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Gldilock Page 22

Alas, poor Elliot! We kinda knew him a little. 

Ah, why not. Been too long. Circa 2011...Here's page 22 of my short lived comic thru Zuda/DC called GOLDILOCK.
boyyyeeeeeeee ;) more to come
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Looks like DC's getting out of comics. I'm wondering if that's played any part in your recent upload.

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aw dang I did not even know mas DC comics?? wth

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Honestly? It's just further confirmation of the "Get woke, go broke" meme and the explosion of independent publishing would be my first guess. Now guys like us don't need to worry about government censorship, dealing with corporate gate keepers, or bothering with the media key masters to get our work in front of the audiences' eyes. Our success is determined by a combination of planning, determination, and artistic skill.

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i could get behind this haha