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Day 2: DIVIDED group



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During the journey through the streets of the Buried City there can happen a lot of surprises. Monsters, traps, landslips... Often you must to act quickly and make unusual decisions, just to stay alive. But what exactly you should not to do - is to split up your group. 

Even, if at some moment you think that it may be the best solution... this is not so. Many of the inhabitants of these ancient places with the help of cunning and spells will try to divide you... and you will become their easy prey. Even if you have got quarreled - first you must get out on the surface and then you can go on all four sides, but in any case do not separate on the trails of the Buried City. It has led to the deaths of countless number of heroes and villains.
Inspired by @justinjsweet & @vancekovacs
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Great picture, it reminds me of the illustrations to the old Fighting Fantasy books.