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Complete pack with SFM models of pony armor styled on Warhammer 40K universe, additionally source files, blender files and UV maps.
Materials updated to be less space consuming. 

Package contains:

  • Crimson Crows chapter armor, with terminator armor (stallion)
  • Wonderbolts chapter armor (stallion)
  • Batelmare armor (mare)
  • Elite commander armor (Rarity)
  • Elite librarian armor (Twilight)
  • Elite apothecary armor (Fluttershy)
  • Elite assault (Rainbow)
  • Elite marine (Pinkie)
  • Elite terminator (Apple Jack)
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Heh...they look cute even like that.
TheNorthRemembers3's avatar
part of me wishes this had Chaos Spare marine Armor XD
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Maybe if I will have some free time, but right now I have some others projects so it may take some time
TheNorthRemembers3's avatar
thats ok. when ever you get to it i understand. 
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Did anyone see the hate Comments on SFMlabs?
TheNorthRemembers3's avatar
sorry for the late reply, i did. I saw some on another site as well. What the hell is wrong with others. We enjoy crossing MLP and Warhammer, is that too hard for them to comprehend? I mean i do art of Rainbow, Twilight, and Derpy as Chaos Space Marines, and im in the process of doing SFM animations using these models and the chaos marine armor that was made. It just annoys me at times how blind some people are you know?
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