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Asian Lives Matter

Asian Lives Matter by KookasaurusRex, visual art

Kittens got homes! thx for all the support!

Kitten update!! by KookasaurusRex, visual art

Fanart *sobs*


Akkura by BisaCat, visual art

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"Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.” (John 11:25-26)

if you wanna know more about what I believe: https://wels.net/about-wels/what-we-believe/

I do not tolerate or support hate crimes (homophobia, transphobia, etc.), or other crimes such as pedophilia, zoofilia/beastiality, incest, bullying, racism/racist slurs/racist ‘jokes’, or ableism.

Everyone is welcome here as long as you aren't actively harassing anyone. This is a safe place, thanks!

As long as you credit me, and it is still recognizable, I don't mind how much you change the design !

You can post my art anywhere as long as proper credit is given !

My username on TH is the same as on here: KookasaurusRex

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nothin personal, just gonna list people and my reasons. If you're on this list, it means you are suspended from buying/selling/trading with me (if you give any of my designs to these people you will also be blacklisted! :) mostly just so I don't forget :3 @/ZeroVant ( AdoptsTheKids on th ) - made heavily inspired characters from other people's art - specifically made designs to target and swindle others - Bought a design for 25$ and tried to sell it for 70$ immediately after purchasing it - Very abusive and manipulative (the definition of a domestic abuser) They will act nice at first and then slowly let their guard down and treat you like dirt @/AmyDico for personal reasons and suspected scamming Honorable mentions: (not as big of a deal but still not quite interested in interacting with them business-wise) @/Arbutusridge - failed to make a payment after I made them art ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @/TheRealMaki - provided an unequal quality 'custom' for a custom trade, yikes Their custom:
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Я живу или нет ммм, если все в порядке, но я не знаю

Sorry I don’t understand, I cant read that :c

Google can halp ya

I tried, it didn’t make any sense ;;;

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Hey I have a question I saw your BLM thing I think that’s great but don’t All lives matter?

Ofc! I’m only saying Black Lives Matter because currently our society doesnt value their lives like they should. Black people get treated less than human and that’s not okay :C. You can say all lives matter but using it as an argument against the fact that Black Lives Matter means you’re saying that all lives matter EXCEPT black lives.

Much like how women can’t walk the streets without being afraid of getting killed or hurt, black people experience the same thing, simply because their skin is a Different shade of brown. Tysm for asking! if you have any other question pls lmk!

here is a link to a helpful article! <3


Ok thanks for the article and here is another question what do you think about the people that use blm as an excuse to do crime such as kill loot and rob