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Keith Galluzzo
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Hello, Hello! :wave:
Welcome and thanks for checking out my DA profile :hug: Hope you enjoy the stay!

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This is LT. Keith Galluzzo of the USS Growler. I'm a 24-yr old Tomcat living alongside my human comrades as a part-time engineer and part-time librarian in the New York colony's Community Library.
Welcome to my Deviant Art page! It is a privilege to know you stopped by. Feel free to stay and comment as long as you like. However, should you find fault or disagreement with any of my work you may leave free of charge WITHOUT leaving any comments.
(I do not come over to your page and leave hairballs in your comments, so I expect you to not leave any on my deviations)

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Be sure to stop by my shop, TriTownTaxidermy on! It's full of natural fur tails, pelts and taxidermy for your crafting, collecting and loving enjoyment!
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June 7: Day after Japanese Street fair and tanning

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 15, 2015, 12:30 PM
  • Listening to: Doushitemo Furetakunai Drama CD
  • Reading: Hiragana and Katakana Workbook
  • Watching: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
  • Playing: ...with my lip?
  • Eating: Green Tea Kitkat
  • Drinking: Tea
:heart: UPDATES :heart:

In the process of tanning a coyote pelt for a friend YAY :) He is in the pickle and will be shaved thinner this Monday. Then its the final neutralizing and tanning Tuesday (?)  Happy it is going very well. His tail slipped, but a replacement will be sewn on :) 

On a side non-taxidermy/work note: I got to go to the Japanese Block Fair on Park Ave. Small but pretty cool. My buddy and I got to share pork-buns and got matching hand-made tea cups for green tea :) Paid a visit to Sunrise Mart afterwards who was having a Green Tea display. Lucky for my it's my favorite flavor and they had  GREEN TEA KIT KATS! I was looking all over for a pack! and it was a bargain at just over 7.00 a bag! 
We also got another choco/green tea candy with a gummy center. It was really really good although I despise being ambushed by hidden candy centers! Out of curiosity we attempted to translate what the word was written all over it. Failed a that. It is either a small town or a spinoff of a character from Battlestar Galactica. 
Great day! The next time this event will go down is Oct.18, so I'm planning it now XD

I'm trying to go to as many street fairs as I can these days (providing they are free to get in).

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I'm still tired from Thursday night. After work, I have more work at the high school I graduated from. I (try) to teach kids how to use synthesizers without exploding speakers... Failed at that especially with this one kid is really rude. He kicks people off keyboards, elbows me in the ribs and likes to mess up sound levels after I tell him not to touch it. 

After that, for the next hour and a half to an hour we all got into groups and were going to go over what bullying is, and how to handle a bully-situation. 
Long behold, my co-worker (who is still new to the whole program) and I somehow got stuck with the 6 kids who are super hyperactive including the rib-jabber from before. We had to cut up a bannana and put it back together Everyone else did pretty well, but ours looked like a leaky Frankenstein who ate a bomb... We had to do a skit showing how different people handle bullies... Looked like a school fight. I think our group has successfully made authority-hating banana killing bullies. 

But heck, it fun for the most part. 

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5/15/15: 51515 
I need a hug :/ My grandmother from FL who I have not seen in about 4 years has come to visit for a week. As much as I love family coming by, something is amiss and it is troubling me.
I have not told her I am transgender and going by my male name in public and aiming for surgery very soon. . To put it the best I can, I was unaware just how much I have changed in 4 years from when I last seen her. About 6 years ago when she was last here before my suicidal mess (yes, I was there too) I was trying to fight my feelings like a nut job. After I almost did myself in I gave up kidding myself and made a conscious effort to go in the direction I felt happiest. Life is great now from not having to put on a charade every single day.
But, as happy as I am, I can not tell her. Let her find the hints around the house (Men's clothes, chest binder, my male name in the library page, town-buddies calling me Keith). If she finds out that way I will not deny it, but telling her would cause a re-peat disaster of family hatred I can't live through again.

