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Grim by koolmcr Grim :iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 1 0 Valentine by koolmcr Valentine :iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 0 0
This is Just to Say
This is just to say
That I've spoken a few times too many
I've been lonely
And your number is on speed dial
I've become a flea
Biting at your back
But I had been getting weak
You were the nearest nourishment
Forgive me
For being so persistent
You're just too wonderful
To brush aside and ignore
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 2 2
For Kevin by koolmcr For Kevin :iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 2 0 Sad Snail by koolmcr Sad Snail :iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 1 0
You were right, I'm hanging up the ropes
I stole all of the alcohol and smokes
Don't go on out and run around because of the wicked day
Say too much, too drunk to fix the games we used to play
If you really knew all the things I've seen
The places, people, loves, and high school dreams
Double vision gets the best of me and my crooked eyes
Does it really come as a surprise?
Has there ever been a day that I wasn't sorry?
Nothing was ruined today but your birthday party
You're older now I guess, cheers to you taking off her dress
I'm tired of going into this broken detailed mess
Bloodshot teeth rot, collapsing in my head
Embarrassed forming the words that I said
slur in drunken sways until the floor meets my face
Last call, bottoms up, keep falling from grace
Sunglasses filled on the raining bar
Lap your shots, become the dog you are
Animals and men, they seem all the same to me
Survival versus modern philosophy
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 2 2
Sand Traps
Mouths fall quiet with untamed sighs
Another body burns, another dear friend dies
Sit and stare, stop and ignore
Don't look at your life and wish for something more
We're all okay in our separate ways
Finding vents to hide the insane
I'm sick of stuffing it away
Creativity never sees the light of day
Hands stay cold wrapped around your face
Am I an animal or just out of my place?
Walk out stage left, another scene is gone
Wardrobe change, good bye and so long
Repeated breaks of mistimed rhymes
Red lights flash, warning the stop signs
Cooler nights I've spent waiting in line
Warmer days I've waited to be mine
Eyelids slither through a sea of static
Flicker 4AM shining through the plastic
I claimed my slice, but I can't have it
Daydream drifting, pilot's on automatic
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 6 3
Stage Left
A few more hours stuck inside
Four years of broken time
Save me a dance, another chance
All for one last glance
Give me more rhymes to write
More hours to sleep at night
Keep turning left, I'll be alright
My telephone keeps ringing
The other line is singing
Of a better time when I was kind
Before I fell into line
Tell me about your day
Was it bad or just okay?
Sit and speak, please stay
I feel like I've said this all before
Headaches every day, sleeping on the floor
Airplanes screaming over my head
Everything I say is better left unsaid
Beg for one more line
Hook, sinker, home on time
Another deed mistaken for a crime
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 8 2
Shadows by koolmcr Shadows :iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 7 1 Resist by koolmcr Resist :iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 2 0 Fight Back by koolmcr Fight Back :iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 1 0
Musical Chairs
Static sounding underground scene
Weak heart pounding to feel what I mean
Clusters of words they heard somewhere else
Sang along to the song because of how it felt
Inside the kid's pride was dead from suicide
Atleast he can always say that he tried
To keep his heart close to mind and in line
Keep the papers that you signed, keep what you find
Look at your life boy, you're growing soft
A cubicle, a car, and an uptown loft
I'm sorry that you don't play my words no more
You don't look for some advice when you get sore
Sit and wallow in your head
Sleep in silence in her bed
You'll lose her some day, I'm sorry to say
Don't you know that all of us turn out that way?
Come on brother, you'll be okay some day
Put on your headphones and let the music play
Soothe your ears in the liquid that you hear
Sit back, relax, and continue living in fear
Bombs are coming sooner than expected
Guns are shooting at the poverty infected
Cling to the words you held close before
Don't let yourself become another
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 6 1
Let the Dogs Run Wild
Detour, avoiding the path to the sea shore
See the sure fire way to stay insecure
Dreams fill my eyes and surprise my head
In the morning I'll probably be better off dead
Take a seat, give a hand out to your friends
Watch my show and see the friendships end
I'm sorry I'm so tired from always being wired
When you're plugged into a wall, you aren't admired
Another day passes spent sitting in classes
Chalk board screeching, breaking my glasses
No wonder I can't see a damn thing clear
I've been tricked into thinking my life's still here
It ran away and it isn't coming back
It eloped with some bitch and lives in a cul-de-sac
Am I do graphic describing my bitterness?
Is it too much to ask for a hit or miss?
Dismiss the bliss or grant a stupid wish
The points don't matter, I got a full list
Ramble all I might every single night
To a blank piece of paper and a pen to write
Overdramtic ideas force their way out
Whisper or force the scream into a shout?
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 6 2
Inform the papers, it's another lie
Another day I spent trying to fly
The currents of the issue wouldn't help lift me
Sorry friend, it's the end so please let it be
Seal your lungs if you breathe towards the good times
All I took from them was bad wine and cheap rhymes
'Someday I'll be proud of what I have done'
Thoughts of pride shoot me down with a loaded gun
Tell the sun not to set now
It's too early for my bow
Static plays beneath my eyes every night
When I turn my head I lose the fight
If cold thoughts of mine could break your quiet tongue
I'd think aloud of all the songs I could've sung
Back when we were young and our eyes were wide
Taking my time, but I couldn't choose a side
What do you want and what do you need?
Do you need another hand to help sew your seeds?
Plot a garden, plot your words of remorse
Map out your life to mirror his course
My minutes start morphing into years
I've taken ages to conquer the fear
Of growing old and being sold away
The countless sellers have debt
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 6 3
Record Player
Lovely little mistakes fall onto her face
The clouds fumble around, sitting in disgrace
Married to the sky for too long of a time
Crying their eyes out, trying to get by
She's sleeping nights and days looking for a better way
Can't be awake to put in her say
Walking around the drug store, looking for something more
Reasons to stand up or to give into to the floor
Such a bore to sit and stare
Will I worry or won't care
Solitary man confined to a steel cage
Metal bars protect them from his blind rage
Nothing but a rope hanging from the ceiling
He won't try to escape the feeling
Hopeless and loveless, drifting to the next shift
Nine to five undead creeping in so swift
Tired eyes stare at life and all of the broken lies
Slowly breathe in and out, shut for the last time
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 7 2
Every idle cigarette cries through the night
Astray taunting, cancer flaunting, holding on tight
Keep clutching to the life forced onto them
But the wind sways too hard and kisses them dim
Metaphors and folklores laced into my words
Speaking in tongues to myself and the whores
Sleep again, my friends, we'll be just fine
Fine with our lives and our given time
Tired eyes are always open, looking for any sign
The flashing lights and bright nights don't seem to shine
Drowning in waves of static, capsized in digital seas
Searching the oceans for my love to come back to me
As much as I can write to allude to myself it's alright
Daydreams and sleepless hours crash into my blind sides
Here's to the days I'm awake, all the hours cursing my fate
Please pour another glass and help me celebrate
Keep your eyes steady and sure, I won't need them anymore
I've been down and out so long and I'm not looking for a cure
Medcine won't keep you in your head for so long
You'll always learn know that you were
:iconkoolmcr:koolmcr 8 5

