

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NSMBWii - Roulete Block by Painbooster1… NSMBWii - Roulete Block by Painbooster1

:icontableflipplz: Get these games out of my face! (Again no order)

:icontableflipplz: Donkey Kong Country 2 (Why do people praise it as the best DKC game? It's such a very hard game out of the whole series, You have to pay 2 Banana Coins to save?! You're in real trouble if your broke and if you get a Game Over oh ho your so screwed back to the last save area and the Bonus Games are ridiculous...though I love the music in the game and the Pirate Theme and the Worlds!)

:icontableflipplz: Paper Mario Sticker Star (Weakest Paper Mario game ever)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Pinball Land (The games use complex timing and luck on the pins making it very difficult to beat, some of the puzzles are frustrating too)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Party Island Tour (Do I really have to talk about this trash Party game...?)
:icontableflipplz: Yoshi's New Island (Rehashed of the SNES game and a mostly terrible soundtrack)
:icontableflipplz: The Mainstream Pokemon games (Such a very overrated series and it will take me a while to explain on that...)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Golf (64) (Bad AI and not good controls)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Tennis (64) (Bad AI and not good controls)
:icontableflipplz: Star Fox Command (The Stylus path strategy was not very good to me and some of the endings were disappointing...)
:icontableflipplz: Star Fox Zero (Repeated rehashed storyline and gameplay like Star Fox 64)
:icontableflipplz: Super Mario Kart (Unbalanced and has terrible AI)
:icontableflipplz: Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 (You may know why...)
:icontableflipplz: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) (That game is just SMB1 but harder not a real sequel to North American. Felt more like a port more. The levels are just ridiculous...)
:icontableflipplz: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: March of The Mini's Again (This and Mini-Land Mayhem are rehashed games)
:icontableflipplz: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem
:icontableflipplz: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (Lazy game with no tournament and no original ideas)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Kart Super Circuit (Almost as bad as Super Mario Kart)
:icontableflipplz: Zelda II (Way too hard, Miyamoto admitted it was a bad game, which I have to agree)
:icontableflipplz: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Why do fans get overhyped when the game has tons of problems?)

:icontableflipplz: Fire Emblem Series (Too much fan service and Super Smash Bros. 4 added way too many characters from that series at once and the community are jerks! The gameplay is boring!)

:icontableflipplz: Undertale (The fan base is cancerous)
:icontableflipplz: Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (such a downgraded port)
:icontableflipplz: Final Fantasy Series (Overrated and milked overly)
:icontableflipplz: Five Nights at Freddy's (horrible fan base and overrated)
:icontableflipplz: Mother/Earthbound Series (Oh god the community is just cancer and full of very rude people, like the game is over already and the Gameplay sucks! I call it Pokemon 2.0!)

:icontableflipplz: Mario's Time Machine Series (though I love the music)
:icontableflipplz: Mario's Is Missing Series (though I love the music)
:icontableflipplz: Mario's Early Years Series (why would i want to play those childish games?)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Tennis: Power Tour (The game has Waluigi but no Wario and Yoshi? They overused the normal human characters too much as playable)

:icontableflipplz: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: Sochi 2014 (Too much like the Winter one)
:icontableflipplz: Star Fox (SNES) (Terrible Level design and frame rate)
:icontableflipplz: Mario Kart Wii (Overrated it's not really that great of the game, fans praise it as the best game in the series, come on! it's very flawed!)

:icontableflipplz: Yo-Kai Watch
:icontableflipplz: Call Of Duty (Why are people so obsessed with this series? It's so unoriginal and just made as a milk machine for the money and still won't stop and they are just made for online? Even most people who are addicted to the series are so toxic, I wish that series it would die already)

There's probably more, but I'll think about it later.

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What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?
What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?
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Related image
UPDATE: I have updated more sources and details in most sections.

NOTE: The logo is fan-made just thought it would look nice on here. It could somewhat look like this though.
I wanted to refresh the previous version of the journal to make it improved and more detailed as reasonable as possible, even to hopefully make it more understanding. It seemed worth to make it into a new Journal than an update. This is the last time I will be posting Journals for a very long time I want to go back to posting a ton of my work I've seen slowly working on too.

It's kind of time to explain on why I want a Super Mario Galaxy 3 as I posted a couple things related to it here on my profile, it will be a bit of a long explanation of journey but it may be worth the time as you will learn some new things on the way through. 

But before you come by commenting saying, "No I don't want it to happen, "I want something new", "Mario Galaxy series or 2 sucks we don't need a third title", "This is a step-back", "no it will never happen", "I highly doubt Nintendo will make it", "Go play the first 2 Galaxy games then" or any other bull-crap comments. Because guess what? The Super Mario Galaxy series isn't over quite yet. I thought Galaxy 2 was over too, but it seems it still isn't according to shiggy.
So I highly suggest you leave at once because if that is how you're going to comment on this Journal, then what you're reading is not for you at all if you don't want or don't like a Galaxy 3 then good just don't buy it. I've seen the fanbase and it's purely negative ASF. I don't care if this is a waste of time I do whatever I want to make. It's my account.

I am NOT a Galaxy fanboy and I am not super desperate for a third one until they announce it. So if you disagree with this, that's fine just don't be a jerk otherwise I will block and flag you. Like some other salty people, I dealt with.

If they make the game feel really new and fresh this game can be even better than Galaxy 2 and maybe the first game! SMG2 felt like an expansion pack to the original with lack of story and that is also because Miyamoto was more involved with that game than the first one. Nothing more. So they should do something new to the Galaxy series! I also don't want the Galaxy series milked and dry so once they do a third one that has to be it for good. 

This is the truly the last time I will be talking about Galaxy 3 until they announce it someday (Unless there are updates). I don't have high hopes for a third one either. But just would love one that's all.

I'm not expecting a Galaxy 3 this soon as Super Mario Odyssey just released and is still relevant at its time and I am thankful we got Super Mario Odyssey and nowadays it's my favorite Open World 3D Mario game and in the 3D Mario games in general,
I really enjoy it so much. Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite linear 3D Mario Series! I can likely see Super Mario Galaxy 3 being in released in 2020-2022 or a little before 2023 as realistically as I can think of to avoid competing directly with Super Mario Odyssey since that game is reasonably hyped and original at it's the best time.

The Nintendo Switch is confirmed to support the Switch beyond 2023, thus granting it a longer lifespan than past Nintendo home consoles. It could be supported for up 7 to 10 years. Super Mario Galaxy 3 could likely be one of the last switch games for sure and be over and done for the series.
I would never hope for a fourth game ever once the third game gets made. Because the third game is very likely going to end there big time.

But for now, let's get started on this.

Why was Super Mario Galaxy 2 even made as a sequel why not as DLC?

As Shigeru Miyamoto has made this sequel, this is what he had to say.

“The main reason is that as soon as we completed Super Mario Galaxy we thought we weren’t able to include a lot of the new ideas that we really wanted to. As soon as the project was over we started making something that we might call version 1.5. We did things like moving or adding stars to levels that were already available. As we made progress with this 1.5, we realized that there were too many things to fit into a version 1.5. That made us realize we should start from scratch and make Super Mario Galaxy 2… It’s actually quite unusual for us to make two different games in the same series on one platform. Usually, we wait until the advent of new hardware, but for this time around because there were so many ideas we were not able to include in the first volume, we thought we should make a sequel to that.”

One thing is that Miyamoto is right, it's unusual for a second game to be released on the same platform, likely he means for 3D Mario games.

So yes Super Mario Galaxy 2 was mainly made so they could fit many of there ideas from Super Mario Galaxy to be transferred to the second game which is why it felt like an expansion. It, of course, re-used the main ideas from the first game.
The Wii was not able to handle making DLC Pack Shops due to it not being powerful before the Wii U and Switch came. The only Wii games that used DLC was Samurai Warriors 3 and Mega Man 10 but those were just level packs and third-party titles. Galaxy 2 had new content than just levels so the Wii was not able to add like new enemies, bosses items etc. for DLC Packs. So sadly that was why Galaxy 2 wasn't super fresh.

