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Whooves : Master of Time

By Kooner-cz
This was kinda hard , to get the hour glass right .

ZIP - Whoove alone , hour-glass alone , and both of them together.
© 2012 - 2021 Kooner-cz
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The (Wibbley-wobbley) Timey-whimey Detector! EVEN IT GOT TURNED INTO A... Uh... An hourglass? Seriously?
Go Dr.Whooves!!!
creeper14325's avatar
Wibbly woobly
timie wimie
FloofPuppy's avatar
Something's telling me that they adapted the name Dr. Whooves and made him look like that from the fan fictions!
Deactivatedim14609's avatar
Well, clearly, sir. Mind if you go on Wikipedia and search something called DOCTOR WHO? 11 and 10th doctors sonic icon 
FloofPuppy's avatar
You don't have to be rude good sir. I already searched for the info afterwards. 
Deactivatedim14609's avatar
Well excuse me, then. I might be a little short-fuse.
FloofPuppy's avatar
Guess that makes you... the bomb.
Huh? See what I did there? :P
Deactivatedim14609's avatar
As in... I'm a ticking time bomb? So I'd explode out of rage once the countdown ends? Is this a Hulk movie or something?
FloofPuppy's avatar
It's a joke man.
Deactivatedim14609's avatar
Yeah, I think I've noticed...
DayDreamSyndrom's avatar
Thats a great Vector! :iconsoawesomepinkieplz:
awesome job! ;P
FloofPuppy's avatar
Oh yeah, I noticed him in the Apple Contest as well!
DemonPanther's avatar
He makes hour-glasses and hour-glass accessories!
HappyGestapo's avatar
Best part of that episode.
SilverRattler's avatar
I still don't get the "Dr. Hooves" reference, but this still looks nice.
HappyGestapo's avatar
A lot of people find that he bears a passing resemblance to the current Doctor[link] from Doctor Who [link]
The hourglass cutie mark seals the deal, though, and the name itself is wordplay based off the title: "Doctor Who."
TriforceoftheGods's avatar
Actually, this one bares more of a resemblance to 10 than 11.
HappyGestapo's avatar
Did I not say 10?
oh. Well, anyway, I don't know what happened, I meant to say 10.
Kooner-cz's avatar
To be honest me neither :D
But i never watches the show so i cant realy tell .
ShadowKing1988's avatar
I feel like an idiot...I only just now realized the reason why the doctor's cutie mark is an hour glass, and the subsequent pun of his name.
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