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The Musician House

By Kooner-cz
The house belongs to Octavia and Vinyl.

Taken and vectored from s5eps100 Slice of life

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warning: spoilers follow
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oh my! that's is wonderfully well done, indeed.
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Hard to believe that those two being roomates is now cannon! Also Octavia gets the bigger half, seems kinda unfair.
someone make a gmod of this
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Their house is just so freaking awesome, oh my gosh. XD
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I love the split-style and the chimney design!
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Dubstep/classic house 
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Thank you for making this vector! :D
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Homework assignment: Where is this location in relation to the rest of town?
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Perfect.  Big enough for Vinyl and Octavia to have a shared work space and their own retreats to program or practice, respectively.  And for Octavia to get away from that sloppy Vinyl...... :)
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I love how half of it is purple and the other half is brown xD but all the windows have music notes in them which is pretty sweet
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It must have took a lot of talent to build a house like that!
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Wow, what a half house. :o
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Well, I guess half of the people was right in equestria daily. They are roommates
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The last ep confirmed that they are in fact mismatched, Odd Couple roommates.  Fine with me.  That was my headcanon all along - they're Ponyville's Felix and Oscar.
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