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[PKMNation] Magic of the Wizard's Dreams



:bulletgreen: Contest Name : Magic of the Wizard's Dreams
:bulletgreen: Common Name : Masha
:bulletgreen: Pokemon : Spiritomb
:bulletgreen: Gender :
:bulletgreen: ID number : 3189
:bulletgreen: Hatch Date : 25/03/2014
:bulletgreen: Nature : Naughty | Somewhat of a clown
:bulletgreen: Height : 1m
:bulletgreen: Weight : 110 kg

:bulletgreen: Named after Rhapsody's The Magic of the Wizard's Dreams
:bulletgreen: She's here to cheer up the ranch, whether it wants it or not.
:bulletgreen: Likes to run through people at random.


:bulletgreen: Level : 93
:bulletgreen: Started Base Attack : 5%
:bulletgreen: Current Base Attack : 23%
:bulletgreen: Moves :
    :iconghosttypeplz:Curse    :iconghosttypeplz:Shadow Sneak    :icondarktypeplz:Pursuit    :iconpsychictypeplz:Dream Eater
    :iconghosttypeplz:Spite   :iconghosttypeplz:Confuse Ray    :iconpsychictypeplz:Hypnosis    :iconghosttypeplz:Ominous Wind

:bulletgreen: Incoming : Nasty Plot ; Dark Pulse

:bulletgreen: Level Up Log :
Ref sheet / full body (2) + detailed shading (2) = + 4
    Lost in the fog / full body (2) + detailed shading (2) + detailed bg (2) = + 6
    Hypnosis / full body (2x2) + shading (2x2) + detailed bg (2x2) = + 12
    Eruditis somnium manducare nunc / full body (2x4) + shading (2x4) + simple bg (1x3) = + 19
    Payment / full body (2x7) + shading (2x7) + simple bg (1x4) = + 32
    Payment = + 20 from Frigga thanks to the multiexp


:bulletgreen: Lineage :
    Contrary to Fiona & Russell who came to the ranch with Calder, Masha already lived here as a wild pokemon. She choose to stay when her swamp was turned into a ranch, becoming part of it.
:bulletgreen: Breeding status : Please refer to my breeding station
:bulletgreen: Clutches : 
    [Part1] [Part2] with Arsenic   
    [Part1] [Part2] with Doctor   
:bulletgreen: Legacy :
    The Swamp's Wicked Symphony
    Moonlit Grotto's Six Feet Underground
    Dragons Reach's Zotz
    Zephyr Wind's Styx's Oath
    Moonlit Moors's Carbon
    Sunny Fields's Teodor
    Hrafn Memoria's Taran
    Scorched Clearing's Crazy Vimto

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Ahhhhh, may I breed one of my pokemon with this lovely lady? ;w;