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Sample Chibi by konayachi

Sample Normal by konayachi

Prices are per character. Complex designs may increase the prices.

For additional character/ pet/ property in one canvas: + 50% from the base price.

Background will be either: transparent/ one plain color/ simple patterns, please specify which one you would like to have.


a.) Commercial Use (you can make profit from the commissions): + base price x 2.
b.) Exclusivity (your commissions will not appear in my website and SNS): + base price x (2 x years)/10.
c.) Copyright (ownership transfer): + base price x 5.

Before ordering, make sure you read my Terms Of Service.
By ordering, you agree to the Terms Of Service.

Terms Of Service summary:

1) Upfront payment for the commission, with PayPal/ Stripe Invoice.
2) The commissioned result is a drawing in a digital file.
3) There are no refunds but reasonable arrangements may be done (see the TOS).
4) After you send email to me, I will respond with your price.
6) The delivery of the commission is through Dropbox share.

To order, fill the form on this page.
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