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Maiev Shadowsong

My entry for Wowhead's Legion Art Contest !

I have noticed lately the existence of this contest, but I decided to accept this challenge. It was a really hard-working week, drawing whenever I can, During lunch break, after work ... And all the night ... Here is the result !

Come here to watch my work's evolution (gif ) :…

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Out of all the artwork I've seen, this is probably one of my most favorites. I absolutely love how you did with the color, the scenery, the background, and Maiev herself. Everything about this piece of artwork shows magnificence in every way.

Great job! :)
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Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it :D 
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You are most certainly welcome. tip my hat to ya
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I hope they will kick so much Butts in Legion, Maiev and Illidan i mean ;)
Very good work ! amazing! Just one thing. It would be epic if she has metallic fangs, sharp curves at the end of Maievs cloak! otherwise 10/10
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This is just phenomenal. I do have to admit however that when I see this I just think of poor loyal Cordana and how we abandoned her to corruption at Gul'Dan's hands.  *sigh*
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Quite possibly the most baddass art of Maiev I've ever seen. 
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woooh, thanks !!! <3
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Amazing art work.
Outstanding work, well done.
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Maiev is my favourite lore character ever from Warcraft <3 This is so awesome, well done! :D
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fierce, I like how you actually care to make details in the background without them disrupting the focus center, nice work
Cool piece! I like the illidan silhouette in the background
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