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My Bio
Hi everyone!
I'm KoopaKrazy85, full name Koops "Krazy" Koopa - well, my online alter-ego is, anyway. I myself am a different person to my character, Krazy - he was originally an avatar for me but has slowly branched into a character in his own right. Much of the way we'd speak or behave is similar, but with different experience, knowledge, and even preferences. So here I'm describing my character:

Age: 15 (around 12 during the first war)
Height: 180cm (230 w/ hair)
Residence: Yoshi's Island
Diplomatic alliance: Mushroom Kingdom
Occupation: None

Super mega long backstory:

I was born in Darkland and my father worked for King Bowser, designing and repairing machinery. As I grew up I became fascinated with programming, and when I was a bit older I helped my Dad with his creations, here and there when I could. For a long time it was just the two of us and mum - we were noble koopas, so all our needs were met and there was never any real hassle. Physically I was always quite weak, and my frail build made me rather a target at school - now, I think to think myself quite bright but apparently not enough to know that my size meant I should avoid trouble.

When the koopas invaded the Mushroom Kingdom - a story we all know well - Bowser, once being a strong but just leader, was driven mad with power. He'd stay shut up in his castle, preoccupied with his new captive prize, while making all efforts possible to keep her from being rescued. He grew violent in his military tactis, and this was something I saw through my dad's work, as his designs came more and more to incorporate spikes, blades and other weaponry, almost to a sadistic end. It bothered my father, but he had little choice - he started to push me away from helping out at the shop, and after seeing a few dummy-plumbers minced up in his devices, I was eager to oblige.

Time wore on and the Mario Bros. grew closer to our home. King Bowser was so enraged by the two that he sent more troops out to destroy them. Although safe in Darkland, everyone was unsettled about the war, and started to question Bowser's decisions. Though we all kept quiet about it, the issue was becoming quite prominent - the King spent so much time and resource on fueling the army that he no longer cared for citizens or their economy in the same way. We koopas were living darker, unhappier lives in a darker, unhappier empire.

I spent my new free time out of my father's workshop on the wire - whatever networks there were. I had always loved learning about other lands and thought about travelling someday, as my mother had encouraged, but after seeing less and less of the outside world in the stead of Bowser's new wartime propaganda - well let's say I'd read enough about autocracy to try and keep free of it all. I tried my very hardest to keep up with news that was going on outside, and what I learned of how the rest of the world saw Darkland disgusted me. My home country was on the wrong side, and after seeing the carnage that the Mushrooms were facing I grew to very thoroughly hate the war. As injured and dead troopas piled back into the kingdom, passing by twice as many outgoing soldiers, Bowser pointed a claw at the Mario Bros. for the side of the war that the koopas did see - it only made me yet more sick, as this was a fraction of the deaths going on out there. I knew that the Mario Bros. had no choice, and that Bowser was forcing a lot of violence where nobody really wanted it.

I eventually cracked and stupidly decided to bring the issue to its source - I addressed Bowser directly to propose we retreat the troops and ally ourselves with the peaceful toads. Bowser, less of a king and more a beast at this point, was terribly infuriated with my words. My cuffs and collar - the mark of any koopa - were removed and I was exiled for treason, with Bowser claiming that I was loyal to Princess Peach and not him. Many fellow rebels stood up, and all were cut down and cast from the land of our birth into exile.

Left with nothing but a few supplies and the shell on my back, I set off. I knew right away that I wanted to live in the Mushroom Kingdom, and though it took a long time, I made it. By the time I had arrive at the edge of Toad Town, the war had been well and truly over, but I was still shunned and shut out by the locals. I was a koopa - no cuffs or collar, but with spikes and scales and a good 3 feet of height over any of them. It sucked, but I couldn't really blame them. I came to the castle and addressed the Princess, who agreed to let me settle on Yoshi's Island - technically a reserve within the Mushroom Kingdom's domain, where the yoshis may be cared for and protected without having to involve themselves in politics. The yoshis are accomodating and nondiscriminatory beings, and had no part in the war with Darkland - most are tribal, and have barely an inkling that it occurred. We grew to trust eachother, and I've even befriended one of the nearby tribes by my little shack.

Apart from being a Koopa, I'm your average 15 year-old. As part of wanting to see more of the world, I soon began looking into other worlds - those of fiction as well as alternate universes such as that which the Mario Brothers are from. I'm kind of a big fan of them and where they came from, and I've learned a lot about Earth culture through their games and television shows. While Super Mario Bros. is clearly one of my favourite franchises, I love a lot of the worlds I can encounter via cartridge or disc - games of all type really inspire me, and in seeing games I eventually found shows - science fiction being one of my favourite genres, I guess because of how fond I've grown of human culture. One day I'd love to go to Earth, though it seems pretty clear that I'm destined to sit on the sidelines on that one.

Favourite Movies
The Lion King, Wrath of Khan, La Vita E Bella
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Stargate, Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Favourite Books
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Favourite Games
Super Mario Bros. 3, Lylat Wars
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil/Ballpoint Pen, Tablet
Other Interests
games, drawing, writing, philosophy, sci-fi, fan speculation and headcanon

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Not trying to bug you but... Do you RP by any chance? ^w^"
not a bother at all! but sorry, I don't
Hello! I hope you’ve had a happy birthday!
Good! It’s been a while since we chatted, hasn’t it? How’ve you been?
yeah I've been pretty swamped lol, sorry about that

I've been okay! just kinda plodding along, nothing really exciting to report - what about yerself? any news?
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Happy B-day, feral Koopa!!!