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Glass Notepad



Now check out Glass Notepad v2.0

Thank you for over 30,000 views and 25,000 downloads, just from DA!

WOW! I can't thank everyone enough! This app has been added to So[link] and has been added to DownloadTube! I didn't even ask for it either! And i have recieved an award from DownloadTube for this! This has been given the Top Software award from DownloadTube as well! Here are the links to the two new locations - DownloadTube and So[link].

Coming soon: French and Arabic translations, thanks to Abderrahmane KASSAR

I have been receiving alot of messages about pasting into this app lately, and i want to clarify some thing. If you paste using right click or the edit menu instead of CTRL+V the text will be visible, also if you do insist on pasting with CTRL+V i added a button down at the bottom that says "Color to White", if you click that it should make your text visible. Also if you try to open a file with this and nothing shows up but the app, im sorry, you'll need to use File->Open, i am still working on it taking command line arguments to open files. Any other bugs, just PM or e-mail me, i love to get suggestions, and constructive crit. (just don't go to harsh on me!)

Program: Notepad (Glass Edition)
Programmed By: Tyler J. Colby-Wolter (That's me!)
Company: Matrix Softworks™
Copyright ©: 2009

This Software is available under the creative commons liscence

Notepad (Glass Edition) is a program i made
in my spare time to try and make boring old
Microsoft Notepad look a little spiffier and
modern. It has a completely glassed surface
which goes well with the "Aero" theme on
Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you would
like the source code just PM me, i'll send you
the visual studio solution file. It is programmed
in C#.

v1.0:Initial release
v1.1:Fixed a minor bug
v1.2:Added Text Alignment

OS: At least windows Vista, but i added code to make it
compatible on earlier OSes, you just wont have the glass effect. (No, this won't work on Mac or Linux, sorry guys)

.Net Framework 3.5

<a href="[link]>DownloadTube
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Beautiful, work, thanks for sharing