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Radical Racer - Nanase


Nanase was born in a noble family, but surprisingly she has always preferred to get her hands dirty by motor oil instead of enjoying girl stuff and some bon ton.
Her parents realized that she found her natural talent, so they strongly supported her ambitions since she was a child.
One day, at the age of sixteen, her family died during a boat trip cause the heavy sea; she survived because fishermen miraculously rescued her from the waves.
She never forgot what the villagers have done for her, so she decided to honour their name making her ultimate motorbike, inspired by the remote island where they live: the Joushou Kaijin.
She also wear a little glass fishing float as a lucky charm, a gift from the fisherman who saved her.

Radical Racer: Nanase (七瀬, "seven, rapids" as a given name)
Transportation: Joushou Kaijin tricycle motorbike
Special trick: dango sticky bombs
Lucky charm: glass float on obijime


Edit: Special thanks to JakeParker and the dA staff for the opportunity to participate and win this cool contest.
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I love yours the most! so cool

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I like your artwork the most, very cool & clean design.

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Thank you so much! :)

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Bruh, this whole piece was just expertly crafted and designed with intent. I know I'm a bit late, but it's never too late to appreciate such a timeless (it really is) piece like this. Good on ya mate, you legend!

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Thanks for your appreciation!

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This ones really great, you deserve it.

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This is so cool! Every piece of the design fits together perfectly ✨

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I love this more than any other entry! Congrats with a prize place!

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Very well done!

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Beautiful design, I love how unique the vehicle and racing suit are.

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Thanks a lot~

The design was the funniest part w/o doubts^^

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you won, You Won, YOU WON! Congratulations!!

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