This also proves evidence too as Super Mario Galaxy 2's Disc ID is called "Super Mario Galaxy More", As Supper Mario Brooth pointed out it was originally supposed to be an expansion of the first game, This is consistent with interviews of the game's staff stating development names for the game were "Super Mario Galaxy 1.5" and "More Super Mario Galaxy". So in some ways, this wasn't intentionally supposed to be a sequel to the first game in the first place but it had just enough content to be made into a full sequel. This is pretty much a contradiction in a way.

It's implied that Nintendo doesn't see Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a true sequel including the fact the game felt like an expansion pack with no story in ways but of course that isn't confirmed and it wouldn't be considerate to use this as a fact by someone saying this.

The game didn't really add not many brand new mechanics, such as. 

-The game has only three file slots to use, unlike the six files in the preceding game; also, files can no longer be copied
-Mainly just 2 new power-ups replacing the Ice Flower and Red Star
-Fluzzard replacing Ray
-Yoshi is a brand new edition which is the biggest stand out from the first game and has 3 of his own power-ups.
-New enemies
-New Items

But what makes Galaxy 2 better than the first game, since the gameplay did improve from Galaxy 1 is...

-It had a better level design.
-You didn't have to play through the entire game as Luigi which was tedious in the first game.
-Yoshi duh.
-Offered more of a challenge.
-Every stage feels fresh and fun.
-Has a level lifted from Super Mario 64 with the return of the Whomp King.
-Reasonable Longer gameplay.
-You rarely do anything more than once or twice before going onto the next gameplay idea.


In the back cover of the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack, there was some concept artwork of Young Rosalina meeting her older self. No idea what it could represent?

I want to have a Galaxy 3 mainly because Yoshiaki Koizumi can finish up Rosalina's story and Yoshiaki Koizumi wanted to finish up Rosalina's Story in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and maybe finish another new final story for her, but thanks to Miyamoto he managed to get his way of lacking story in the second game, Galaxy 2 was originally going to have a new subplot involving Rosalina, including exactly how she met Lubba in the first place (which in the final version is reduced to a brief mention by Lubba in the game's ending). But what happened?

It's because Shigeru Miyamoto thought the Storybook in the first game covering her backstory distracted gamers from the first game's gameplay (Because that is all he cares about) and made the game focus too much on her instead of the Mario Bros. which is honestly a dumb excuse because that part was just optional in the game and you know how Miyamoto hates Stories for a lot for dumb reasons and thinks only Pikmin and Zelda should only have a story :/
So I hope Koizumi's Story about how Lubba met Rosalina gets added along with more details about her.

Also, I'm just tired of Rosalina being generic character nowadays and she needs more of a story to be explained to get a better backstory even further if she is going to keep appearing in more Mario games.

Here is why Miyamoto ditched having a story in Super Mario Galaxy 2 for those who don't know below. 
Did you read all that?
Honestly his reasons for not having Story sound very unreasonable and kinda stupid. Ironically he made a story in Donkey Kong (aka Cranky who was misunderstood but it still counts as a story when it comes to DK Jr next on why Mario was a villain in that game) so he was certainly better in the past as he was the producer for Partners In Time as well which is kinda surprising it just shows how lazy and stubborn he is nowadays. Not to mention that. Miyamoto is honestly more a liability to Nintendo at this point, since his views come from the days of the 80s where games were mostly played for pure action rather than anything else. But times have changed. People want storylines and interesting characters and interesting worlds. Not things that are generic.

And people want new things in franchises and with its ideas, not just older characters shoehorned into everything. He and his staff are exactly why modern Mario is struggling a bit compared to old school Mario.

Look at this? For a very creative game with some dark story, Miyamoto sure helped with this game back in 2004.….

Yoshiaki Koizumi director of Super Mario Galaxy disagrees with Miyamoto's story-free philosophy. He could also add some more story to Rosalina as well in a third Galaxy. 

Mr. Koizumi had to say this.

"Mr. Koizumi is the type of person who, whenever we’re working on a new Mario game, he always wants to bring more story elements into it, as he did with Super Mario Galaxy. But in talking with him this time, he agrees and feels that with Galaxy 2, there won’t be a need for as deep of a story."

Koizumi could just be saying that, of course, because he's continually tried to sneak story elements into Mario and Zelda games, and who's to say he'll actually stop? He's responsible for the dream-plot of Link's Awakening, the original Galaxy's storybook hub and the little nuggets of story you can glean from talking to people in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Yoshiaki Koizumi says he would take over for Miyamoto, So maybe once Miyamoto retires, Koizumi could make a third Galaxy and freely be able to put a story in without his problems getting in the way and other very creative things. Miyamoto is 65 Years old and it is the right time to retire as well. Now look before you think I am a Miyamoto hater and thinking I will be glad he is gone. 
Obviously, I will miss him and I will be thankful for his years of making Nintendo feel like a blast in the years and it will certainly be sad for him to retire but then at least he can spend time with his family more. 

Miyamoto hasn't made a Zelda or Mario game since Ocarina Of Time and Mario 64. All games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Galaxy series, etc are made by Yoshiaki Koizumi and Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword, etc are made by Eiji Aonuma. Its safe to say Mainline Mario And Zelda series is in good hands. Mario Odyssey (known as the best Mario game to date) was barely developed by Miyamoto showing why Odyssey has a bit of Story and creativity. I think it's safe to say Mario and other games will be fine without him (and hopefully Paper Mario will go back to being more original again hopefully if the director if Paper Mario Director isn't so ignorant).
Yoshiaki Koizumi is really creative at making Mario games sure he still uses the Peach kidnapping like Odyssey but at least he does it either for a reason or to at least please Miyamoto. Miyamoto just makes the Peach kidnapping for stupid reasons and that is honestly getting REALLY old. Koizumi can even add Story to Mario games and make them original along. I think he would be a wonderful successor to Miyamoto and the Mario franchise.

But now the Story issue is out of the way there are other things they can do and if it gets made for the Switch.

But Super Mario Galaxy 3 will become the rehashing/milked New Super Mario Bros. series of 3D Mario games...

I've seen people worry that which is there the main reason why they don't want a Galaxy 3 but compared to the NSMB series Galaxy 3 would be a bit more exciting if done right. But the other difference is that New Super Mario Bros. 2 and U released 3 years after the Wii version and a Galaxy 3 so far hasn't happened for 8 years so this time they're taking years of time instead of rushing it which is great, that way they will have a lot of original ideas by then quite likely. I know SMG2 was released 3 years after the first game and felt like the first same game but with new levels and small new mechanics but it was just enough new content to get a sequel at least as I said before, which I agree was a bit too soon for a sequel already. But a third installment needs to feel fresh and not be like a rehash. Don't get me wrong because the Galaxy games are my favorite linear 3D Mario games, but it shouldn't feel like the exact same thing at the same time. You see where I'm going? For example, Super Mario Bros. 3 played similar to the first Super Mario Bros. but it still had fresh ideas. So as long as they make the game fresher it could be a better sequel than two. Making a fourth Galaxy would be pushing it too far. Like what happened to New Super Mario Bros.

I mean after the 3D Land games and Odyssey, a Galaxy 3 would be a refreshing throwback, not oversaturation like the NSMB series became.

The 3D Mario series is usually more creative than the 2D Mario games anyways so it should fine as long as they try and it's possible they are.

Some people say it will be a step-back, technologically it wouldn't since the Galaxy series are a different category of the 3D games being linear while Odyssey is a new game in open-world not to mention there is no linear 3D Mario game yet for Switch. It's like saying 2D games are a step back from the 3D games and vice versa which I hear a lot from the fandom which is dumb.

As Chuggaaconroy says "it's OK for a direct sequel to be similar to the first game as long as any game afterwards is more unique."

Could Super Mario Galaxy 3 work on the Switch? Yes!

