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Castle of the Ancient Royal Pony Sisters

Deep in the Everfree Forest, almost forgotten lie the ruins of the old castle, from where the Royal Sisters once ruled the country. Almost taken back by the nature of the forest, these old ruins contain big secrets and mysteries, just waiting to be discovered.

My second drawing of MLP-FiM places. This time the "Castle of the Ancient Royal Pony Sisters" as seen in the pilot episodes of the show.

Again I tried to change the perspective so that it appears more dramatic and menacing. Also it looks a bit more medieval and sturdy than pictured in the series.

I'm not 100% satisfied with the outcome. I had to adjust the contrast a little bit, because I wasn't able to scan the damn thing properly (next time I'll use a sheet of paper, not my sketchbook). Also the pigment ink marker died on the way and I had to change the cartrige, which resulted in much thicker and blacker lines. But, oh well. I guess it turned out pretty good nonetheless.

The next thing on the list will be either the interior of this castle or the hospital, as seen in the Daring-Do episode. Or some other place, dunno.


Zecoras Hut -> Click me
Castle of the Ancient Royal Pony Sisters
Ponyville Hospital -> Click me
Twilights Library -> Click me
Ponyville Marketplace -> Click me

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It still gave me a Castlevania Vibe
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Does anyone have a good depiction of how this castle may have looked in the past?
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This is beautiful!
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i wonder what it looked like befor Luna became Nightmare Moon hmmmmm....
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really beautiful!
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I like the angle you did this in! well done :)
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awesome art work.
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Okay, I thought, since it was the castle belonging to both of the princesses, that it would fit there. Sorry about that
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It's okay, it's more of the fact that neither of the princesses are in this one. Btw, I love this one, and the last one, Zecoras Hut! They're amazing! Keep up the amazing work!
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