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Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand 3D Model


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Character  Keanu Reeves
AKA Keanu Reeves. I created all the diffuse textures from scratch myself and made him for the Gmod Workshop link below. He is fully rigged, decided to post the 3d model here in-case someone else wants to 3D print this model or do some artwork, uses most of the default bones from the game but removed many around the torso unfortunately.

Download link to 3d model (FBX,OBJ):…

Gmod workshop download: Steam Workshop::Cyberpunk 2077 - Johnny Silverhand (Keanu Reeves) (PM+NPC) (

Vote for the next model for me to port with full textures: Who to port from Cyberpunk 2077 next? - StrawPoll

If you want to join my Discord and follow development (and random talk) then here it is:

I attempted to port this to Xnalara but was unable to, if someone is capable of doing so, please do contact me before-hand, thanks!

Model belongs to CD Projekt Red, I don't own the rights to this model, just allowing people to use the 3D model, please no nudity or anything.
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of course the textures are in the worst format ever that being tga

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Johnny Silverhand ❤

dont have glossiness or roughness maps ?

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Hello, do you take requests on models to rip from Cyberpunk?

Great Job! I would love to see a goro takemura as good as this silverhand anytime soon

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there is Takemura already out here if you want to take a look:

Goro Takemura - Cyberpunk 2077

Everytime I put it in Unity it has no textures, does anyone have a fix? I have been trying for over 4 hours now and am about to give up.

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Have you been able to rip characters like Adam Smasher? (not sure how difficult he is to rip compared to "normal" human Npc's

Would you be able to get it working for VRchat

Yeah. Thats what i did. I Highly recommend you to use the gmod model for your vrchat avatar

How did you get the Gmod model? Did you have to go to the Garrys Mod folder on your pc?

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Awesome! I’m planning on doing some MMD motions on Johnny in Blender. With using the song called End of Time by Scandroid. Much love ;)

Man! How the hell did you open .ARCHIVE extension? I spent an hour looking for solution, just can't find any.

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Using the CP77 Tools, can google for it

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could someone port this to xnalara_xps ?? cheers OuO

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Is there any chance you have a version with non tga files? Unity doesn't like tga files unfortunately.

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Ahh! Thank you for sharing this! I understand the game's texture generation thingy is problematic for extraction, but this looks spot on to me! :love:

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any chance to get an Adam Smasher?

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>Loads Gmod model into Blender

>".....where is the facial armature???!"

>Stumbles upon your post here

Thank you kind sir! Will credit when I add HWM flexes and put it on the SFM workshop

thank you for the model sharing :heart: looking forward for more cyberpunk models :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

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Awesome stuff, can't wait for other 2077 models.

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This is the strawpoll I have linked on the Gmod workshop page to vote for the next model, if you are interested in that: Who to port from Cyberpunk 2077 next? - StrawPoll

Seems like Male V and Female V will be next (clothes from the promo).

If you want to join my Discord and follow development (and random talk) then here it is:

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