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Two months ago I started reading "Python Programming". Today I finally finished a program, which has been roaming around my head for a few months. CasualKrypt is a simple, yet strong Encryption/Decryption Program that is intended for on-the-fly encryption/decryption.

Everything about the program was done by me, including the algorithms it uses, the graphical interface, the logo and of course, the coding itself.

Here is the link:…

Peace and Love!

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Just some thoughts in my mind:

1. I discovered an interesting page called Which is a collaborative photo encyclopedia.

2. Also I am officially addicted to the Dexter TV series. They are freaking awesome.

3.Also check out Bansky's Simpsons Intro (…) Gives you something to think about.

4.I have almost 20 pics I want to upload to deviantart, But I'm incredibly lazy.

5.Last but not least, cool stumble of the day: (…)

Good Day to You All!
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I won't be available for quite a while so to all of you llama givers, don't expect a quick llama return.

Cheers to all
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My First week on DA has ended and I've been very impressed by the DA community.
Firstly, I have seen incredible work of so many different types (photography, digital art, traditional, ect.)

I also noticed how cool are the members of this community, everyone has thanked me for "the fave", the lamas, or the comments I have given. (Even though it was not necessary :) ) I even got donations from the very kind "Amjara", who donated 20points!

Finally, my deviations have gotten in total 2,650 views, which , believe me, its waaaay more than I had expected!

Thanks to everyone on DA,

PD: For those who like to see things in Stats, Here they are:
Pageviews:  2,649
Deviation Views: 2,650
Most Favored Deviation: Milla Jovovich (9 comments, favourited 21 times, 1,778 views)
Views per deviation: 294
Pageviews per day: 582
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So here's the thing. I've known of Deviantart for quite a while, but never really saw any use for it more than browsing pictures n' stuff.

But as life goes on, I had the opportunity to take an IB Art Course. You could say this "opened my eyes towards art". I decided to do one hell of a crazy shit, my subject would be "why videogames are an art". At first I took this very lightly, "if there is music, scripting, sculpting and painting in videogames therefore it's an art". But this wasn't good enough, so I went deeper, I read a  bunch of books and got involved on the topic so much I wrote a +60 page long essay on "Why videogames are a valid art medium".

At the same time I had to make 12 works of art (which will be posted soon), my main work being a fully functional arcade machine, with games I had programmed, developed and made from the ground up.
This was one hell of a challenge but it was well worth it. At the end I was awarded a 6 (out of 7) in Art (quite frankly after writing more than a 60 page essay and building an arcade I kinda expected the 7, but i digress).

After this I had a 7-day intensive course of Illustrator, were I produced the first vector illustrations on my life, I was really impressed with the results and I wanted to share with everyone. I like making wallpaper-size stuff so that people can use them as *duh* wallpapers.

Well that's it for me
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