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Linoleum Block Print - Prelim.

By konstantinek
this is the preliminary drawing for part of my final evaluation in gr. 12 Regional Art. it's worth 15 damn percent of our overall mark. what a challenge...

i'm in the process of cutting the linoleum block, and it will soon be into the printing stages, which i will upload later.

anyone familiar with my gallery will recognize this picture as [link] one of my old IDs... just a little more.. mannacing looking.

questions about linoleum block printing? (as i undstand i haven't really given much insight)
ask away.
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Hi, Good work that is menacing perhaps but also fun and fun. It is a traditional art that seems compatible with vector.
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this is beautiful! nice job keeping the ink dark and even!! I love printing! It's so relaxing to just sit and carve!
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this is really good, linoleum is a fun matierial at least i think so, put it can be a pain too. and i love printing but it smells and there are so many fumes from the oil inks we use at my school.
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Very nice work, i like it :)
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wow thats gonna look STUNNING as a print
I'm considering starting a series of linocuts as a concentration for my portfolio. I was having doubts because often the carving styles in linocut don't appeal to me but your technique is so clean and intresting! Now I'm excited to get carving... What brand linoleum do you use? My teacher's suggested mounting golden cut on board.
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Well that's encouraging :) I'm glad I could help.

I'm not sure what brand it was... it was given to us. But it was gray, not tan, or tawny... if that helps.
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Brilliant, brillian, brilliant!!!
I'm dabbling into block printing at the moment and I was wondering how to make the image look dynamic and alive, my one seems quite stilted and dead. I NEVER expected to see something this inspirational. I think you've given me quite an insight into what an amazing medium it can be. Seriously, congratulations.
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well, i'm glad to hear that. it's nice to hear that your work "inspires" people. it makes posting worth it.

a word of advice, it always helps to start with a dynamic referance image because it's harder to make something interesting if it starts as a static image. and use lost of line weight variations and directions (i think the curved lines helped a lot in mine). hope it helps :)
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Thank you VERY much, it certainly did!
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dude, like dude.... like oh man, this is worth 15% of out mark and i am going to fail!
Seriously though, this is amazing. It definately has that comic book vibe to it, that really moody kinda shadow thing happening.
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holyshit I love this. It looks like it would be from a comic book. Have you ever drawn a comic or considered it? Kuz you should. I could see it now. wow. real good job. I wish I had it in my hands so I could hang it up.
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i second this guy about the comic art thing. yea. awesome
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oh yeah, i've done minor comics, but nothing significant. nothing i would show anyone. nothing that actually LOOKS like a comic lol.
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hmmm maybe u should put up something or try making a comic, I think you would be good at it.
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wow, thank you. and you know what? this comment is greatly accepted.. maybe more so than others because i know you. a fellow artist from my past. or maybe it's because i think you're an amazing artist too. dunno. but thank you. so much.
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Beatiful job. The rounded shapes in her face pop out nicely.
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