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[GF] Yasmine Stark by komplexity [GF] Yasmine Stark by komplexity



Age: 29

Job and Income: Hairstylist / low income

Affiliation: Lux Aeterna

Abilities: Shadow jutsu :3c


Alert | Clever | Frugal | Patient | Playful | Sociable

An alleycat growing up in the slums, Yasmine grew up wary from a childhood spent surviving the underbelly of the city. Despite her tough experiences she’s generally a happy and carefree girl to the point where she comes across as air-headed around those she’s comfortable with -- a stark contrast to her usual watchfulness. She's a ‘peculiar lass’ as her family of elderlies would put it, but she is an honest and blunt girl unafraid to speak her mind and genuinely good at heart.

Since she grew up without much reserve, there isn't much that embarrasses her. The oldfolk around her couldn't help out much as they only grew older as the years passed for Yasmine, so it was up to her to pick up the slack and help out in whatever ways she could. Though it was a burden at that age and of some annoyance to her, it was the least she could do for her family. That in turn caused her to grow up faster in a gritty world, although she manages to retain her childish and playful nature even now. Because she lacked many things growing up, she had a constant curiosity for a life beyond what she had..especially with food. Growing up the way she did, she became a frugal girl with a knack for thinking outside the box, coming up with various ways to survive in her world she lived in while all the time still dreaming of a life where she could just live in luxury whilst eating all the foods she desired. Her affection for food and her curiosity are probably the main reasons why she is fine with taking stuff from the trash -- free. The community she grew up in gave her constant interactions with new people, making her social and able to handle different types of people in her own unique way. When she started school, she would get in fights with the other small kids who would make fun of her or her family, but she was able to win most of them over with her attitude and cheeriness...but not without getting away with some bruises and scratches. Since she has such an accepting and candid attitude she eventually got along fine with the kids, even giving them neat street tips. She is a feisty lil urchin who loves her family and is constantly trying to live the life they wished for her to live.

Yasmine also has a cold calculating nature, where she makes sure an outcome will turn out to her favor, whether it be bargaining or scamming people, etc. She also has grown up with a slight envious side, seeking and wanting things she couldn't have/afford growing up. Yasmine also has an impulsiveness that makes her jump to conclusions or get herself into trouble. Living in the state she did, it's no wonder she's also a bit messy and lazy. Even if she is helpful or works hard at something, she would rather, and usually does, laze around and dreams of food and the high life. Her family tried teaching her the art of poker facing but she only is able to do it in certain situations, and is successful maybe 40% of the time, all other times she's pretty obvious...Growing up with the teachings of old coots, she developed a sarcastic side and the stubbornness of an old man.

Airy | Blunt | Envious | Impulsive | Lazy/Messy | Sarcastic | Stubborn


It was a cold rainy day when baby ??? was abandoned by her parents. They gave her away to a group of nearby homeless elders in hopes that she couldn't be traced back to them. Without even giving them the baby's name, the parents ran off in search of a more glamorous, materialistic, baby-free life. The homeless group took pity on her and took her in, seeing her as their beacon of hope for a better world. An orphanage or nursery would have been a good idea, but they didn't believe in the system. Instead, they took care of her to the best of their abilities, scavenging whatever they could scrap together to send her to a small public school and keep her fed in the least; they even named her. They weren't the most spry, most were living out the last of their years, so they taught her everything they knew so that she could survive in life. She grew up smart and witty in the ways of street life, and didn't even miss those backstabbing parents of hers due to the overwhelming affection she already received. There were times when the elders got together to consider sending her to an orphanage, but Yasmine would overhear and fight them into being able to stay..Needless to say, she won many battles in her time.

Yasmine was growing up into a fine young lady..Until the war broke out. The life she saw them having together -- the life she wanted them to have-- disappeared right before her eyes. How does it feel when the people who raised you and loved you sacrifice themselves and die right in front of you? They were able to squeeze her into the safe zone, but at the risk of their lives. Yasmine was left with skin discoloration, a permanent reminder of her caretakers...her family. She lives now in Argent, seeking a better tomorrow in hopes that she can live out the life her family gave her; even finding a passion in hair-styling due to her past when she would try to beautify her family by giving them a new do. It would be hard to go to college with the current state of things, so a nearby salon took her under their wing and the senior stylist taught her and helped her with what she needed to know. Yasmine was eventually able to regain her cheerful demeanor, with a sense of caution, due to her going out to the slums frequently to help out, and usually live, with the homeless residents. She has made a temporary family among them, but it never fills the void her previous family left behind. Due to everything that has happened in her life, from parents' abandonment and her family's deaths, she harbors a lingering darkness within her heart which she keeps locked.


- Yasmine was raised by a bunch of old folk who weren't the most mannered and reserved, thus picking up some of their habits and speech
- She has skin discoloration thats lighter than her skin tone on her back in the shape of a t. It reaches from the nape down to her spine and across the shoulder area
- Yasmine likes to wear hats to keep her head warm and because she grew up wearing them. She picks them out of the trash (ppl prob threw them away for a reason cough ugly) so the free aspect makes her happy and also she thinks they're cute.
- Has a small flat, but chooses to live in a tent near the slums with the other homeless tenants. Though when she brings food to eat, she has to do it secretly or war ensues -- family, right?
- Wants long hair, but kept practicing haircuts on herself, so her hair never got to grow. Even got to practice on homeless residents, but still would use herself anyway tsktsktsk wouldn't be surprised if she was bald one day
- She wears and has many rings --all to most of which are probably of no value-- which all belonged to her family..Mementos and marriage rings
-Mar 13th b-day ; 5'10" (has grown that .5 inch)

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