-The Joy-cons still have motion control so shaking to Star Spin still works at least along with activating launch stars, using power-ups, etc. 

-The right Joy Con has a Pointer. When Little Inferno, World of Goo, Human Resources and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker released, They both featured the traditional Wii "pointer controls", you’ll be asked to place your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con on a flat surface, You’ll then be asked to pick it up and tap the + button which will bring you a pointer on the screen. only instead of an actual IR sensor, it simply uses the gyroscope and accelerometer for precise pointer controls. So the Star Bit shooting wouldn't be a problem along with Yoshi eating with his tongue! This might even mean that Wii re-releases are possible as well! As Captain Toad Treasure Tracker showed you can also re-center your cursor if it messes up. Which also makes it better than the Sensor Bar.

-The tabletop mode can make a cursor work. But sadly not in handheld mode since the touch controls are not designed for Galaxy since you are both controlling and using a cursor. The right control stick would be tedious to control the cursor and it would be hard to control if it goes slowly to catch star bits and shoot enemies and objects, not to mention that your wrist has better motion with your wrist. The Pro Control has no IR Pointer either and neither does the Left Joycon so that won't work. This applies to the Joycon Grip. Galaxy 3 would work fine on Switch it wasn't for the Cursor.

-Something that should be added as an option is pressing the "Y" Button to Star Spin on the Joycon. Rosalina was able to do this in Super Mario 3D World, so it could be a test demonstration for people to see how a non-shaking Spin jump could work.

-The controls would be kinda close to Super Mario Odyssey's control scheme but in its own physics and some differences. Here is a possible one on how it would work. It might differ if the game ever becomes reality. Depends on the control design of the Switch and movesets. 

It would seem like a waste of an opportunity to not make a Galaxy game for the Switch because after the Switch as they may not go back to the motion controls and IR Pointers in the next future console. It's like Nintendo designed the Switch so Galaxy 3 can be made on there for its new mechanics.

Here are some basic controls as a template excluding Combos since that is going to be a lot of work and that is easy to work with.

Left Stick:
  • Lightly makes you walk slow
  • Run
Right Stick (press): 
  • Recenter the pointer 
Right Stick: Rotate the Camera at 360.

Up Button: First Person Camera View Mode

Right Button: Hold for Amiibo Mode

A Button or B Button
  • Jump
  • Confirm menu selections
  • Talk to NPCs
  • Swim
  • Activate Pull Stars
  • Grab poles
  • Fire cannons
  • Cancel Menu

Y Button or X Button
  • To Star Spin and destroy obstacles or stun enemies. You may also need to spin to activate certain kinds of objects, so try spinning in different places to see what happens. Head shake with Yoshi
  • Climb and spin vines
  • Activate Launch Stars
  • Grab and throw objects
  • Skate and spin on the ice
  • Use special abilities when transformed with a power up

ZL Button or ZR Button
  • Crouch

L Button or R Button: 
  • Shoot Star Bits with the Star Cursor
    Use Yoshi's Tongue to eat enemies (Replaces Star Bit shooting) with the Red Dotted Cursor

Plus Button or Minus Button: Pause Menu

Shake Joycon to Star Spin

 Why Super Mario Galaxy 3 can likely happen.

Miyamoto said that he would love to return to the Super Mario Galaxy series one day.

In the interview, Miyamoto talked about the upcoming Super Mario 3D World and what they were trying to do with that game for the series as a whole.

"We did not set out trying to define the future of Mario action games with this title. Rather, we're just trying to find some fun new elements that we can incorporate. So for example, I certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility of us creating more games in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy...What we're trying to accomplish here, is just to create a really good entry point for new players into the Super Mario 3D games." 
— Shigeru Miyamoto
Speaking to IGN in June. 11th, 2013, when Super Mario 3D World was out, Nintendo has explained why they didn't make a Mario Galaxy 3 at the time. 

"In short, the answer lies in 3D World's emphasis on simultaneous 4-player local (only) gameplay. Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and Director Koichi Hayashida told me that when Super Mario 3D Land was in development, they believed a multiplayer element would be a fantastic addition to that style of game. Though the concept didn't make it into that 3DS game, they believed the power of Wii U would allow them to fully realize those mechanics.

Despite having its roots in 3D Land, Hayashida and Koizumi stressed that they are drawing from all corners of Mario's action genre legacy. Bringing Princess Peach's floating ability back from the USA version of Super Mario Bros. 2 was a part of this, but so are the more eccentric and wild levels designs from the Galaxy. And there are plenty of smaller references too, such as the collectible green stars that Galaxy first introduced.

Incidentally, I asked the most pressing question on my mind - if Princess Peach is playable, then who is kidnapped? The developers wouldn't give an answer, but said it was an excellent question to have."

So they also wanted to try something new which is cool for experimenting too, it's a good way to bring back a concept that Koizumi wanted. I'm not mad they chose to make a 3D Land sequel rather than a Galaxy sequel. Gives them more time to think of the future.

The Galaxy series isn't fully dead yet than most fans think, Miyamoto said back then that when Super Mario 3D World came out he made it clear that this doesn'tmean they won't make another Galaxy game, so Nintendo Has unfinished business with the Super Mario Galaxy Series indicating that it's not over for the Galaxy series ye.t Release of Super Mario 3D World got in the way. Miyamoto recently did say that Super Mario Galaxy 3 is possible either on the Wii U (which that is decomfirmed now) or much more likely on the NX (which is now the Switch), but thankfully they didn't put that game on the failed Wii U otherwise Galaxy 3 would've had a bad reputation more than the second game, so it's much better it's being put on the Switch rather so it will sell better on there and be a bit fresh with the Switch's mechanics. Miyamoto would produce it when it's the right opportunity. So, yeah the Galaxy series is still not over yet. It will be a while till the 3rd and very likely final sequel comes. They can only make so many games at once as Miyamoto stated. Galaxy 3 has already been more or less confirmed to be an inevitability by Miyamoto.
Here is a quote just in case...

"On the other hand, me and [Yoshiaki] Koizumi-san, director of Galaxy, are always looking to challenge Galaxy and do another 3D action title," Miyamoto continued. "However we can't make so many games at once in parallel.

"But as the hardware technology gets better and advances, I think there will be a lot of opportunity for both options. 

Koizumi said that Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U would unlikely have DLC and would make an Open World 3D Mario game if there was enough demand for it and that has actually happened and that is when we got Super Mario Odyssey coming along 4 years later to the Nintendo Switch. So who knows what's coming next for Mario's next 3D adventure!

I am not saying it's confirmed that we will get a third Galaxy game and we don't know if it's not in development yet but it's still possible they would have to come up with some new ideas and use leftover ideas from Galaxy 2. Though Miyamoto as the producer for Galaxy 3 is kind of a bit of concern since he is not a very creative person and will ruin the game's story as he did for Galaxy 2, so I'd rather wait till they make a third Galaxy game when Miyamoto retires in the future or if Koizumi gets full control of the third Galaxy game instead like he did for Super Mario Odyssey which Miyamoto was not involved very much. It is clear that Nintendo wants to perfect its hardware to give the "Galaxy" title a smoother gameplay without the motion-sickness factor. Even though Wii U is good, Nintendo's upcoming Nintendo NX (Now the Switch) could be the platform on which the developers could try to make the "Super Mario Galaxy 3" a fun game. So Super Mario Galaxy 3 is possible, but not before Nintendo's next console which is the Switch.

Now I do realize the Eurogamer article was made in 2015 and the most it was recently talked about by Nintendo. But that doesn't mean it won't happen regardless of it being 3 years ago. Pikmin 4 was also mentioned in another interview in the same year and date too as the Galaxy 3 article and that is currently in development still. Eurogamer had much more from there time with Shigeru Miyamoto, including his thoughts on when we'll see a Super Mario Galaxy 3 as said in that Pikmin 4 article. Keep in mind that Pikmin 3 was going to release on the Wii but it got moved to the Wii U instead for better developing reasons. So it could take a while for a Galaxy 3 to be made as game developing takes usually several years and even that game would be even fresh and better on the Nintendo Switch than the Wii U anyways since the Wii U was barely any different to the Wii. NEVER underestimate Nintendo's creativity and ever doubt them until they say they cannot make another game or something.

