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Mia Terois (Redesign) by konamicode1999 Mia Terois (Redesign) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 1 0 Wyndham Rice (Colored) by konamicode1999 Wyndham Rice (Colored) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 0 0 Chelsea Wyzen (Redesign) by konamicode1999 Chelsea Wyzen (Redesign) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 0 0 Kappa (New OC) by konamicode1999 Kappa (New OC) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 0 0 Ayano Fujin (Colored) by konamicode1999 Ayano Fujin (Colored) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 0 0 Cane Lafeyette (Redesign) by konamicode1999 Cane Lafeyette (Redesign) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 1 0 Helena Ainsley (Redesign) by konamicode1999 Helena Ainsley (Redesign) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 1 0 Lili Musashi (Redesign) by konamicode1999 Lili Musashi (Redesign) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 1 0 Gestalt (Redesign) by konamicode1999 Gestalt (Redesign) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 0 0 Vladimir Shepherd (Colored) by konamicode1999 Vladimir Shepherd (Colored) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 0 0 Delilah Shepherd (Colored) by konamicode1999 Delilah Shepherd (Colored) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 0 0 New Oc: Gestalt by konamicode1999 New Oc: Gestalt :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 2 0 Oc Update: Damien Zendall by konamicode1999 Oc Update: Damien Zendall :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 2 0 Oc Update: Tabitha Delanci by konamicode1999 Oc Update: Tabitha Delanci :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 1 0 Oc Update: Percival Crews (Tora-8) by konamicode1999 Oc Update: Percival Crews (Tora-8) :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 2 0 New Oc: Wander by konamicode1999 New Oc: Wander :iconkonamicode1999:konamicode1999 2 0


Rwby Height Chart 2.0 by unityManipulator Rwby Height Chart 2.0 :iconunitymanipulator:unityManipulator 302 42 The View - MLP Comic by Dragonfoxgirl The View - MLP Comic :icondragonfoxgirl:Dragonfoxgirl 553 78 Map of Equestria by MysteryMelt Map of Equestria :iconmysterymelt:MysteryMelt 13 3 F2U Halfling Adopt Base w/ 2 faces by talosthefakegod
Mature content
F2U Halfling Adopt Base w/ 2 faces :icontalosthefakegod:talosthefakegod 41 4
Splatoon - Socks vs Sweaters by Zedrin
Mature content
Splatoon - Socks vs Sweaters :iconzedrin:Zedrin 416 29
Versumi Tales - Rise of the Underlords
On the world of Versumi, during the Age of the Gods, a ruthless batch of tyrants from the underground appeared, as if out of thin air. These tyrants, these masters of pure evil, went by a name, "Underlord". These Underlords had a hatred for all that was good and for each other. Indeed, it was said that two Underlords working together meant some cataclysmic event must have occured.
But, where did these Underlords come from? What was their purpose? Why did they hate each other? And why were they pure, unadultered evil? These are questions that have plagued our lands for centuries. I have discovered the answers to these questions, and so, I shall answer them here.
During the Age of Magic, it was discovered that the Council of Magic, the ruling body at that time, was lead by a terribly evil man named Janakar Eldiando. He was a master of chaotic energies, known also as "eldritch magic". This is where the Underlords began.
The Eldritch Gods - Algoneth, Gol-goneth, Gulyathnara, Mordigan, Nyar
:iconsureenink:SureenInk 4 3
Laundry Day, Voice Edition!
(Very NSFW Link)!IZIGFDzb!5f2ZtyPnYZa0xGpW9_Cw6T1luVVyDyWg9LPab_1Y2fA
 My good online friend V decided to lend her voice to a request I had made. I wanted to see what one of my works would look like if it had voice acting to accompany it. Sadly, she was the only one to step forward, but she was happy to voice both June and Aria!
 So yeah, I hope you all enjoy this experiment. I know the editing is bad, and it’s using my bad old art too. It was V’s first time voice acting as well, but I think she did well. I don’t’ think I had specific voices in mind for June or Aria, but I’m more than happy to hear V voice them. I’d like to hear more honestly, but I don’t think I want to dedicate so much time to editing. Perhaps one day, someone might step forward to do sound and video editing for a comic dub. Maybe a few more ladies willing to
:iconanewenfartist:ANewENFArtist 9 32
Pilfered Clothes by ANewENFArtist
Mature content
Pilfered Clothes :iconanewenfartist:ANewENFArtist 265 14
Boiling rock by Roomaru Boiling rock :iconroomaru:Roomaru 45 8 Commission: RWBYxCowboy Bebop by KegiSpringfield Commission: RWBYxCowboy Bebop :iconkegispringfield:KegiSpringfield 358 80 Drunk Tifa by mysticalpha
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Drunk Tifa :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 353 24
Overwatch: Select Your Hero by PokeyPokums Overwatch: Select Your Hero :iconpokeypokums:PokeyPokums 172 21 Patapon Uberhero Models 3q View! by Topaz-The-CrossCat73 Patapon Uberhero Models 3q View! :icontopaz-the-crosscat73:Topaz-The-CrossCat73 37 147 Blizzard's past by Tiger-human Blizzard's past :icontiger-human:Tiger-human 2 0 Inkling Base (Free to use) by Tri-Falls Inkling Base (Free to use) :icontri-falls:Tri-Falls 92 22



