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Breezing Chrysalis

By Kooner-cz
Decided to make something out of a sketch for a change

Be sure to click on it for full resolution and details! and download in full resolution for resizing

Sketch done by the talented :iconkevinsano: , be sure to check his stuff out!
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Aww, this is so cute! I love seeing Chrysalis pictures.    X3
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Soon as I saw this, i imagined a second version where the parasprites then nestled in her hoof holes for a nap, and Chryssi's just standing there like.. :I
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And then she eats them.
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Don't fall for it Chrysalis... Exterminate them, seriously. lol
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What an adorable picture of Chrissie! ^^ Yet there's something extraordinarily evil about Her beautiful eyes here... Anyway, very nice work making the sketch into this lovely vector! I'm loving the smile and blush! :aww: 
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Thanks! Glad you like it :)
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How couldn't I? ^^ 
My pleasure! 
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Aww is so incredibly sweet Chrysalis look overall looks gorgeous managed from. Their  mane tail horn and crown are very good.
Her beautiful face smiling with the blush and look warm to.
The Parasprite those around them buzzing a very good work =)
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Aww :aww: How sweet :D I see this is also a lot more pleasant than the original sketch ;) I also love the way Chrissy has such a happy expression and is sporting that adorable blush >w< Beautiful work coloring her eyes and mane, too :love:
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Hehe glad you think so! :)
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Looks really nice.
I kinda wish he would use this cartoony style more.
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