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♂️ (He/Him) | January 31 | ♒ | Gamer | Heterosexual | Cynic | Demon King | Donut Lover

...My real name is Marques, but ONLY my friends call me that; others call me Marquezel. I'm just a soulless, empty, person who loves to look and create drawings and artwork. I do it most of my free time too and sometimes always busy with work. I can't even have time to myself these days, really...That, and I’ve been a gamer my whole life. I've owned every Nintendo console from the SNES to the Switch, though I spend most of my gaming time with my PS4 and other non-Nintendo media. I enjoy games from a variety of genres and I love action, adventure, and shooters. And if it has violence, and gore, chances are I'll love it.

Blah, blah, blah. I hope you like what I draw. Frankly, the less you know about me, the better. Also, please take the time to look into the rules I have here: fav.me/dcw6mck.

Favorite games/series:


*Mario (for the most part...)





*Donkey Kong







Don't Starve


The Binding Of Isaac

Life Is Strange

Super Meat Boy






Secondary favorite games/series.

They Bleed Pixels


Smash Bros.

Sly Cooper


Batman Arkham series


*Phoniex Wright

*Professor Layton

*Fire Emblem

*=Like much, MUCH more than the others.

Favourite Books
Nonfiction novels
Favourite Gaming Platform
Adventure/Action, Visual Novels and Shooters.

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KonggersHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
Listen up.

I am utterly sick and tired of getting thanked for faves, lamas, and watches. Posting the piece I faved from you along with the comment especially makes me mad. Along with me hiding it.

So, I'll only say this once. Stop thanking me for things!

I do not care if you're trying to be nice, or advertising me to go to your profile and check out the rest of your work. It won't happen.

It's annoying, and I consider them to be a complete waste of feedback in my inbox. Not to also mention discouraging. Also, in order to prevent this message from getting lost, please only reply to this comment if you have something to say. 

Replying over it will not only have your comment hidden but may force me to block you as well. So let's not go there. 

Happy Birthday, and I hope it was a great one.
KonggersHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, you remembered it. Thats something at least. 

Thanks. It was. 
KonggersHobbyist Digital Artist
H B D Konggers!
KonggersHobbyist Digital Artist