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Hello everyone,

I will hosting a drawing/picture contest of the unofficial koopatrol Captain Basilisx from the fan series 'Super Mario Bros Z'. There is 30-60€ to be won for the first place winner, depending on how good the picture is.
All other participants will also receive a small amount if I like their picture.

Payment will be made via paypal. For that I will need your e-mail address.

Unfortunately, since the contest is only sponsored by me personally and not hosted by deviantart, the prize money doesn't go any higher. Or does anyone else want to sponsor too?

You can also participate with more than one picture, but there will be no double prize money. I will only include the best picture per person in the evaluation.

If you want to participate, please let me know as soon as possible in my profile and estimate how long you need for your picture. I will give you the time you need, but maximum 1 year.

When you are done with your picture, please upload it to your side and post its link in my profile.

The rules:

.Original authentic in:
geometric, anatomy, appearance, behavoir
-Only with armor. But you can choose if with or without claws.
-Landscapes or characters from other universes can be on the picture, but Captain Basilisx himself must be authentic.
-Violence allowed, but no blood, no executions, no rituals, no torture.
-Love scenes allowed, but no sex, no mating, no kissing.
-You can use paper or virtual programs. Drawings, animations, 3D-programs, etc. . No matter. The more real and exactly he looks, the better. But of course, I give also attentione on the drawing style btw. the way of making, when I evaluating the pic.

If you not sure about the rules, feel free to ask me per commentar in my profile or in my status updates.
And if you need help for the details, feel free to look my newer drawings or the original pics in Super Mario Bros Z Episode 8. But only the direct tracing of the lines is not allowed.

No matter how much participant there are.
And you can still register anytime for the competition in my profile per commentar, until including 30.9.2024. By then at the latest the prizes will be distributed.

best regards
I can't submit anything into the OC folder :/
I just join because The Koopalings are my favorite character
Excuse me, but the featured folder is at its size limit, so I am unable to submit anything. Could you try to fix it?
dude ummmmm yeah the folder is too big to submit anything
Just did a Bowser and Koopa Kids sprite, check it out:)