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Ponyville Riverside

By Kooner-cz
Taken and vectored from episode - One Bad Apple

Also I really love this kind of environment, would be nice to live here.

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© 2015 - 2021 Kooner-cz
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Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Nice to finally see where Rarity's parents and Sweetie Belle live.
EyehelTheTrash's avatar
i am going to use this
PowerHoodz's avatar
In this house, we also saw Sweetie Belle's room when she is with her parents.  It was cute and I would like it if someone did a vector of it.
BrightGlow's avatar
Very nice art and I really like the 2 in 1 mill.
CloudshadeZer0's avatar
technically, i'd title this as "Sweetie Belle's house" knowing her house is mainly the center of attention of the 'camera'.
meanwhile, the background is well made too. good work
Kooner-cz's avatar
I agree but it seemed like a bland title

Riverside is more interesting or at least in my view
TwilightIsMagic's avatar
Also seems to be where Rarara's parents live.
Kooner-cz's avatar
From what I read yes thats correct.
smokeybacon's avatar

That aside, incredible vector!
Kooner-cz's avatar
Thanks! Glad to hear
DJDavid98's avatar
This must've taken ages
Kooner-cz's avatar
Not really, its pretty simple to vector a background once you done it enough times :)
BonesWolbach's avatar
Awesome job on this background!  
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