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The only reason why I listen to the song "Starships" is because it says "starships"... otherwise its just more white noise.
Next paycheck I will be getting mounting forms/supplies for the raccoon I have been working on as well as my poor red fox that I have been neglecting :P 
BUT! The red fox does not have its eyes split and he is already tanned, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Can this be done after tanning, or might it do more harm than good?

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Had a few rough nights. Nightmares returned (unfortunately) along with some other mental health scares I prefer not to discuss publicly. But, you know that they say, every good grooming has its hairballs... and after a hack and a gag it will all be okay.
On a good note, my lovely raccoon is dry, fluffy and despite her facial injury she is all ready to be mounted and plushed up next paycheck.
I was commissioned to tan a friend's coyotes and a bobcat. I'm extremely excited to help out a friend and can't wait to make them all fluffy and ready to be mounted :)

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Foredom tool is here, Flesh-All mini flesher is here, bits of raccoon leather is EVERYWHERE!! But it works. Works very well, but with my unsteady hands it looks rather rough. Towards the end of my fleshing session and some minor adjustments, it came out pretty good despite 2 minor holes.
The raccoon is back in the citric-pickle for another day and possibly tonight I'll get to neutralizing and tanning it. I'm hoping to make this raccoon a soft mount only because I need someone to hug (and my cat hates hugs with a burning passion), then she will be sold on Etsy to a loving forever home. So after payday it's back to McKenzie to get a headform, earliners, eyes and critter clay. As always, updated updates will be stuck to this journal.

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Trying this again: been playing the backspace game for a while. Uptight with myself but I'm not one to talk about it because I hate sounding like a whiny attention sucker.
Lately things have been going well but I can't help but be aggravated at the lack of progress there has been with my surgery goal. The surgery itself is 7,900 lodging with someone who has seen this before: 110 a night plus tax, trains from my station to NYP to FLT and back 316. The medications insurance can cover.
So far all the money I have been making has been going to pay down my Care Credit card. (It's kinda plugged up thanks to my FIV cat Bozz who has had the roughest beginning I've ever seen.)The doctor accepts it (but with a nice fee) so I can use it to finance however much my limit on the card.
I hate the feeling of putting this off for any longer...

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Happy and blessed Easter and Passover to all who celebrate it (since my religious version of musical chairs, I'll observe it but not go to mass).
Good news, I brought a Foredom SR which will be here next week and the electric flesher piece will be paid next week and shipped.
After that it's practice time @.@ I'll try it out on muskrats and raccoon first before I allow myself anywhere near nicer pelts!

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Sooo... I contacted someone who was selling a Flesh-All mini flesher for a really really good price. Unfortunately hes taking a really really long time to get back to me with a Paypal address. I can't wait any longer to get a fleshing tool because my hands hurt and so does my wallet from tannery costs!
I'm talking to another person who sells Flesh-All products and he had the Foredom electric version in stock (YAY). Which I think is a better investment since our air-compressor is not only itty-bitty, but pisses water into all the tools. Al least the electric one wont suffer internal rust and break on me. 
:la: :la: :la: Complete Colorado Coyote pelt is now posted on Etsy. Black squirrels have some shedding so they will be sold at a steep discount. :la: :la: :la:

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My fox squirrels are on their way to Tubari Ltd. Tannery! I'll have 27 professionally tanned hides in stock whenever they are done :) 
Got an adorable red fox ready to be plush~mounted. Ill be posting updates on him as I complete him before posting for sale on Etsy

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Thanks to work picking up the pace, I won't be tanning the fox squirrels myself. They will be professionally tanned by the same company that did my kit foxes (they are both sold).

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Great News!
After a long span of nothing, my ETSY STORE IS FINALLY OPEN AGAIN!…

Same great quality!

Still hand made!

Still sourced from the United States!

So, grab a cup of coffee and come check out all the fur tails, pelts and crafts in stock and ready to ship.…

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