Super Mario Galaxy is the best selling 3D Mario game, (And now at 12.78 million as of September 30, 2018) showing it's a very popular linear 3D series and 3D Mario games in general. SMG2 may have not sold as well but it would've if it wasn't for it being the most pirated 2010 Wii game which people tend to forget that or never knew at all. But it still sold well to get another sequel so as long as it sells pretty well than another sequel can come if Nintendo really wants too which they are open for it. The second one has sold over 5 million copies, The games got EXTREMELY high critical reception, and well it's Mario!

Koizumi has recently said that another 3D Mario game is possible to come in the Switch whether it's Galaxy 3, Odyssey 2 or an original title, who knows what it can be, just going to have to find out in the future. The way he worded it seemed interesting though...Don't know how to explain it though.

Some games get very late sequels and Nintendo is also known to do such curve balls such as Metroid Prime 4 being 12-13 Years later after Corruption for the Wii (The first Prime game was on the GameCube, while the other 2 are on the Wii and now the fourth is on the Switch), and even Luigi's Mansion gets two sequels 12 years later for the 3DS and 5 more years later for the third game on the Switch! So it doesn't have to be in the platform era they were originally released even Super Mario World is called Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan and that is a Super Nintendo game, not an NES game. Hell, even Donkey Kong Country is getting newer sequels now. So this potential Galaxy sequel still won't stop it from happening.

It would also be a lot easier for Nintendo to innovate with Galaxy 3 if it were open-ended. Again it will also give them lots of money since the linear 3D Mario games sell well over the Open World 3D games. Super Mario Odyssey could give Super Mario Galaxy 3 some major influence of ideas to help them along the way. There is a demand for a third Galaxy game too I've seen in most videos.

Even movies are known to make late sequels too yes there not video games but it's the same way you have to develop plots and ideas to make a sequel and even that is not easy to work with. We got the Incredibles 2 which everyone wanted and 14 years later so it has become reality. This is just an example, it doesn't have to do with Galaxy 3 itself.

This is certainly not related to what Miyamoto said about Galaxy 3 on Eurogamer but in 2016 IMDB also had Charles Martinet say that he voiced characters in the top 4 games on the list but they are all fake because IMDB users are known to edit voice actors pages. Now, this still doesn't mean Galaxy 3 is decomfirmed because of that. The Mario Golf game for Wii U was proving it was fake because Nintendo already kicked the Wii U away and the Switch would release in 2017 and I also realize that was 2 years ago but I thought it would be best to share it anyways for those not aware.
Image result for mario galaxy 3 IMDB rumor

This guy also pointed out even more possibilities about it this year. Which is the most recent time I've ever seen a Galaxy 3 video be getting talked about. Have a watch!

Nintendo knows we want a Super Mario Galaxy 3 and it's certainly not ruled out as mentioned above, therefore it's not decomfirmed to this day.

Also, it would be really quite dumb if they didn't release a Mario Galaxy game on the Switch based on its mechanics being similar and better than the Wiis.

Some possible benefits

-Graphics would be 1080p. So the graphics would look more HD than Galaxy 1+2 and of course look different from them. The graphics may look realistic too and have more realistic lighting.

-The Switch would have both an open-exploration which is Super Mario Odyssey and a linear platforming-focused Mario title. The Mario Galaxy games are more creative than the 3D Land games. Not that I hate them of course.

-It would be a trilogy for the first time since the NES Days directly but in 3D (Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3 but those are 2D). Though Galaxy 3 wouldn't be on the same platform, unlike the last two games. Not to mention we rarely get 2 sequels of 3D Mario games.

-The game could be a new engine or maybe using Odysseys engine? Depends.

-Yoshiaki Koizumi as the director like in Galaxy 1 would make the game even more awesome due to his creativity and originality! The reason why Galaxy 2 wasn't too different because Miyamoto was deeply involved in that game which his ideas are simplistic. But also mainly because they used ideas they couldn't put in the first game.

-Linear Players would have a very more original linear game for the Switch if they can't think of a brand new linear game. The linear Mario games are creative so it makes sense. In fact, Super Mario Odyssey is the third Open World game and we would have a third sequel of an existing franchise in the linear series. So talk about some 3's there.

-Have realistic sounds on the Joycons.

-The music would very likely sound gorgeous.

-New Switch users would have a Galaxy game to play.

-It will be the first Mario Galaxy game to use a cartridge rather than a disc! Making it a little harder to break!

-It would be the first 3D Mario game to get a late sequel. 

-Everything else that uses the Switch's mechanics that would work :D 

-It would likely be the first Super Mario Galaxy title to be on a Nintendo Direct. If Nintendo uses Nintendo Directs for its announcement whether it's a normal one or at E3 still.

-It would be a more modern version of the Super Mario Galaxy series.

-The first Mario Galaxy game to use a different input for controllers.


But Super Mario Odyssey is Galaxy 3! what are you talking about?

File:3D Mario Infograph.jpg
Yellow :bulletyellow: are the Linear 3D Mario games.
Red :bulletred: are the Open World ones.

There are a lot of fans I've seen joking or being immaturely stupid saying that Super Mario Odyssey is Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Odyssey replaced Super Mario Galaxy 3 and say they are facts.

Super Mario Odyssey may use bits of elements and inspiration from the Galaxy games but keep in mind Koizumi also loves using Galaxy elements in the 3D Mario games he works on. But that still doesn't mean it's a Galaxy 3. Let me tell you why and what is not in Super Mario Odyssey that is mainly used in Galaxy games?

Where is the...
-Planetary progression
-Gravity gimmicks
-General space theme 
-Super Mario Odyssey is Open World like Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and 2 along with Super Mario 3D Land and World are linear.
-Rosalina was nowhere in the game other than simple cameos or mentions. Although Rosalina was going to appear as a guitarist. 

Also, another thing, Super Mario Odyssey's development began after Super Mario 3D World released in late 2013 and was created by the same development team with assistance from 1-UP Studio. Under director Kenta Motokura, the team experimented to find fun concepts based on the series' "theme of surprise". For example, the team found that throwing a hat was the most pleasing action to perform with the Joy-Con controller, resulting in the hat "capture" game mechanic. The brainstorm resulted in a large number of eccentric prototypes, and the developers sought to incorporate them by orienting the game as a series of dense, sandbox environments. This led to the game's varied Kingdom environments, each with unique game mechanics. The developers prioritized the city environment when selecting which environments to represent in Odyssey. They wanted a familiar aspect from the series to anchor players in the novel setting, and so chose Pauline, a character who first appeared alongside Mario in Donkey Kong, to be the mayor of the world known as New Donk City. Some of Mario's in-game costume options reference his various prior appearances in other games of the series, such as Mario's Picross and Super Mario Maker. 

Odyssey was designed to appeal to Mario's core audience a departure from the series' recent focus on casual players. Unlike prior games which send Mario back to the beginning of the level after finding each main collectible, the Power Moons are designed to be found in continual exploration, with more major collectibles than previous ones in the series. The lack of required Power Moons for game progression gave players a wider liberty to explore at their leisure rather than advancing the story a new direction for the series and a design challenge for development staff. The developers wanted players to check everything that aroused their attention for secrets. Shigeru Miyamoto, the series' creator, was not involved in the game's daily decision-making, but rather served as an executive producer, with the development team consulting him on the best ways to express game concepts. Miyamoto's feedback was specific, offering suggestions rather than ultimatums, but was highly supportive overall. 

So yeah all they wanted to do was make a core 3D Mario game right after Super Mario 3D World was finished. It was even demanding and that became reality along the lines which is "Super Mario Odyssey".

I'd rather have SM64 2 or HD, Super Mario Sunshine 2 or HD Galaxy 1 and 2 HD, Odyssey 2 etc.

