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Redheart : where does it hurt?

By Kooner-cz
Am ill for few days , and well :icongunslingerpen: made a sketch for me , i just had to do it.

Original sketch by :icongunslingerpen: all credit goes to him !
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Springtrap spaz dance : I'll tell you where it hurts, It hurts on my body, my arms, my lags, my E V E R Y T H I N G!

(I had to...)
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Mmhmhmhm.. That look~
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Well, um..Why are you looking at me like that? It hurts no where NEAR there... *points to belly*
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that was so long ago
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If u want me to take it down just say and i will thanks for the vector :D
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is it okay if i make my first base out of this?
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thanks ill see what i can do with it and ill link it to u when im done :D
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Used it in a wallpaper: [link]
Credits are there
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"I... I think it's somewhere in my heart. Or it could be my brain, not thinking quite clearly as it is."

Probably the best Redheart pose, and definitely the pose that made me realize it's a damn cute character.
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my god, she is so beautiful :love:
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well hello Nurse <3 care to give me my "special" treatment? :D
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It hurts on my leg.its I can't walk on it.can you heal me?
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HELOOOOOOO NURSE! . . . I can't believe I'm the first to say that here.
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Wow. Now this is a better pic for the trope page than the last one.
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Here we go again: [link] : D
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Nice work again C:
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i'd tap the buck out of that
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