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Dearest DA. It's always so few and far between these days.

Also I haven't posted any art on here since summer because I dunno, I think I've explained that before.

Anywho, guess what.

I got accepted into the University of the Arts in Philly. Woo~

I am really excited actually. It's my first choice college and I am definitely committing.

I also got a $14,000 grant, which is awesome. That takes down my tuition a lot.

However, still have to find a way not to drown in debt. Scholarships ahoy.

So yeah. I just wanted to share that with you.

Living the dream, guys.

Living the dream.
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koolmcr's Profile Picture
Sam Quattro
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
So. Hi. I'm Sam. I live in Chester, Pennsylvania (well, technically it's across the street, but close enough). I am currently a senior in high school and I'm planning to go to college for sculpture or fine arts. I honestly have no idea what I would do with my life if I wasn't so involved in the arts. It's the only thing I really like doing and I'm not really good at anything else :|

I'm a chubster.

There's a dollar on my desk I just found a minute ago. Sweet.

In 8th grade, I made a cheese car. Except it was made out of wood and I painted it like a block of cheese.

I've been to around 11 concerts. They were all fun.

I'm a loner kid.

I like musicals.

I like cartoons.

I like video games.

I like to steal those latex gloves out of doctor's offices.

Now that I think about it, I'm a bit of a kleptomaniac. I stole a broken off piece of chair once. It was just laying around in a class room. It's shaped like Florida.

I prefer black pens over blue.

That's about it.


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