Super Mario 64 2
What's funny is that there was going to be a direct Super Mario 64 sequel for the 64DD and many people never knew this. The game was going to have Luigi and a Ridable Yoshi, but since the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive became a commercial failure the direct Super Mario 64 sequel got canceled. So I highly doubt that they will revive making a sequel to that game and to this day they still haven't. Plus this isn't the Nintendo 64 days anymore either so it would be wrong if they named it 64 2.

Now I know the remake still says "64" but that is a remake to an existing game calling it "Super Mario DS" is a misleading name to the marketing and is false advertising.
So yeah, Super Mario 64 is never going to get a direct sequel. so R.I.P for that.

Super Mario 64 HD
Miyamoto sadly has no interest in remaking any of the old games especially an HD Remake of Super Mario 64. 
Upsetting I know but we got the DS version so that is good enough even if it had some flaws.

Super Mario Sunshine 2
A Sunshine sequel is very unlikely going to happen unless they really want to make it and so far it's not as vocal in demand for one. Not to mention the Gamecube actually was a failure but not as worst as the Wii U at least. 

Now, I know Luigi's Mansion got a sequel years later and the first game didn't sell very well but that was only because Miyamoto wanted a sequel to that game and he never said he wanted a Sunshine sequel still to this day. Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon's development of the game started in late 2010 with producer Shigeru Miyamoto overseeing the production. Miyamoto stated that he chose to work on the sequel simply because he "wanted to" after using the original game to test the hardware of the Nintendo 3DS (this may be why Luigi's Mansion for the 3DS was also made too).

Not to mention Super Mario Sunshine is currently the second to the least selling 3D Mario title with Super Mario 3D World on the very bottom (because it was on the worst selling console, the Wii U, though if they port it to the Switch, it would most likely out beat Super Mario Sunshine).

Charles Martinet does want a Sunshine sequel but since his job is only voicing the characters so obviously it won't happen just because he wants it since he doesn't develop games and it's not up for him to decide on that. But it's just basically his expressions of interest. Takashi Tezuka also expresses interest in a Super Mario Sunshine sequel, So far still hasn't happened yet and likely won't.

"Is there any hope for a Mario Sunshine sequel or a 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask?

Tezuka: [laughs] This is my personal opinion, let’s start with that. I mean, of course, I wish we could. I personally would like to enjoy those again but I don’t have any information."

Majora's Mask 3D is what was chosen so that kills Sunshine 2 out.

Super Mario Sunshine also relies on trigger buttons which the Switch lacks for using different pressures of water on FLUDD, along with the 3DS so they wouldn't work unless a new platform was made with the triggers again. I know Luigi's Mansion used triggers in the original and the remake doesn't but you are only holding it down completely to control the Poltergust 3000 doing it lightly was optional. They could use a different gimmick for FLUDD completely but that would ruin its purpose of being a sequel for Sunshine. 

Super Mario Galaxy 1 + 2 HD

well, sadly it's also not likely going to happen. As much as that would be quite pretty to see on the Switch. Miyamoto sadly has interest in remakes and likely including remasters too. However, Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 are already in HD officially by Nintendo. But it’s only available in China on the Nvidia shield which is the closest thing we get. If only it came to the west. 1080p with no motion which is neat. Which also shows Galaxy can work with no motion controls.

Super Mario Sunshine HD
As for a Super Mario Sunshine remake, well sadly it's also not likely going to happen either because Miyamoto is not interested in remakes and that may also include Remasters too, as much as it would sell better since the Gamecube was also a failure too. I think for once I see why he doesn't want to remake it because it's not financially the best move they could make. A bit risky if not many people are going to buy it since the original didn't. The game isn't extremely popular despite being critically acclaimed well. Lots of people hate Sunshine while some just like it. I myself like it but not as it being my favorite.

Super Mario Sunshine also relies on trigger buttons which the Switch lacks for using different pressures of water on FLUDD, along with the 3DS so they wouldn't work unless a new platform was made with the triggers again. I know Luigi's Machine used triggers in the original and the remake doesn't but you are only holding it down completely to control the Poltergust 3000 doing it lightly was optional and not mandatory.  

Super Mario Odyssey 2
Super Mario Odyssey is the best selling game for the Switch and Mario game. It's beaten Super Mario 64's sales as that game is at 11.91m currentlySuper Mario Odyssey reached 12.17 million copies. But could get near Super Mario Galaxy's sales as that game is at 12.78 million or maybe even pass it. Who knows! 

An Odyssey sequel could happen but it's somewhat slim since they would have to make a lot of new ideas since The open world Mario games seem more ambitious to make. It's not like Nintendo can just make more little worlds if they wanted to make a sequel, they have to put a lot of thought into fewer worlds and design them to be the best they can be. It might seem too much to happen. So DLC might be safer since the Switch can handle DLC, unlike the Wii.
We could see Super Mario Odyssey have DLC announced in a 2019 January Direct possibly.

Nintendo of Japan recently released an art book of the many concepts and scrapped content in Super Mario Odyssey so they could reuse ideas again from the context in the book for a sequel, but I'm not sure if that would be enough for a full sequel when they could easily reuse stuff like the costumes and many things as DLC based on whatever works for them. Odyssey is a very successful 3D Mario game it's tough to say whether a sequel or just DLC will happen it depends but DLC isn't completely stepped down.

I do know DLC usually releases about a little after a year release such as with Mario Kart 8 and Breath Of The Wild.
But the very likely main reason why Super Mario Odyssey has still got no DLC yet is that of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being the main focused title since it's a very huge game to work with. Nintendo only had time and was mainly ready to share that game at E3 2018 which explains the lack of titles.

As of now the new Nintendo president said that DLC is now being focused on for big games.
Coming from the president himself he was also teasing DLC as well. 
There is a dolphin shaped Island on the globe of the Odyssey which is Isle Delfino. Why they would leave that on the globe there seems rather odd.
Having DLC, of course, doesn't mean we won't get a sequel but it makes it somewhat unlike in 3D Mario game standards.

The Open World 3D Mario games so far still haven't got direct sequels. They always just simply make a new Open World game follow from one to another. While the linear ones like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land series get sequels.

Currently Super Mario Sunshine and now Super Mario Odyssey are the only games without a remake, sequel, or DLC.

What I want to see in Super Mario Galaxy 3 for the Switch

  1. To be a little more open world than the first two games.
  2. NOT have Miyamoto involved in the possible third game, unlike the second game where he spiked the second game having no story for Rosalina and didn't use too many new ideas in the second game. Rosalina should have her story finished up in the third game. So Koizumi should be either the Producer or Director of the possible third Galaxy.
    However, since Miyamoto wasn't really involved with Super Mario Odyssey there is still bits of hope he won't! ^^

