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Sorry for the long wait for any update...

I just finished a vector of Hoo'Far from Road to Friendship who insistingly ask to trade Trixie's wagon for his.

I find his design very interesting and very cool.

MLP:FiM(C) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Vector(C) Mine

Note: Download is okay but you have to do is credit me.
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Used and credited for a request:

(Request) Trixie x Hoofar
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Now I know his name!

Up until now, I've been calling him Sheikh Adnan Al Casey, the leader of the Equestrian version of ISIS... The Sultan of... SOMETHING... [j/k folks!] :D
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Don't mind my stupid ramblings. I'm INSANE! =P
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It is a nice design. great job.
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great job!  Did you see episode 22 yet?

If you did could you please do a pic of Ocellus as Queen Chrysalis and/or Tree of harmony Twilight?

If not here's the link to a site i use to watch the show:…

(you don't have to do it, if you don't want to.  it's ok with me.  I can wait)
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I guess Equestrian unicorns and Saddle Arabian horses got busy
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I thought this guy was an asshole.
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Nah, he just honest!
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No, he's just a douche. He refused to give Trixie back her caravan even after Starlight brought it back.
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Because it's a piece of rotting cramped junk? He wanted to add it to his vintage caravan collection!
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But it wasn't Starlight's to give away.
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But he never abandoned them.
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If you ask me, I think he secretly taught Starlight and Trixie a valuable friendship lesson during their journey.
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I think the same. 
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I think you might be right...
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