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Sunny Days

Well another try to work on a bg , it is pretty simple but it does the job good i geuss.

PSD file - [link]
Original sketch by :iconjoey-darkmeat: !
Can be found here - [link]

PS - I hate doing clouds.
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QuothTh3Rav3n's avatar
Your show accuracy is amazing!!!!!
Nbbren's avatar
If only it was sunny here.
Blue277's avatar
Juuu tank je tak cute!
InfiniteBilly's avatar
Her face makes me fgmeflgmafmgmgbbiomdfdvmdfmvkladfmvmergmermf34otj34t890gjkfmvdfmvfsdkl SO CUTE HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG
statoose's avatar
Who knew tortoises could walk on clouds? :D
DarthWill3's avatar
Aw... How cute!
DemonPanther's avatar
*realizes that Tank is lying down on a cloud*
*checks underside* "Um... Derpy... that's not how you rest on a cloud..."
"I thought everything looked wrong!"
Helsaabi's avatar
I really like it! <3
Kooner-cz's avatar
Glad you like it !
Also lovely icon
Helsaabi's avatar
Thanks for the my icon! :D
jetpackclam's avatar
And then they remembered that Tank can't walk on clouds. :icondashiesadplz:
Kooner-cz's avatar
Hey man long time not seen !
Are you still on skype ?
jetpackclam's avatar
Oh yeah. You remember how my computer got trashed? I haven't gotten around to reinstalling Skype yet. Thanks for reminding me, though. :D
Kooner-cz's avatar
You fool !
Get skype !
jetpackclam's avatar
Don't worry, I shall... soon. :icongotosleepplz:
zookinator-hedgie's avatar
awww, this is so cute! :iconiloveyouplz:
rover4fun's avatar
DanDrazen's avatar
There's a Turtle Wax joke in here somewhere. And yes, I know he's a tortoise.
Vandji's avatar
So cuteeee ~~
pixiepea's avatar
Awh, Tank is the perfect pet for her :3 They're so cute +www+
Deltathewolf's avatar

I don't know, it just came to mind.

Derpwave's avatar
Aww just wanted to start this one.
It's probably fate when working on Joey's sketches, they are as popular as they deserve.
Kooner-cz's avatar
Hehe sorry ? :P
Anyway there are still alot of un-colored sketches to go !
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