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I Like to draw stuff on Photoshop :D The End.
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Thanks :) Your work looks great!
thank you! :) pleaseewatch mee <3
sup man its Obi.

i know i'm not ur favorite person in the world, im not sure why we had some arguments in the past cuz i have no prob with you other then it seems sometimes in the past u had a prob with me, or at least i got on your nerves or something, lol. that being said lately it seems that's all in the past.

anyways, i'm here just to let u know that i think ur a badass artist and wanted to give u major props, i think i'll re-signup to this site (i was like 10 yrs back), and maybe do somethings for fun in my extra time, maybe we can do a trade off, u can show me some cool PS shit, and i can show u some cool music and or code/script shit.

so yea, big ups on ur skills, u have them, real ones that u can make money off of. i also have a bro who does this professionally, u and him should maybe make contract, i could set it up, and u 2 could prob have good business to do together. hes super legit, went to a high end specialized media art school and is licenced and all that.

right well, hit me up bro, u know how, irc or w/e. ttyl in a few hrs actually infact as u get up pretty soon. lulz

-much respect for you art!
Hello there Obi :)
I would like to meet your buddy and maybe do some work together. Thanks for the compliments on the work. It really means a lot.
If I ever acted like a dick, I do apologize bro. It was never my intention. I sometimes just have way too much on my mind and get into bad moods. I'm always down to learn a little more about mIRC scripting and If you like, we can even update that old JediRC Logo I made for you a while back. If you ever need any help with Photoshop, Illustrator or Cinema 4D just ask. It's the least I can do as a thanks for making this great client JediRC. It's been the client I've used the longest.
Hit me up on #420 more often. We never get to see you chat there anymore :P
See you over there :)
Glad you got BF3 to work.
I have to use a whole new browser but it's better than not being able to play :P