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Given how not a lot of people (specifically newcomers) are following my rules, I decided to move it all in a journal so it can be much easier to read. I've also added a couple of new ones, too. So look into them. 

•Please do NOT attack me, or make fun of me in some way. I can be incredibly mean. Don't believe me? Try me.

•As petty as this sounds, I honestly recommend that you reply to my comments after I've commented on your works; it makes me kinda paranoid. Unless you're extremely busy.

•As petty as this also sounds, I get super mad if I befriend you for quite a long time, yet you don't talk to me, make something for me, or whatever else but for the rest of your friends instead. Yeah, yeah, jealousy or whatever, but I'll definitely have second thoughts about you. :no: It also really makes me question why the hell you were/are watching me in the first place. It's also dumb that you just...distance yourself from me for no reason whatsoever. Speaking of watches, how about you act like your watching me if you are? Instead of, again, ignoring me for no reason. 

•On the topic of friends, by now you should know that it's not by just asking. No, if you really want to be pals, you have to earn it. If you do ask, it'll just look like you're patronizing me for free art. 

•The sentence "I hope you understand" really grinds my gears. I'm not going to say why since it isn't your concern, but when you talk to me directly, refrain from bringing this sentence up. Like, at all.

•I really don't have that much of a sense of humor....unless it's dark humor. So... no cat faces, tildes, change of text, or corny jokes, unless it's necessary, please. That crap gets VERY annoying, especially when I'm in a bad mood. 

•Don't assume that I have left unless I say so. If I don't be here often, it's because of school, or something else extremely important. So, again, unless I say that I left, or am leaving, I'm staying right here.

•As shown on my profile, only my friends can call me by my real name and/or nicknames if necessary. If you aren't, either call me "Marquezel" or by my username, nothing more and nothing less. Thanks.

•You don't have to thank me for anything, unless you're truly grateful. That's a demand. You're welcome.

•One word comments are not only unhelpful to my work, but they tend to piss me off due to a waste of feedback mail in my inbox. So don't do that. 

•Not to be a grammar nazi or anything, but unless you're a close/friend of mine or if English isn't your strong suit, I definitely won't take you seriously if you can't spell or punctuate correctly. This site ain't for retarded four year olds, so stop acting like one. On the topic of text, I'll say again, please don't write in small words or bold or whatever unless it's needed. It ain't necessary here, and stop trying to be cute with that.  

•Don't correct me for anything that didn't need to be corrected in the first place. Seriously, don't get on your high horse and be a smart ass. :P And I also don't have much of "talkative connection" that well, so please don't call me out on something. Basically, sit down and know your place. You don't own me. 

•Even if it kills you, I would highly, highly, HIGHLY, recommend it, if you say "thank you", instead of "thanks". Yes, I'm that picky with words, please deal with it. If not, I'll just give you a blank and pointless answer of, "Don't mention it." or "Whatever". Not only that, but it MAY effect how I feel about you too, so watch it.

•Chain letters are nothing more than just spam to me. It will be instantly flagged if posted. 

•I can draw what I wish to draw and how I draw it, it's a hobby. Don't like what I do? Don't look and comment, plain and simple. 

•You are not allowed to use my work in any way, shape, or form. If you want to use anything that I made, please credit me. 

•As a goth, I'm the type of guy who likes gore, blood, and NFSW stuff. Such as dominatrices, and other revealing outfits for women. If that kind of thing offends you or makes you uncomfortable, can you please keep it to yourself? I will be greatly offended and will instantly block you if you do so otherwise. "Ewwwwww, you're disgusting if you like these two together!" "You're gross!!!" Oh? And how would YOU feel if I said that I don't ship two men together and think it's disgusting? Wouldn't exactly be right, would it? Bottom line, respect my opinions and actions and I'll respect yours. 

•This topic has bugged me long enough, so I HAD to make a rule of it. If I commission you to draw me something, please, for the love of God and all that he's know for, please, I'll say it one more time, PLEASE don't cancel it? When and if I pay you to do something regardless if it's by Paypal or points, I expect you to get it done. And I really don't care how long it takes, either. It can take years, centuries, millenniums, or when cars can fly. Just. Don't. Cancel it. Doing so otherwise just wastes both of our times that we'll never get back. It's ESPECIALLY annoying when you make something for someone else free of charge because they're "special" or have "amazing art". And you better have a damn good excuse as to why you cancel it, too. Don't give me that "no motivation" garbage when, again, you made something for someone else free of charge. Not only that, but there's a small chance that I'll call you out and grill you on the matter. And before you call me names and tell me to go die in a fire like a immature child, let me remind you that I gave you my money. MY. MONEY. To do a simple task. It's not my fault that you have turned into an irresponsible human being and couldn't finish what you did or didn't start. And I couldn't care less of what you or your damage controlling white knight buddies say to me, either. You dug your own grave, and I'll be the one to push you in.

•Continuing from the rule above, along with all the said things that I will potentially do if you cancel whatever I paid or asked you to do, you will most likely be blocked. Which, again, just goes to show that you aren't responsible when it comes to crap like this. 

In conclusion to all of this, stay out of my way, and I'll stay out of yours. I won't hurt you, unless you hurt ME first. I can be one of the most nicest human beings you've ever met, or the meanest. Just keep you nose clean, and you'll be fine. 

...Anyway, thanks for reading, have a great day, and enjoy my gallery. 
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I can completely relate on a few of these, especially the joke thing.  Granted I occasionally try to make puns, but only with good friends that welcome it or at least in hopes of making them smile or laugh (to bring positive spirits up).  I actually don't have much tolerance for various kinds of humor due to well... troll problems and people having a tendency of doing the "it's just a joke" card thing.  Honorable mention to my dislike for the majority of memes, but that's mostly because of either being overused, some people don't know when to stop when asked to, or both.  I shouldn't rant about it though.  I just hope things will be better on your end.
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Trust me, I'm the type of guy that doesn't want any nonsense from people. Especially the types that aren't down-to-earth and think about unicorns and rainbows 24/7. Like, how old are you? Clearly not old enough to think that you're a princess in a castle waiting for your prince charming to rescue you.

...But that's just me.

And yeah, like you said, only when it's necessary. Like I mentioned before, the fact that people act all "tee hee" while I'm in a pissy mood is like having a shit eating grin on their faces. A grin I'll be happy to tear right off your face. 

Oooh, yeah. Memes can get old and annoying fast. Granted, there are some hilariously memorable ones like the video games, but anything else? No. Just no.

Thanks for your concern, Admiral. It's greatly appreciated. 

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It's the least I can do.  I can simply relate to the joke/meme thing so much, for that really messed me up as far as some things go, but that's just people being annoying or misinformed about my tastes/interests.  So seeing it happen to others sometimes worries me at times.