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i2HD Released

i2HD has finally been released. Please visit [link] to download!
For icon requests and additional theme support visit [link] Thank you!

:peace: kon
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i thought you said this icon pack was being released but when the site you gave says "soon to be released"? Do you think you could hook me up with a zip file of these please?
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Is i2HD ever going to be rereleased for iOS 5.1.x? I cant find anywhere to download it...
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Featured in icon-words.Please release your theme Malice Hd,thank you. :D
Skulltrail's avatar
Will this work on 4.3.3?
WV7's avatar
Lovley theme...but is it 4.3.1 compatible? I think they've changed some folders in the release...
A Great Job, Thank You!
Great Job! Thank You
JAilKEBreakPr0's avatar
hey *Kon does this theme work on itouch 2G 4.2.1?
Mr-Provenzano's avatar
Do you need to Jailbreak it to use it?
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As with any other theme for WinterBoard, yes.
Your device must be jailbroken.

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Awesome detailed work :thumbsup:
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This one really makes me thinking of selling my 3GS to get an iP4. Wonderful work.
Ugh, amazing work as usual! I can't wait to see how it looks on a retina display in real life.

I know this is an obnoxiously typical question, but, can you tell me which font you are using in the actual screenshot ("9:45 PM")? It's perfect; just the font I've been looking for.
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How much money have you made so far?just curious
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Sweet theme, kon! Using it now. :love:
I notice the green base used in the default MobileSMS icon is not included in the psd templates though. It is a lighter green than the provided one.
discordante's avatar
Never mind, I found what I was looking for. Guess I didn't search the layers hard enough. >.<
MACRepublic's avatar
Thanks, just bought it. Now if I could just stop playing Fieldrunners long enough to install it...
MrEikichi's avatar
I buy, i love it :heart: !!
Great dude :peace:
ChikenArt's avatar
The best things in life are free so why is this not free? :(
bankai44's avatar
Awesome job like always! I would definitely donate if I owned an iPhone 4!
leo123leo's avatar
could you please tell me where i can download the font you use on iphone? thank you so much!
Gor0n's avatar
Amazing! A lot better than the first version IMO. :)

You've been featured on iconpaper :star:
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Dont u need to be jailbroken ?
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Fantastic job... especially on the PSD!
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