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-Tea Party-
-Tea Party-
In the garden not so far away from the cemetery lies a young girl of age thirteen. In the middle of the garden was a table, and surrounding the table were four chairs, with her occupying one of them. On each chair was a table napkin and on the table had a tea cup and small saucer, with small spoons. At the center of the table, was a teapot with two teapot-like porcelain materials that holds crème and sugar cubes. A small vase with a white rose was placed to make it look more decent and 'fancy'.
She smiled at the table with her sweet, innocent face. Rose petals were all over the grass as she skipped merrily. She stopped skipping as a young man went near her.
"If you'd be so delighted, I would like to join you." He said, bowing. She paused for a little minute and smiled sweetly. She offered the young man a seat and poured tea in his cup. The sweet aroma of lavender tea made it so tempting to stay in the garden for a little while…
"If you'd like to make good tea, add
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-Halloween On Christmas Day-
-Halloween on Christmas Day-
The candle lights brightened the dim room as she put the bouquet of roses on the table. She smiled darkly with her black-painted lips and put on her hat. She took a moment to look at the old family portrait that let her remember the assassinated loved ones. She giggled hysterically…
A group of kids knocked on her cozy wooden door and started singing. Her hysterical giggle was put to a halt hearing the voices of the innocent children. She opened the door and revealed her lovely dark face to the children and frightened them. The children ran away as she laughed insanely, closing the door..
She stood there, admiring on how she decorated her small, wooden house… An old Christmas tree with a broken star decoration on top of it, a nice warm fire, and an old table covered with a nice old reddish fabric, crawling with small cockroaches and worm-like creatures. She smiled darkly once again as she began dancing maniacally with her old broomstick, as if it w
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Why do I write? Why do I seek for answers? Why do I cry?
But my real question is unknown... My real ambition, lost..
What is an ambition? What is a dream? What is insufficient to make something well-known?
Why do I sing? Why do I draw? Why do i smile? What are these things, anyway? What are the things needed to be even noticed?
Is it not unfair to be unknown? Is it not injustice to seek for the truth and not the wrongs? Is it not justice to seek for the wrongs?
And why do I laugh when I know not the necessity to laugh? And why do I smile when I know not to, anyways? Why do I write when I know not about knowledge and wisdom? Why do I dream to be ambitious when I know not? Why do I weep when nothing is to weep for? Why do I loathe when I know not how to accept? And why do I hate when I know nothing about love?
Things such are always a part of me. A part of my necessities that helps me become me, and individual with fair dignity.
Things I like and things I loathe, all the res
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-Sunset Lovers-
-Sunset Lovers-
She was there, sitting on the rooftop of an abandoned house...
He was there, walking... Destiny revealed..
She saw the figure on the street... A young man walking. Oh, how she acted like a fool, admiring him...
He looked up the orange skies and turned his head around and saw a shadow of a young woman on the rooftop... He admired her...
She knows she wasn't capable of loving.. She knew everyone neglects her and misunderstands her.. She knew she was always alone... Every sunset she would sit on the rooftop admiring him walking by in secret. From that moment, she no longer admired the sun set...
She was a stranger to him, and him to her... He knew he was weak. Everyone might love him, but he doesn't give a damn.. He loves her... Every sundown, he would always pass by the street, secretly admiring her from below..
Rain poured one gloomy day.. Thunders roar and lightening dashes,  the sun, unseen... She knew he wouldn't pass by the streets on this stormy and horrib
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Say it...
No one wants to say it..
Red moon, shining down
The stars appearing down town.
But why? How?
Blood gashed over now...
This godforsaken town,
The viper that hunts us down..
We kept on shouting,
Hoping for the worse..
Let's leave the forsaken others.
Unfortunate and damned..
The poison he struck unto us,
The blood down my lips..
The faith of a last kiss...
Walkin' in this god damned bliss...
Blood everywhere, raining like a storm..
Look now, there he is... And his infamous venom.
Run, run.
Cling to life now.
The dark heavy bliss,
Engulfing us now..
Stay, please, let's wait..
The damned and all, we're too late.
This godforsaken town,
The viper that hunts us down.
Dark bliss...
Pale skin...
Dark soul...
Just him... And I...
And the venom... In us, both...
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Coloring practice by Kool-Kattz Coloring practice :iconkool-kattz:Kool-Kattz 2 0
Tears fall down my cheeks
People think I'm weak...
The fire, capturing my soul...
Shattered... No longer whole.
Amidst this drop of time gone dry...
The sole splendor of my life.
The life I wished to be tranquil,
No longer existed, eradicated little by little.
The weeping souls of the long forgotten,
I no longer can help in the end..
The promising destiny of change
Has me now locked up in a cage...
My heart, drowning and withering
The darkness, conquering...
The useless mourning,
Lies the reason for growing...
The blank stare at that window
Feared the approaching tomorrow...
The flame that kept me alive,
Felt like disappearing as I close my eyes...
Spirit devoured,
The me I knew before...
Long gone because of my fears,
Gone and washed up by my tears...
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Dear Suzuna-chan,

       asdfghjkkl;'qwertyuiop[]zxcvbnm,./ Dx I lost all the chappies. I dunno where they went. :sadangel: :nirvana: :innocent: Sorry.. D: Wanna do a diff project instead? xD I'm currently on a new one and this time, it's written on a computer and shall never be lost again!! :)))

      Due to the lost of our project it is obvious that it's all my fault. x.x But yea, I can still write and I got cured from months of headache and writer's block. :) I'm gonna be alright for the rest of the days to come and hopefully to have a successful project with you. :) Still, the story will tackle on pure fiction and fantasy. It's going to be a challenge for you and me, my friend. ^^ You're putting your doujin skills to the test and my literary skills to the test. Hopefully you will still support me x.x"" and in return, I shall support you as well. :)

      I am hoping for your kindest consideration on this urgent (better yet desperate) matter. :) Either way, I'll thank you in advance for what ever your response to this message may be. :) Thanks and may the force be with you. xD

                                                                                          Your Buddy,
                                                                    The Nime-ster a.k.a. :iconkool-kattz: :)

This message is for :iconakatsukiyaoiforever: :)


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