  3. The Toad Brigade to match there new appearances from the Wii U era.
  4. Have Toadette in the game finally as a new member of the Brigade in this Galaxy game, she made a cameo in Galaxy 1's intro but she deserves to be in this game.
  5. The Koopalings as the main bosses guarding the 7 Grand Stars have them use different machines to be fought which would be a nice callback to an obscure game "Yoshi Safari" since they used machines to attack Mario and Yoshi with. Super Mario Galaxy has 7 Grand Stars and Galaxy 2 uses 6 which makes it 13 so another 7 would equal 20 Grand Stars throughout the 3 games total! Not only that but the Koopalings will get there full 3D Mario debut and appear in the main game with a third sequel just like there debut in Super Mario Bros. 3 and having 7 Worlds for them would make the most sense in a Galaxy game. It would be a misopportunity to not include them.
    As for Bowser Jr, once Mario defeated his Boomsday Machine, it explodes and sends Bowser Jr. flying off into space. He is not seen again for the remainder of Galaxy 2, and it is unknown exactly what happens to him. So whether he returns in Galaxy 3 or not is unknown. Bowser Jr never returned in a 3D game since Galaxy 2.
  6. The return of the Red Star Power Up and the Rock Mushroom from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 respectively. Of course have to return the Bee Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Rainbow Star and a new Mushroom and Flower power up.
  7. Coach having a green band on his arm even though that is minor. in Galaxy 1 it was red but in Galaxy 2 it was blue. Yellow or gold would contrast too much on his design.
  8. Yoshi again, along with 2 new fruit power-ups and return the Dash Pepper.
  9. An even better level design.
  10. Return collectible Red Power Stars and new Blue Power Stars. Of course, Power and Bronze Stars return, along with collecting 5 Silver Stars in a mission.
  11. Either have the original Toad or Rosalina playable.
  12. More Lumas colors and characters.
  13. To be more spacey compared to the second game.
  14. Maybe Bowser could turn into a Cosmic form or maybe pilot his own doomsday machine to fight Mario. Thanks to Iwatchcartoons715 for the Cosmic Bowser ideas.
  15. Amiibo support for the first time in the series like using Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Rosalina and Bowser's amiibo.
  16. Have the Cosmic Spirit Return to help beginners. This will also help players from buying the game more without getting frustrated.
  17. Remixes from Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Bros. 2. Galaxy 1 has remixes from Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 along with some from 
  18. somewhat longer and new missions.
  19. Expand on Yellow Toad's role who is the laziest member of the Toad Brigade and is the only one currently unnamed. One that comes to mind is that he can dream where hidden stars are in the missions you already have beaten. I myself would call him "Dream Toad" he functions very similarly to the Sheikah Stones from Ocarina Of Time 3D, Skyward Sword and Majora's Mask 3D, after all, Koizumi uses Zelda references in the 3D Mario games he works on. Red is Captain Toad, Blue is now named "Hint Toad" in Odyssey, Green Toad is called "Bank Toad" in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Purple Toad is named "Mail Toad". Toadette is confirmed to be a new member of the Toad Brigade in Super Mario Odyssey, and acts as an archivist, which she is named "Archivist Toadette". Toadette is found inside of Peach's Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, So she should be a new member in Super Mario Galaxy 3. She could give Blue Power Stars for completing certain achievements like her role in Odyssey. Additionally, she would get a Pink Starshroom of her own. Though Mail Toad may need his Starshroom to be a different color.
  20. The Star Count can still be 240 Stars total like the previous games.
  21. A Boss Blitz 2 Galaxy but with the name suggests re-fighting the bosses from Galaxy 2.
    -Peewee Piranha
    -Prince Pikante
    -Fiery Gobblegut
  22. Rollodillo (this time not in Boss Blitz just fought outside kinda like Bugaboom was fought in Galaxy 2). A Galaxy 2 equivalent to how Bugaboom from the first Galaxy appeared in Galaxy 2.
  23. I also would love Polari to return. It is not known what happens to him at the end of the first game. He is not seen flying into the giant black hole, and in the secret ending, he does not appear alongside Rosalina or in the Comet Observatory at all. It seems to imply that he must have jumped in with the other Lumas in the ending of Super Mario Galaxy 1 and could be stranded somewhere. He never was seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2 either (This does not include his spin-off appearances in sport games) so there could be a story involving him if a Super Mario Galaxy 3 is made with him similar to the Baby Luma (character) in Super Mario Galaxy 2 who needed to be returned to Rosalina. So what's white/beige needs to also be a return for Black as well. Making it save noble Lumas that are Black and White!
  24. Go easy on recycling music from the previous Super Mario Galaxy games. Super Mario Galaxy 2 used a bit of Galaxy 1 too much.
  25. Super Mario Galaxy 2 only had Green Shells. Though there was a Red Koopa as seen in the E3 2010 trailer for the game but sadly scrapped (though it still remains in Galaxy 2 files). There are Koopa Troopas in Galaxy and rather oddly they walk on four legs in that series. Green Koopas just simply walk straight. While Red ones can walk fast and are more directional. There is an unused ID of turning the Koopas Blue their abilities act the same as Green ones and it's likely their code isn't finished. However, Cosmic Mario carried a Blue Shell in the Sea Slide Galaxy Race. Speaking of Cosmic Mario I wouldn't mind him coming back unless a different doppelganger was made.

    Green Shells can be shot straight and the Red ones can make you swim faster and the shell will home towards like in Mario Kart.

    I had ideas that maybe the Blue Koopas should be Blue Koopa Paratroopas with spikes and once they are spun upon you can pick it up and glide with the shell after you jump off a platform. It can still home on enemies and you can still swim fast like the red ones. But it can also explode like a spiny shell from the Mario Kart Series which can break those glass domes in the air.

    Galaxy 1 had Gold Shells but they are used for the Penguin Coach to give Mario for a Power Star as an "A+ Medal" and opening those gold chests.
    Gold Shells otherwise act like Red Shells.
  26. Collect Cosmic Medals again. They were a good challenge to unlock comet challenges easily and they come with one comet per appearing.
  27. The Drill item can return, it was quite fun to use!
  28. Better Camera. Like a 360 rotating camera similar to Odyssey!
  29. Some new movesets to improve the gameplay.
  30. A new character for co-op mode. Seeing how there is a Toad and Toadsworth counterpart to Lumas. There should be a Toadette counterpart to Luma, named Lumette.
  31. For the hub and who the host is tough. It could be Rosalina, Lubba again or maybe even both or better yet a different original character. But Rosalina does need more of a role due to her role being minimum in Galaxy 2. As for the hub area who in the world knows could be something new of course.
  32. It's a stretch but would be cool perhaps DLC Galaxies?
So that is fully all, got any more questions on Galaxy 3? let me know ;)
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Well so after 15 years Reggie-Fils Amie is retiring due to wanting to spend time with his wife, kids, other family members and friends. I was honestly shocked to hear this but at the end of respect, he made a good decision to spend time with them more. I'm really going to miss him for so many reasons such his being in Nintendo Directs, E3, entertainment, memes, and so much more and he is a really nice man as well and I am thankful for his roles at Nintendo.

It's bittersweet since Doug Bowser (yup Bowser will be the CEO Of Nintendo Of America and no not Mario's enemy haha) will be taking over for him as the new CEO president of Nintendo Of America. But I am sure Doug Bowser will do good.

If you don't believe me Reggie himself has said to his fans.…
God, the Mario & Luigi franchise has become a really toxic fanbase just close to Paper Mario's now. I really am starting to dislike 2019 just a bit every new year just gets worse every time.

:iconvalandy7: a shit moron just simply blocked me just because I said "Now all we need is a Partners In Time Remake" and then he tells me to "No, go away with that" and then he just blocks me straight after that over a simple message I said, well good for him for having an opinion if he doesn't like Partners In Time, it's not the best game but it isn't the worst one in the series and a remake could fix many of its issues, but that was extremely immature blocking me like a little ignorant 5-year-old spoiled brat, can't even respect an opinion at all for just one game. I used to watch this guy but he is honestly a bit of a monster. Here are his comments and he just simply hid mine but I promise my words weren't negative at all.…

Here is the art below where I retrieved the comments and his gallery is really lazy just full of lazy edits, screenshots from Nintendo Directs, etc. which is nothing special either.
Look what I got guys and gals by ValAndy7

I suggest you block him if you do not want to go through his bad side. He reminds me of another user who acts similar to him but he will remain anonymous. 

This is another reason why I don't post my art on Deviantart anymore and I don't know if I want to continue posting more art on here I don't have this special spark for it anymore. I was honestly very pissed off about this today :/

He just got himself a new name! ValAndyDick!
Good riddance for him blocking me!
Honestly, he is such an asshole, done ranting now...
Is Blue Toad truly gone? See the video below for answers!

