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My Little Doctor Pony

By koodorshnik
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My very first digital coloring from scratch including the background. Took forever to do and a heck of a lot of layering and smoothing, but it got done. Once again, a special thank you to all the creators of the tutorials I referred to.

Some people keep asking. Rarity's legs are flailing.

Twilight Sparkle and the entire pony gang have to help the exceptionally odd, brilliant, and wonderful Doctor, the soul survivor of the planet Gallopfrey, hunt down the alien entity that took over and corrupted the heart of Princess Luna. The same entity that transformed her into Nightmare Moon and fed off her raw natural magic powers while advancing its galactic ambitions as it had for eons through countless other victims. The Blue Countess of Andalusia, Emperor Cold Star of the Hoofiter Empire, Lord Buckrann of Stalliondura, and the list goes on...but now this evil entity has chosen its next victim to satiate its ever growing hunger and ambition. That victim is none other than Twilight Sparkle who cannot even begin to fathom what kind of raw magic power lies dormant inside of her. Can the love of her beloved friends and the help the brilliant Doctor be enough to save her from this cosmic menace?
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it sucks
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Just because you don't like MLP doesn't mean you need to go around writing reviews that are rude and don't mean crap. Seriously.
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well, it IS good, your skills are famonal but, next time leave out the OC girls okay? But there is one thing, I WISH I COULD BE AS GOOD AS YOU!!!!!!!!!! (sob) sorry, anyway, but over all, it is great, great work and keep at it, never stop doing art, it really suits you! :3
um... love Rarity, you really got Pinkie Pie, but Rainbow Dash looks scared, that should be fixed. (sweat) man, i am NOT good at putting others art down, when i suck worse than them.... well OH! and Flutter Shy is really well done, keep up the awesome work!!
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your artwork just facinates me! i feel like im with them you know! and the details in it1 oh! my! god! marvelous! its just amazing1 everything you do amazes me! i would like to be your follower i would like to learn about you and your art! your my artist guide! and words cant even explane how won deful you are! your going to grow up as a famous artist! better than leo divinchy! your art is even better than the painting mona lesa!i have faith in yuo! i have hope for you! i have the feeling that everything anybody disires,is in yuor own very hands!
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You are a really good artist. Even though I don't know what Dr. Who is, this was an outstanding job. I don't think I would be able to do this because I am not the best artist. You did a better background than I ever could and I think that's what a really good artist would do (I suck at drawing backgrounds). The shading was excellent and your style was really good. I loved the way you drew the time booth and I love the fact that you drew the sparkles flying around the time booth. I just fav'd this since it is that good. ^-^
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Wow… A fine piece of art if I say so myself… If I knew more about Doctor Whooves or Doctor Who, then I would like to have written an interesting saga invovling this ragtag group. However, there is one flaw I see:

Spike looks terrible, and that's sad because he is one of my favorite characters. His mouth and arms are the problem here. His arms look spindly and his mouth seems to have bee stretched out of proportion.

The rest of the group were drawn with expertise however, and I applaud you for your success in combining their dynamic cel-shaded cartoon style with a realistic style. This reminds me so much of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, in which Toon Link's cel-shaded style made huge impressions on Skyward Link's appearance, while Skyward Link and every other character, except a few, retained the realistic anatomy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

The severe emotions and stress while Rainbow Dash and Rarity are precariously suspended outside of the relative safety of the Tardis (Is that right?) are perfectly captured on the facial expressions of the Mane 6 and Doctor Whooves. Well, with the exception of Pinkie Pie, who is having a whale of a time riding the Tardis in a novel position, which fits her character perfectly.

An addition, that in my opinion, would have improved the drawing is a sillouhette or ghost image of "The alien entity" from your description and perhaps a depiction of the victims of its hunger for power.

To conclude, the Image above is truly inspiring, and after a good amount of research on Doctor Who, I hope to draw a plelifora of ideas from your art. Keep drawing, and I thank you for the time you spent on this picture.
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This is amazing. I am like in love with Pony swag now.
Lol xDD

I love the way you colored this honestly, and I think that you should have this as your on fav! >w<

Very well done there, and I will be sure to tell me friends to write a Critque aswell! ~

Gonna spam the rest. Dont wanna talk 100 words.
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Future crossover episode???
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Amazing, brilliant, *fantastic* fusion!
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Dr. Whooves. Who knew he was so popular?
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So nice
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THIS IS SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!Heart Heart +fav :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) Clap Love Nod Heart Heart 
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This needs to be a t-shirtDerpy Clapping Icon 
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I SO agree I would buy like 50 copy's!
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Awesome sauce 😊😊
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Love it
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I don't watch Dr.Who but this is awesome!
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Doctor who the best
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WOuld the series be called "My little Who!" Or "Dr. Pony!"? Funny idea though - they should make an episode around this! :)
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