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swastikas and stripes

By kone1972
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old glory! the star spangled banner!
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Apr 4, 2010, 2:24:19 PM
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Cool wish Obama saw that .....
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I love seeing such powerful, rebellious, meaningful artwork like this. Who ever called U.S. free?
spoof-or-not-spoof's avatar
The United National Socialist States of America.
blackstrike's avatar
If Republicunts win, yeah, this might as well be a new USA flag.

Great work!
Guadalope's avatar
Nice work.
Love the drips!
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Don't know if you have done it on purpose but the nazi swastika is the mirrored immage of your stencil. The symbol, left or right turning had a lot of uses during history . Which one did you use?
I really like it! I love this kind of political work!!
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I like this it's very good. Been thinking of doing some flag based work myself, and the Stars and stripes is very customizable.

Only one small thing, you have a swastika missing, unless this is a comment on the USA circa 1959-1960 and a particular event in the civil rights movement. Or that could be me reading too much into a painting and having far too much access to google and wikipedia :shrug:
Gaz-de-la-Raz's avatar
Perhaps he doesnt deem Hawaii, America's 50th state as a fascist state?
kiwi-pdd's avatar
True they are not anywhere near as fascist as the others :/
O-Bomba-pe-roti's avatar

You're gonna piss a lot of men in black with this. Kudos!
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dust-n-tedium's avatar
wow how controversial you are... what a CONTROVERSIAL piece.
Aamukaksi's avatar
Being sarcastic is something that shouldn't be done if you haven't got the skill for it. Otherwise you'll just end up looking silly.
dust-n-tedium's avatar
I wasn't trying to make it funny. I was trying to point out how obviously controversial the "artist" was trying to be and failing.
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Fucking sick, man.
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salvi-prider's avatar
whats the meaning of this?
Wator's avatar
fuck swatik!
arcade-art's avatar
awesome work here!
This is badass!! :skull:
paulo2070's avatar
yes Kone, props dude, see you at UpFest fella
kone1972's avatar
how'd you know i was going??? gonna be good tho!
paulo2070's avatar
just guessed you would be fella, u going with cleo?
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