Happy New Year to all my watchers and friends on here! :D
Merry Christmas to all my Watchers and Friends (whoever celebrates of course) and hope you guys had an amazing day! :aww: 
I think I'm going to be sick...why are Sonic's legs so human looking with fur it looks so sexualized...even his shoes looks so generic...Yeah, this movie is 100% going to suck without a doubt. Paramount is really on a crack pot for this.…
Oh my god, what?, WHAT?! WTF Paramount Pictures what have you done to Sonic's design?! It looks so hideous in the teaser trailer his head is like the only thing that makes him look like Sonic but his head is freaking huge compared to his body and his eye(s) looks creepy not even SEGA likes it either they said so that sounds scary! His body looks way too humanoid and muscular, he is actually not wearing any gloves for some reason as I can see fur on his hands, in fact, his hands are really small. Where are the iconic Power Sneakers and he is missing his socks like what!? You couldn't just use these shoes at least (link below) and not even red soap shoes at least! Those shoes are just generic Nike sneakers and even those are smaller than the actual games he wears, that also goes for the ears too there too small! Yeah, this is movie is going to definitely suck just like the Super Mario Bros Movie! SEGA can't even make good decisions any more than they used too. 

Detective Pikachu is at least following the designs and source material more closely just in a more realistic look, it's not perfect but it's way better than how Paramount designed Sonic.…

Here is all the information about this crappy movie.…

They even got the Ring sounds completely wrong! 
My response to the horrible Smash Bros. Community/Fan Base whining about not getting what they want and harassing Sakurai.
I think we might be getting a Super Mario 3D World port after all. Here are the possible reasons...

-Luigi's 35th Anniversary because of the Luigi Sightings in the game even though it will be past his 35th.

-Daisy's 30th (another reason why she is in Smash Ultimate though a bit before) so she has to be used somehow in a special way and 3D World is perfect we would have the missing yellow/orange character and a fair amount of gendered characters, she can finally use power-ups and possibly get a reddish orange or orange Cat Suit. 
I just can't see Wario coming in this soon right now. Daisy even could have a good use for her Double Jump from Super Mario Run. Rosalina didn't give a good double jump it was more of a hover. I thought of Pauline. But ability wise Daisy would have a better chance and it makes it less confusing who is who too and animations of Pauline's dress maybe hard but who knows. Daisy would be most likely unlockable in some form since she would need to be added to cutscenes in the intro unless they bother to add her in the intro making her default. Her Double Jumps are useful for beginners.

-it's almost it's original releases 5th Anniversary already.

-The game sold a little more than the original NSMBU, which that game gets a port coming for its 6-7th anniversary or a little before 8.… So there is still hope for a 3D World port. I though Nabbit was forgotten but he is loved again by Nintendo. Even New Super Mario Bros. U was added much later and that port wasn't a launch title unlike it's Wii U version.

-SM3DW came a year after NSMBU and that is a port coming next year. So we could see a 3D World port released next year or in 2020. 

-Lots of Super Mario 3D World Elements still appear in some Switch games even of course in the Switch port of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Thought many of the enemies and items are from Super Mario 3D World.

-A 3D World screen of Mario was on a poster in the very final level of CTTT. Despite the 3D World Levels being removed with the Odyssey Levels taking over. It's funny they didn't change the image on that...? 

I love the fact how upset people are over a simple generic colored Toad in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe being replaced by a more original Toad character which is Toadette, so that is a bad thing? This just simply shows how fans act like a bunch of immature toddlers they are and will just simply complain no matter what they try to do.

First, they want the two Toads to disappear from the main Mario titles and have let's say Wario, Waluigi (he will never be in LOL), Peach, Daisy, and other characters to replace them and now they complain about Blue Toad being removed...? Can they not make up their minds on what they complain on? I get Blue Toad is pretty good looking in visual but Blue Toad has been in a lot of games as a playable like hmmm let's see...

-Super Mario Bros. 2...Well technically it's the red spotted one (as seen in the artworks which mostly has that particular one) but since the game is 8-bit which can only have 3 colors (4 being transparent) to the style of the game had to give him. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the red spotted and blue vest Toad replaced the blue one if a 3D World Switch Port became a thing, but I see that very unlikely due to confusion between him and Mario. Now excluding spin-offs, this is mainstream games as playable.

-New Super Mario Bros. Wii
-The Original New Super Mario Bros. U + Luigi U
-Super Mario 3D World
-Another Blue Toad (possibly the same one from NSMBWii, which also mirrors on the yellow color on Daisy's dress too) resembling the character himself will appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where he will be used in Daisy's standard special move.

It's okay to be disappointed that your favorite colored/character doesn't show up in a game, but getting brutally mean at Nintendo over a simple color skin is honestly rather immature and not a big deal to get so overreactive too.
I'm disappointed Blue Toad didn't make it either but I wouldn't make such a major fuss over a simple color being gone. There is the possible 3D World port that will very likely keep him in. Now NSMBU: DX has a more unique character selection to choose from now even better than Wiis!

Yellow Toad makes sense since he represents the games logo being metallic gold and his nickname by Nintendo is "Ala-Gold" and not to mention this colored Toad is quite underrated compared to the iconic blue so hey, someone has to share. So It's just like how Luigi had his year over Mario and now Yellow Toad is sorta getting it over the Blue one. Also, Blue Toad's nickname by Nintendo is "Bucken-Berry". So I'm seeing some reasons possibly why Yellow Toad was chosen this time.
And if you drop SMB2 from that list above, the only additional appearance he has over Yellow Toad is 3D World, so this might just be their way of trying to balance their appearances.

Yellow Toad has only been playable in the original New Super Mario Bros. U + DX and Luigi U and he seems to be the mascot of that series since this character Yellow Toad character debuted in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Yellow Toad even stands out more completely with his contrast of color since Yellow is a bright color so it makes it easy for even color blind people to see the brightness at least which is a plus! A small detail he has compared to other Toads is that the lining on his vest is orange so it wouldn't blend in with the yellow of his coloring.

But does this mean Blue Toad is completely gone? We don't know everything about this port yet and it's possible he could become an alt to Yellow Toad (or as he is referred to as just Toad on this one), which is the only way he could be in.  
If he is gone, then, why does it matter? It's just a color swap and they all play the same except for Toadette somewhat and Nabbit. 

Toadette actually is a unique character to have. Some people apparently get confused when there are two generic Toads on the same screen so Toadette at least is a different Toad that can stand out, even more, including color blinded people to thanks to her design even her colors are inverted from other Toads so I help to stand out. But does Toadette deserve the blame? Nope.
This is also her debut in the NSMB Subseries and the first female character to debut in that subseries too.

During the development of New Super Luigi U, When it was decided to make Luigi the main character, the developers also decided that Mario would be kept out of the game. When deciding on a new fourth playable character, the original idea was to use three Toads (possibly a red-vested one), but when testing this it was deemed too confusing; the idea to use Nabbit as the fourth character then came up, reusing his ability to pass by enemies; around that time, the team had also been talking about adding something for beginners, and the idea to use Nabbit was kept. So it's a similar idea why they chose Toadette over Blue Toad as well.

Nabbit actually falls in the blue category and his shade of purple is more on the blue side (Hue 180 is a blue-purple, Hue 190 is a mix between the two and Hue 200 is a red-purple). All the characters colors are made to stand out completely and not to have a similar color shade. For example, having the red spotted and blue vest Toad would make it confusing between him and Mario on the screen. Yes, I know Nabbit is purple and not blue but his purple again is on the blue side in the hue.
I know Rosalina is cyan in 3D World but that is a completely different colored hue and is a mix between blue and green together which is turquoise and that is even brighter than blue itself. But the other reason is that of her black cat representing the Japanese Maneki Neko representing Protection, safety, wards off evil which is pretty much what she does.

If you want Blue Toad so much if he doesn't appear in NSMBU: DX
Then just mod the port over Yellow Toad with Blue, play New Super Mario Bros. Wii or whatever other game he appears in. Blue Toad may likely be in Super Mario 3D World for the Switch as a port. So it's a splitter on this one for those two. Blue Toad did technically appear in Super Mario Bros. 2 first but indirectly which is meant to represent it with Peach in 3D World.

