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cherry by konohamaru cherry :iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 1 1
Sonnet No. 1
I once thought I knew,
But now I can't be sure,
Whatever came of loving you?
An act so innocent and pure.
You left me here a broken man,
A shadow of myself.
A notch in you belt, a Master Plan
A master of emotional stealth.
A Feeling I can't overcome,
A Memory in my heart,
You're far away now, on the run,
Tempestuously did you part.
Though I though we were meant to be,
I can no Longer stand to think of thee.
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 2 0
The ends of the earth
Sweeping winds blow over,
a wheat field so gold,
within a day it's over,
and the land has fallen cold.
The fields have all become fallow,
the hay and corn won't rise,
the rivers all become shallow,
while the oceans grow in size.
The feeling we must face now,
a long and sad remorse,
deliver us from our sins now,
Man has run his course.
No Longer will the birds sing,
the land falls silent now,
this was all our doing,
let us stand and take a bow.
The bodies lie in heaps where,
a farm once made a living,
but now the fields have gone bare
Death was all we were giving.
A taste of what to come,
is what we witnessed here,
as we bang upon the drum,
bringing misery and fear.
Forging the path to salvation,
is not an option anymore,
for the scar on God's creation,
is something we have bore.
Taking life for granted seemed,
the only way to go,
the the planet, wounded, screamed,
for us to stop the show.
Our earth may not be doomed,
if we can change our ways,
but if we don't stop, ann
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 1 0
Mature content
Keep on top of me :iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 0
Let's go
The ebb and flow,
takes me away,
into the sea,
I sail away.
What lies ahead,
I've got no clue,
but I'm ready to go now,
how about you?
The future lies,
it stares us down,
lets take it on,
take it to town.
It bears its fangs,
time to resist,
the coming years,
hand over fist.
And you can come
away with me.
let's go out and find
our destiny.
The light  shines upon
our weary path.
Facing down the future's
certain wrath.
Let's go,
Let's go,
Let's go,
Let's go,
Head to the place,
that time forgot,
where we grew up,
that sacred spot.
Now times have changed,
just look around,
that sacred spot,
can not be found.
And you can come,
away with me,
Or else you're gonna stay
where they can see,
Everything that ever,
made you tick
They know so much,
it makes me sick.
Let's go,
Let's go,
Let's go,
Let's go.
And now we're gone,
into the sun,
we sail away,
our work is done.
Now's our chance,
listen to me,
I'll tell you how
it's gonna be.
And you can come
away with me.
let's go out and find
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 0
You should
Kneel and Pray,
My sanity slips a bit each day
Try to see,
exactly what your love has done to me.
Make is last,
the speeds that you are just too fast.
Watch your neck
should our love become a burning wreck.
Slow it down,
Darling, you need to step it back
Slow it down,
so you pick up the slack
                        You should
See your face,
it looks like an an angel fell from grace
Take a break,
another you is starting to wake
Stay behind,
take a closer look, I'm sure you'll find
Stop tonight,
I don't want to start another fight
Slow it down,
Darling, you need to choose,
Slow it down,
you've got everything to lose
                        You should
What our life is going to be,
if you
decide to follow through
With this
Slow it down,
Darling, yo
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 0
Can't get enough of you
All I can see is you,
sinking into my view
You sit there with a smile,
it makes me want to stay a while
Talk 'til two or three,
it doesn't matter to me.
Later if you so desire,
cause when I'm with you I never tire.
Whenever I hear your voice,
it makes me want to rejoice.
And I can't get enough of you.
When I'm with you all day,
the hours seem to melt away.
And I can't get enough of you.
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 0
The Crunch under my feet is a signal.
It lets me know a new season
has come, and it's here in full force.
The times change again this year.
The crunch this time is not freshly
fallen leaves but that if a
pure white snow.
This time of year is a period
of renewal, a time to reflect
and male changes for the year.
A retrospective in four
parts, a continuing
cycle until the end of time.
White to green to gold and back
each step bringing us closer.
You can't stop it, all you can
do is enjoy the ride
and know no matter how much you try,
                        You'll never get out alive.
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 0
Deep Green Eyes
With every step you walk
you set the pace,
Taking in stride all the
flaws of the human race,
What is it that you see?
Your view is not clouded,
Your path is not shrouded,
How can you be what you be?
You say
The aches and pains of
mankind have no effect on your mood,
But that can't be true
I know somewhere deep
inside something's gotta
get to you
I can see the lie,
It's hidden within
those deep green eyes.
It's rooted to your soul
and though no one you've
It's there, dormant and
Waiting to rise
What you say it makes no sense,
it always shakes my confidence,
It's a goddamn lie and you know it,
yet I know you'll never show it,
And it's a pain you'll take to the grave,
even though your heart I've always tried to save.
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 0
Mature content
Gain :iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 0
As Yukiko was getting ready she took a moment to reflect. She stared into the mirror and admired her fair skin complimented by her blonde hair, with black streaks. She removed her bath robe and slipped into her undergarments. Then she returned to the mirror to brush her long hair, which reached about to her mid back. She decided to put her hair into a simple ponytail today as she finished brushing her hair. She grabbed an elastic and tied it around the hair. She took another minute to gaze upon her new tattoo. A very simple design featuring an ouroboros. Having always been fascinated with reptiles, she thought the ouroboros was the best choice overall. Located on her left shoulder blade, the simple design of the ouroboros surrounded by what seemed like a celtic design — even Yukiko didn't know — seemed to jump off her skin into her eyes. She reassured herself, with a grin and a nod, that she loved the tattoo. Next she left the bathroom and headed towards her bedroom. A little cluttered
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 2
Women in Art CCG: Angelicdeath by konohamaru Women in Art CCG: Angelicdeath :iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 4 Women in Art CCG: Nijuunigou by konohamaru Women in Art CCG: Nijuunigou :iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 1 6
Start Packing Your bags
Up into the clouds we shall fly
Up to the highest reaches of the sky
Down to earth we shall fall
Down again to see it all
Left alone, the two of us
Right at the perfect time
Left alone, the two of us
Right now, you're on my mind
Be a dear come with me
A whole new world you will see
Start packing your bags
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 19
A 3K pageview pic by konohamaru A 3K pageview pic :iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 4
Driven to drink
Lectures at night are boring,
Lectures at day are dry!
The families of two kids are warring,
thanks to this Shakespeare guy.
Lectures at day are dry,
At night it's time to drink!
Thanks to this Shakespeare guy
It's becoming hard to think.
At night it's time to drink,
A Guinness is my choice.
It's becoming hard to think,
As such I'll raise my voice!
A Guiness is my choice!
You deny me another round?
As such I'll raise my voice,
And Drive you into the the ground!
You deny me another round?
That's great, cause I am broke.
And driving you into the ground?
My friend, that's just a joke!
That's great now I am broke
Thanks to this Shakespeare guy!
My friend, this is no joke,
Lectures at day are dry!
:iconkonohamaru:konohamaru 0 9


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Mermaid Fire :iconlindalisa:LindaLisa 157 53
Ash and Misty MiniMovie by MiyaToriaka Ash and Misty MiniMovie :iconmiyatoriaka:MiyaToriaka 4,137 3,302



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