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Fruit Hoot

Fruit Hoot!

Well, I didn't have but an hour to create this little guy because I am sooooo busy but I just couldn't resist the theme of the current Owl-House ([link]) group contest - creating an owl with fruit as an inspiration. I have been playing with making photo composite creatures from fruits and veggies so this was the perfect choice. I had considered painting the owl but just didn't have the time so a photomanipulation was the way to go. Anyway, I have an extensive library of fruit photos I've taken for my creative work, but alas my pineapple just didn't have the texture I wanted so I grabbed this pineapple online ([link]). I wanted to invert the pineapple so the texture would look like feathers and the top would make an idea feathery tail. Okay so here's the hooty fruity breakdown...

Ears - A pineapple scale for inner and outer ear
Eyes - Blueberry ring, orange iris and blueberry pupil
Eye Rings - Pulled a scale from pineapple to create the feathers
Beak - A pear with a cherry for the inner mouth
Body - A pineapple of course :)
Wings - A bunch of bananas :)
Feet - The toes are fruit from a palm tree

Oh yeah, the little ants on the branch are made of blueberries and cherry stems for legs :)

Well, I hope you like him ;)
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Hello -
Can you please contact me regarding use of this image?
Many thanks,
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I wil furity PEbbbbble you
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The eyes stare into your soullllllll
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that is so creative!!!!
I would like to obtain a license to use this fruit owl in a presentation. Please advise Tim at Thanks.
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I love your fruit creation pieces! So amazing and creative!
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Thanks! i love doing them. I need to do more :)
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I'd definitely love to see more if you decide to. :) They're just so cute! <3
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I'm hoping to do more soon. I have several ideas ;)
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Thanks! I love doing the fruit characters.
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It's terrible cute!
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I wanna eat it!!!!!
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My goodness, that thing is absolutely adorable!
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Thank you :) I like to use odd things to create character :)
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Thanks :) I'm always trying to do new things. I need to do more of these.
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