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February 13, 2017
CYBER suicide by KonstantinBratishko
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CYBER suicide

виртуальная реальность не только расширяет возможности человека, но и несет в себе новые опасности.
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© 2014 - 2021 KonstantinBratishko
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Whoah this is wild

This art being made in 2014 will be considered one of the first images which either helped us to avoid such allegory or predicted it.

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Great artwork.
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I missp people. ..:(
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This is a good reflection of how technology has made us slaves and took away the human connection.
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Oh, wow, really nice idea and maybe critique towards the virtual art stuff.

Lovely though, that both of them still have a partner... somehow... sitting next to each other but only doing stuff via internet; (probably even the sexual things. :laughing:)

The woman seems to be even more addicted than the guy.
Connected to the laptop intravenously and such.

Killing herself probably due to "OFFLINE", who knows?

Poor cat sucked up by the screen. :p

Hard to believe that at some places it looks this dirty and messy even without virtual reality. :D
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Absolutely amazing piece.
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Deep, but awesome. 
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Simply amazing!!
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Imensly disturbing. Lots of impact, wonderfully detailed and thought provoking.
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Like wow. I have no words....
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Love the game scene❤
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Scary and true, just an awesome work:clap::clap:
Scary and yet amazing work you've done.
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.... Luckly, VR is nothing more but a surviving trend for those who can afford it. The rest of us are living without it just fine.
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Great stuff.
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really cool and strong :x
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The internet suicided itself?
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