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Lyra Vector

Um yea , was in the mood for lyra.

Cutie mark by :iconmaximillianveers:
Hasbro and Lauren Faust own Lyra, I do not.
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I just love that smile on her. Lyra is such a pretty pony. :D 
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Awensome Job on her, I loved it
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I used this piece in the VN/CYOA adaptation of ‘Brony Hero of Equestria’! Huge thanks for making such amazing art! Want to play? Download it at… !
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Happy Lyra is best Lyra
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Hi there, I used part of this vector and credited it here if that's all okay with you…
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Mind if I use this for a Vampony idea I've got brewing in my skull of creativity?
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I'm pretty sure it's not illegal at all for me to steal this from you without permission and use it to make this. If it is, don't tell the cops.
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Not at all :)

Actually gorgeous work !
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Hi, I used and credited this vector here if that's all okay with you :D…
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Can I use this? I will link back when I do :)
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Thanks! Here's where I'll be using it: [link]
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Pretty good , keep it up !
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