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For the EMPRESS [Warpony 1K download]



Background: Lauren Faust - The TRUE Goddess of Equestria from :iconjamey4:

Warhammer 40K pony armor model. Made for stallion body type so it can be bone-merge with stallion models and use animation based on it's skeleton (Warning chest 2 bone is unused in model, this is no a bug, also for some legs positions there can be some clipping because armor pieces are stiff, it was intended, for full plated power armor there have to be some move restrictions)
Model can be used as stand alone or be combined with pony model, with pony disable head armor adjust tail position or use no tail version of plot armor and disable scale down tail, for pegasi also scale down wings. 
Package contains armors from two chapters:
- Crimson Crows (based on oryginal chapter from lore but you know Copy Rights and stuff)
- Wonderbolts  (for pony fans)
Every piece of armor can be disabled (except inner layer), there additional options for back armor (normal and assault back), and plot armor (normal and no tail).

I hope you find this interesting If you want to make your own armor schemes go here Warpony 1k Source [Download] for source files.

Mare version: Batel Mare [Download]

So have fun... i men .Come brothers and sisters, lets cleanse our universe from demons, xenos, heretics, FOR THE EMPRESSS
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is this for gmod too