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M. Anderson
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
artist; gamer; watcher; eater
Life's a b___h people. You can be her owner or she can hump your leg.
Not really sure who'll read this. Just saying I'm going through and posting any ocs I haven't actually put up yet. So expect a lot of new posts.


Mia Terois (Redesign)
(I have got to get better with faces)

Mia is still the flirtatious hybrid everyone knows and some even love, even when making her mark in the fashion industry. She's always on the lookout for inspiration, constantly carrying a pocket book full of sketches, some for normal pieces, others for more risque designs.

The lionfish hybrid still has some of her quirks. She never hesitates to offer help in fixing clothing, still offering help with Helena's wardrobe. Additionally, she still has her violent side you never want to meet in a turf war. Cod knows the fear she's spread when using her splatling.

Additionally, she still hangs out with her team, having an intimate relationship with both Cane and Scyp, with Indo still evading her attraction. Oddly enough, she has gotten involved with Gestalt on more than one occasion.
Wyndham Rice (Colored)
Here’s the urchin-octoling hybrid, Wyndham Rice. She’s also Vladimir’s younger half-sister, sharing the same mother. She lives with her father for classified reasons. For a living, she cleans up after turf wars and does graffiti art in her free time, usually carrying spray paint, tape, and other items in her hip pouch and messenger bag.
Chelsea Wyzen (Redesign)
Still a bit of a hermit, Chelsea has started coming out of her shell (joke intended) as of late. The inkling/anemone hybrid still prefers staying at home most days but will venture out of her comfort zone for more than just food or merchandise nowadays, actually making a few friends outside of Alex and Pip, the giant sea bunny still being a bit over affectionate.

She works as a coder and programmer for hire, usually doing freelance work for apps and video games, even testing website security for protection against hacking. Additionally, she’s taken up drawing despite having a lot of unfinished skteches, ususlly saying she gets distracted as an excuse.
Kappa (New OC)
Dosan Utabori is an old turtle/inkling hyhrid and one of the best tattoo artists in Inkopolis. This old man has ran his own shop for longer than most could remember. Despite having his own name, just about everyone calls him Kappa, not that he minds. However, he doesn’t tolerate anyone causing a ruckus inside or nearby his shop, usually being quick to start swinging a wooden oar.

He has a reputation among both enthusiasts and yakuza, generally accepting any clients. Even though he’s just as capable with a normal tattoo machine, he’s more well known for using the tebori method. However, he only does this style when an appointment is made beforehand, having to schedule multiple sessions before completing it, usually doing the lining first by machine before filling it all in by hand.

Currently, he’s seeking an apprentice to learn from and eventually replace him. It should be noted he has done tattoos for Indo, Mokunabe, Kazuma, Lawrence, and Ayano.
Ayano Fujin (Colored)
The sensei of the Sailfist Dojo, teacher of Indo, and one of the fastest blades in the east, Ayano is a hybrid between an inkling and black marlin. She’s naturally incredibly fast with both a weapon and her body, usually leaving a blur at her fastest.

Though she’s the one to teach Indo how to fight initially, she disappeared afterward for unknown reasons. Currently, she teaches at the Sailfist Dojo, taking on any willing students. Otherwise, she’s one of the few Indo lets watch over Lili when he’s busy, Lili quickly taking a liking to her.

It’s a little know fact that Ayano has a bit of a sweet tooth, usually keeping some candy or gum on her at all times. That and she may be able to see spirits and yokai through meditation.



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