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Das Eiserne Kreuz - Flag of Wolfenium



OOC: This is the national flag for the Empire of Wolfenium, my main nation in the web browser nation simulator, NationStates. I designed it as a Nordic Cross for two reasons; to reflect on the populations' Germanic characteristics and because it looks cool. :P

IC: Officially adopted in Year 2 of the Imperial Calender (1712 A.D.), shortly after the death of the Empire's first Kaiser, Fredrick Staufen, the Iron Cross had been the banner for the Wolfen resistance since the War for Independence against the Commonwealth of Amythyst. Used as the main standard for the unified South Astoli Alliance forces that rebelled against the oppression of the Amythysians, the state flag of the newly formed Empire has since become a nation symbol for independence and struggle.

Derived from the Alsteinian state flag, the Iron Cross composed of a black Nordic cross overlapping another cross outlined in red over a white background. Usually set in a proportion of 2:3, the flag can either be flown horizontally or vertically with the cross-section of the cross in the upper portion.

The black cross represents willpower and struggle, recognizing the immense determination put on by the people of Wolfenium in maintaining their freedom and sovereignty. The red borders represent sacrifice, a testament to the blood shed by the people for the nation's survival. The white background represents virtue, advocating the nation's adherence to law and justice.

Game: [link]
Nation: [link]
Nation's Factbook: [link]
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errr I´m pretty sure you mean "Das Eiserne Kreuz"