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ROBOT rock Wallpaper

OK Folks, here it is. I give your the ROBOTrock wallie.
In various sizes as requested by YOU !!

I would like to send a shout out to those who +fav +add me.
I mod for you all, so I want to take the time and thank everyone that takes the time to view and enjoy my work.

Please view the readME file. Important links and information regarding permission is included.

Finally a BIG shout out to Venom339 and Dap1987 !!

Without their great art skills and generosity, this mod could have not been created. Be sure and visit their galleries and show some love.

OK everyone, enjoy the release, show some love, and mod the shit outta your desktops !!

:peace: iKon
© 2008 - 2021 kon
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been using your wall for 5 years now. Thanks :)
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Awesome man thank you for making this! :D
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this is really art!
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That's awesome. Great work ;)
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Waouh, now i use this wallapeper for my iMac, and i have taken a screenshot who was upload here [link]

Thank you so much, it's a very good wallpaper ! ;)
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this wallpaper is the sicknessss xD
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Thanks! Brilliant wallpaper!
Stunningly awesome wallpaper of Daft Punk! Stuff like this is so rare, so please please make more stuff about Daft Punk, as I'm a fan of Daft Punk! Thanks for this wonderful wallpaper!
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Awesome wall!!
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Thank you so much :hug:
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Nice! :) Daft Punk :heart:
:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
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WoW! really great job ;)
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Fantastic wallpaper, very well done.
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great work! daft punk alive
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They're playing in Grant Park, Chicago, part of the 2008 Lollapalooza...
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this is awesome-work :D
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awesome job!
I love it!
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wish you have a GIANT scale one for people who have to crop for different ratiod monitors :) but by far this wallpaper is going to stay for a long while on my comp tyvm

I had to crop and scale and alot of stuff to make it fit on my desktop... 1280x1024 monitor plus a 1360x768 monitor i'm used to using like 5000x1600 wallpapers and cropping to fit
like this one [link]

but still love it
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thanks dack.
im glad you enjoyed the wall.

sorry to make you resize.
i have a weird resolution also. im on 1366x768. :|

:peace: kon
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yeah thats wierd my monitors manufacturers website says it displays in 1366 x 768 but its set to 1360...
i'll post a pic of my cropped wallpaper
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