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In celebration of Diddy's Kong Quest for the Virtual Console, give the monkey a hand!
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This is one of the cutest pics of Diddy I have ever seen... :XD:
:sing:"We got it goin' Diddy Kong..."
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Alright! Now it's time to kick some kremling butt!
Mykthecartoonist's avatar
hahahahahaha, thats kik ass, great pose, lol

best diddy kong pic i'v seen on DA so far nice work
LoveandCake's avatar
:clap: :clap: :clap:

Thats so cool! I love the pose!! :XD:
Gie's avatar
The pose kick ass. xD and that "It's on like Diddy Kong!" I have it on a T-Shirt, exept it wrote It's on like Donkey Kong with DK throwing a barel. XD
Beau-Skunk's avatar
DKC2 is definatelly my favorite Rareware-made DK game. :D

Great depiction of Diddy Kong. Looks like he's going to do some kong-fu!
(Hey, I made a funny! HAHAHA!!!!)
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Yes! I'm trying to make characters in more kick-ass poses now.
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Awesome pose! Way cool! :D

I'm sooo excited about DKC2 coming out... as for myself, I'm not getting it because I still have my SNES, but it's one of my favorite games so I'm just happy it's up there for others to play :D
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