As for Daisy over Yellow Toad in NSMBU: DX. Nintendo wouldn't get rid of all of their playable Toad models and animations so getting rid of their code just for a different character would've been time-consuming and not very reasonable and also a waste of work,

So your best to likely see Daisy appear in the possible Super Mario 3D World port. The reason why we got Toadette in this port was that she is an edited model with different textures and that is less time consuming to make and she shares the same animations as Mario and the Yellow Toad.

Sorry, but you can't get everything that you want and Nintendo may have their other reasons on why they include them we don't know and neither do we work at Nintendo! They have their own personal reasons. Demanding Nintendo over a color is rather stupid, sorry :/
Happy 30th Anniversary to the Koopalings, Boom Booms, Airship Super Leaf, Raccoon form, Tanooki Suit, Frog Suit, Goomba's Shoe, Hammer Suit and everything else that debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3 in Japan! It's a bigger 3 for this games anniversary!
Happy 30th Anniversary to Super Mario Bros. 2 in the USA!
That goes to Wart, Shy Guy, Bob-omb, Snifits, Birdo etc!
October 9, 1988, was when it released in the US!
Now can we have Wart and the Subcons back yet...?
So Bowsette (or should I be calling it, Peowser) was actually going to be a thing originally in Super Mario Odyssey according to an artbook that's been revealed on the internet. However, Bowser was going to have his own hat functioning like Cappy and throw it on Peach instead to go inside her body rather than the Super Crown. So it was probably a concept given to Toadette in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe instead.…

In addition, there was going to be costumes to dress up as a Luma, Toadette (Mariette xD), some different design for the sailor outfit? and the Sprixie Princess from 3D World. Rosalina was going to appear as a guitarist as well.…
Errrg I'm getting extremely sick of this cringy trend for "Bowsette" going on and now the fandom is getting on my nerves even further :pissed:

Yeah sure I should ignore it, but it's actually everywhere and nearly appearing all over the internet, I want to spread the news and show how I feel about this.

But the fanboys are going WAY too far this time!
They are actually begging and whining to Nintendo to include her in like Smash Bros as a playable character and trophy, etc. and even the other Mario games like WTF really, god hell no!

Nintendo actually does know about this, but they thankfully have no comment meaning this is getting out of hand and don't care about it at all.

I mean this can be partly Nintendo's fault but it wasn't this bad when they revealed the Super Crown for Toadette and it was a bit okay for Toadette because of the fact at least she a non-human female character to transform into a royal human that is a protagonist.

But the comic was the whole start of this pathetic trend and that is where the whole drawings came from.
I don't want to get mad at the creator of the comic for this since it was meant to be a joke, but if it wasn't for his comic this actually would have never happened. So he sadly made a big mistake making the comic due to his many followers he has and it started spreading.……

Rest in Peace, Chris Taylor, I'm very glad to be one of your supporters to let you play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate early before release.

You were so young to die at 21 from a horrible terminal cancer. 
But you will always be in my heart. It was great talking to you too, you were really such a nice man. May heaven make you the best to you.…

I got, to be honest, I'm actually getting sick of these Bowsette fanart all over the internet. It's everywhere, but I'm sure it will eventually die down at least. On September 19th, 2018, Twitter user ayyk92, aka Haniwa, posted a comic in which, after Mario and Bowser are romantically rejected by Peach (inspired by the events of Super Mario Odyssey), Bowser undergoes the same transformation as Toadette into "Peachette," turning into a human woman. The female Bowser and Mario then appear to be dating. The comic gained over 15,000 retweets and 42,000 likes within the next few days.
The name is also misleading because that is not Toadette turning into some Bowser/Peach hybrid so really it should've been called "Peowser". At least "Peachette" has a ring to it more at least.

But seriously I'm waiting for this meme to die down.
I actually know why the Luigi's Mansion remake is being made for the 3DS rather than the Switch. Well, I have the answers below.

The reasons why the original Luigi's Mansion is being made for the 3DS rather than the Switch is done for budgeting reasons. It's actually more expensive to make an HD console Remake more than a handheld game and they got more money to spend on other games they are working on that even we don't know of, yes I know the Switch is a handheld too but the Switch is also a console too and that is where the expensive part comes from when making the game in two modes.

So because of that, it would cost a LOT of development time to make and they would likely make it from the ground up to make the game fresh in graphics and Nintendo would lose a lot of stock money if the HD remake didn't sell very well, even the original GameCube title didn't sell very well from what I found out which is 3.60m copies worldwide, then again the GameCube also failed but not as worst as the Wii U though, even the GameCube is still a good console even today. Dark Moon sold at about 5.32m worldwide and the 3DS is a more successful handheld device as that is selling way more than the Switch at this point. So it's much smarter they put it on the 3DS rather than the Switch. Luigi's Mansion 1 is also a short game so it's rather more suitable to put it as a handheld since console games are usually a bit longer and powerful to handle in its memory storage, putting a short game on a console would seem rather wasteful. Technically all Luigi's Mansion games are handheld so it's basically consistent, Luigi's Mansion 3 is also handheld when it comes to the Switch's mechanics. Plus, purchasing Switch games are more expensive than 3DS games. It's very likely they are using the Dark Moon Engine for easy processing. Like we're going to pay $79.99 for like a 4-5 hour game? That would be quite unfairly expensive, to be honest, and that would cause some major complaints. Yes, it's disappointing but hey what can we do about it? On the bright side, the remake will have new content such as a Boss Rush Mode and Amiibo support.

The other reasons are because most people played the second game and don't realize that Dark Moon is the second game in North America which is apparently a translation error. So as the March Direct revealed the remake for the first time, It was said to be made so people who have played the second game can now experience the first one since they haven't originally because of the lack of GameCube sales and that is even more consistent in a way too with Dark Moon so that now makes them both handheld (even though the first game was a console first). Yes, the graphics are a downgrade compared to the original, but we got Luigi's Mansion 3 for the Switch coming in HD so that makes up for that either way, so it's better we got a remake of the first game than not having it at all. Luigi's Mansion 1 was originally going to be 3D but with glasses for the GameCube but it got scrapped altogether. So the 3DS brings back the concept minus the glasses which is even better so it makes things easier without a requirement.…
To the Smash Community who are raging that a character that they want didn't get announced, grow the hell up already and just chill already, like man...It's not the end of the earth.

You can't get everything you want so easily. The Nintendo fanbase and even Smash is getting really toxicating even more...

Isabelle is still a good addition to the roster. She was a good way to promote the new Animal Crossing game. Even I wasn't upset or mad that she made it even I knew she was coming.
The Nintendo Direct has been delayed due to a violent earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan. As much as I've been wanting to see the Nintendo Direct today. It has been very reasonably delayed to a later date. But the reasons are below and the news is more important than just bits of game and product announcements. 
In truth I'm more than glad the Direct got delayed, a delay is always good. So what Nintendo did was a good move. The wait will certainly be worth it. Now I won't have to rush to get home from being out to see the Direct.…

However this is where I have to rant, I do NOT mean at Nintendo, as I care more about the people in Japan more than just video game announcements.
I mean the horrible ungrateful obnoxious Nintendo Fanboys who are whining childishly. I won't be saying names at all just random ones. They are so ungrateful that they have harassed Nintendo for delaying the Direct and think they are being unreasonable delaying it, so first the Waluigi fans harassing Sakurai and now this?! I swear to god that the Nintendo fanbase is full of idiotic morons with no life and brains. They are really disgusting and cruel...showing no care to the people in Japan and care more about the Direct than others >:/
I'm so sick of these fans they are actually extremely intoxicating. They just never want to accept change when it CAN benefit.
I swear I hope they get something good for them to deserve it.…

Meanwhile, a Nintendo Direct is rumored to be coming next week.…
Super Mario Odyssey isn't the first game to use most of the Outfits you buy and collect in the game. Most of them are from other (and even obscure) games and promotional advertisements. 

The user forgot to get the Ad where Mario uses the Satellaview Outfit. So here you go.



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