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I've always loved Rarity from MLP FIM, but god DAMN her Nightmare form from the comics was awesome *___* So I doodled up my own interpretation of her <3

Hope you enjoy!!
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how do i get this put on a coffee cup tell me this and i shalll order it!!!!
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Added it to the Deviant Art prints option just now for ya in case you wanted it ^__^  Otherwise I'll be eventually listing stuff on Redbubble and similar sites in the near future!
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Wow, beautiful! I love her mane!
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amazing drawing of art =)=)=)=)=) <3
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Gorgeous! I love how you made her mane!
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Thank you! ^_^ I know it's a little more whimsical than in the comic, but I wanted it to just be fabulous!
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Magnificent. Love the detail, especially on her mane and tail, and her evil grin.:heart:
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Yay Nightmarity! 
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Mama Nightmare Rarity!!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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The one and only!
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