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It's official. I'm back. After more than 2 years away from Windows development, I have returned. And I am working on the successor to my "Glass Notepad." Some of you may remember me announcing Glass Notepad 2 was in the works. Well, I unfortunately lost the source code to that about 2 years ago, while i was in the process of moving to Linux.
Well, now I have Windows 7 back on my machine and am hard at work on the successor to Glass Notepad (GNP). This time it's called Ava (Just for now), and it is more than just a normal text editor. It can be a full feldged code-editor, or just a normal text editor. It supports many major languages:
- Boo
- Coco / R
- C++
- C#
- Java
- JavaScript
- TeX
- VB (Visual Basic)

Support for more languages and for user-defined languages (using .xshd files) will be baked in to the final product (all with love and care of course!) Line numbers, Word Wrap, Syntax Highlighting, can all be turned on or off. This time around it even includes a custom glass font window!
It may be a while before I release this as I want to make sure it is perfect. I care about what I program, and must make sure all is working without a hitch.
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Was just thinking about Glass Notepad (here from the 1.0 days), saw GP 2.0 and now Ava! They all seem really awesome!

....then I saw this was from 2013 and that things have been pretty quiet since :(

2021 says hello though Retard wave